it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner,
thanks for the introduction Scotty Kilmer, these are my 1990 Acura Legends,
developed in 1985, they were the first Japanese luxury car sold in America with
the help from the Austin Rover Group featuring the first v6 engine ever sold
by Honda, and actually prompted both Nissan and Toyota to form infinity and
Lexus, so let’s start at the doors, a silly feature and I really like it, is a
little motorized arm that pulls the seat belt back to allow people to get both
from the front and back, when you open the door,
tucks the seat belt back, when you close the door, it introduces you to the seat
belt again, on the driver side of the door here, we have memorized seats
featuring fully powered electric seats both on the driver and the passenger,
also featuring powered mirrors with heated mirrors as well, a feature I didn’t
know I had for a while, moving to the center console, we have a little storage
compartment on top, and below is probably one of the most incredible things I’ve
seen in a pre 2000s car, fuel economy readout, flipping through the options we
have distance to empty, trip, current fuel economy, and average fuel economy, which I
was shocked to see, I know it’s a 1990 the system check button lets you verify
your engine oil level, coolant level, washer fluid, next service and when to
change your oil filter, my 2012 WRX doesn’t have this setup, below that is
the automatic climate control, I know it’s a 1990, there’s this little window
that pops up and shows you the controls the a/c works great too, the Bose radio
was completely shot when I received the car, so I pulled the speakers and had the
amplifiers on each restored, I also tracked down a head unit from a junk
legend to maintain the original stereo from factory, now on the topic of the
radio, that of course comes with a power antenna, now Acura develop this
beautiful foam spoiler that hangs off the back, now because it bleeds too far
off the edge here, when you pop the trunk they make it so the antenna goes down, so
you don’t hit the antenna, upon closing the trunk, comes right back up, let’s not
also forget how beautiful it look on the car another rare feature is the roll down
rear windows, now granted there’s not a lot of space back here, especially if
this guy’s relaxing, but at least I have control over my own wind, being the LS
model I thought I had every single feature they offered, then I still see
these two blank spots, according to the manual, the Canadian model actually had
heated seats, now we have to buy a Canadian model, underneath the dash here
is a switch, flicking this switch activates the winter wiper setting,
normally are recessed into the hood, so you lift up just a little bit and now
check this out once that switch is flicked, on the
windshield wipers are these little tabs as you pull them up, you pull the tab out
and they’ll hold the windshield wiper just above the windshield, isn’t that
clever, now let’s take it out for a spin now the first thing I noticed every
single time I drive this car, is the steering, it is butter smooth, you can
steer the steering wheel with one finger no prom at all, you may think that this
would affect handling, but it really doesn’t, it’s actually very tight now, as
far as power, this comes back with 160 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque,
now while it might not be a fast car, it certainly is no slouch either,
it makes overtaking and merging into traffic a breeze, if I just put my foot
down cars a steady power, that just takes
right off nice and easy which I don’t normally do that, the
transmission, the shifter is smooth a real luxury feel to it, it actually makes
my WRX feel like a stage 3 clutch, so I’m a really big fan of the exterior styling
as well, obviously as you would guess since I’ve owned two, it’s boxy but it
catches your eye, I’m astonished by the impeccable condition that this one is in
since the last two that I had rusted out so badly, I used to joke and I would slap
the corner panel and as rust would rain down I would yell out weight reduction,
but a lot of people don’t appreciate cars from the 90s I noticed, one woman
actually left a note on my car that said donate me, put me out of my misery,
which was a bit hurtful, I think the ls actually completes to look a little bit
more, with that rear spoiler and the styling is actually very functional, it
has a drag coefficient of 0.3 zero, which is the same as a Koenigsegg CCX, just
saying, the build quality is very solid it’s leather wrapped front to back, no
rickety sounds, no creaks for a 28-year old car I find that to be very
impressive, right next to your hand if you extend out your finger on your right
hand side here, I have my radial volume, I have my preset, and I have my tape
direction, just in case you’re still listening to tapes, this car actually
came with a nice fine set of tapes, my Frank Sinatra collection is nearly
complete, the sunroof controls on the left hand side again the same thing,
extend your finger out, you can just open that sunroof right up, now on the
steering wheel there are four horn buttons, which I don’t really see the
need for that, but you can tell somebody to get out of your way no matter where your car is,
the one thing this car does not have though oddly enough, are cupholders, this
cars everything else but cupholders it does have an ashtray, so Acuras
you’re going to want to smoke but you’re not going to want to have a drink in this
car lastly out of the three Acura legends
I’ve owned so far, they’ve all had similar parts breakdown at similar times,
with this one being the exception from my red one ten years ago, to my five year
ago purchase of the gold one, to this gold one,
it really does speak to the build quality and the consistency of what they
were putting out at the time, Acura had a lot to prove when they brought this car
to the states, and proved something they did in my opinion, I do think it’s a
phenomenal car, and I hope you do too Scotty I think you’ll agree with me, I’d
like to thank Scotty Kilmer for featuring me on his channel, I’d like to
thank Acura for making dependable cars hope you enjoyed the video, have a great
day well that was this week’s video and
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