Hello in this video I’m going to tell
you how I make money with photography This video is sponsored by Squarespace
if you need a website a domain name or an online store….. make your next move
with Squarespace so when Squarespace got in touch
recently and asked me if I would make a video about their platform about their
website builder I thought yes that is something I can do but I wanted to
provide maximum value to you at the same time and thankfully the good people over
at Squarespace wanted the same thing so I thought what I would do is answer a
question that I get asked an awful lot and that is how I make money with
photography. Now when you’re first putting yourself out there you want to
get a name for yourself you want people to see your work and social media is
brilliant for that but it’s gonna be really important if you want to make a
bit of money from photography to have your own website it’s just the way it is
it’s an expectation of a photographer particularly. I think it’s important
because social media and all those different platforms like YouTube and
Instagram they’re controlled by other people. My website with Squarespace is
controlled by me it’s my home on the Internet
and it just provides that bit of context about who I am and it allows me to tell
my story in my way when you start thinking about attracting customers to
buy your work having a website just builds that level of trust where they
can go and see you, they can read about you and find just a little bit more
information about you. A lot of people are going to want to do that I certainly
do as a consumer I want to know more about the people I am buying things from
and it’s no different when you’re selling things and making money from
your photography now you might be thinking oh well how do I even start
going about making a website and I’ve grappled with this over the years I’ve
done HTML I’ve learned HTML and then built a website and then i’ve forgotten it and I couldn’t maintain it I learnt it again and it was just a bit of
a nightmare I’ve then used different website builders over the years, some free
ones, some paid ones and I just never found the right platform until that is I
became a Squarespace customer now Squarespace are sponsoring this video
they have asked me to make this video and they’re now sponsoring the channel
but…. I was a Squarespace customer for a good six months before they came to me
and asked if they could sponsor the channel so that was part of the reason
that I was happy to form a bit of relationship with Squarespace because I
can genuinely genuinely recommend their platform as the perfect place to build a
website so I thought what I would do is describe the way I’m making money and
then relate it to how I set that up on my website because the two things are so
closely integrated together so when I was designing my website the first thing
I’m always going to think about is brand how do I want to come across to the
audience so I wanted to have a portfolio on there and I’ve created this drop-down
box so you can see all those different types of photography I feel that they
all sort of interlink together nicely and sort of give a good
idea of who I am. So from there I am thinking about selling prints that’s the
first way I make money from photography and with Squarespace it let me have the
gallery of all those images and then it also integrates a a store or an
e-commerce platform into your Squarespace website it’s really easy to
set up you drag blocks around within the setup and then you just put your images
in there and that’s the great thing about benefit Agra fur is that a website
needs content images are important to it and we have plenty of those so we’ve
always got good content on websites I set up a store to sell my prints I then
print my own work with the Canon printer that I’ve reviewed before and
that’s working really well for me. Now the second way I make money from my
photography is through shooting weddings and this was where it kind of caused me
a bit of a problem in the past because I don’t feel my
wedding clients are going to be that interested in my landscape photography
my wildlife and my water drops so when someone comes to me as a wedding
client I want them to see me as the wedding photographer because a lot of
people don’t sort of understand what we understand is that you can be a
landscape photographer and a wedding photographer at the same time and be
skilled at both they want to just see that you are a wedding photographer and
thankfully Squarespace has an option which I am using to let you do that and
that is in the form of cover pages these are single page websites that will sit
nicely within your domain and allow me to sort of set up almost a little bit
like this where it is almost like a separate website and it doesn’t sort of
naturally link to my landscape stuff in the main home page of the website so
that’s now firstmanphotography.com/weddings firstmanphotography.com/weddings it takes you to that
beautiful cover page and it just feels like a separate website and that’s one
of the things I really liked about the Squarespace platform. Now the third way I
make money with photography at the moment is through my workshops that I’ve
just launched for this again I’ve set up another cover page this time it’s just
somewhere to send people when I’m talking about the landscape photography workshops so you’re presented with a cover page it gives you that
bit of information and then it naturally links back into the main site and you
can still access the workshop information from the main site because
obviously that’s very part very much part of the brand of sort of being a
landscape photographer and that’s working really well. So the fourth way
I’m making money at the moment is through YouTube quite obviously I’m gonna show a little bit of dedication
today. It’s well known that you can make money through the advertising on YouTube
and I wanted to maintain a presence on my website for my videos as well and
Squarespace lets me do that and you can run a really nice blog or vlog or a
combination of both like I do on a Squarespace website so if you look at my
website go to the video section and then I’ve got you can drive you can customize
these pages in pretty much anyway you wish. There’s templates as well to make it
easy or you can create your own and I’ve created this page here and I’ve
separated it into three categories so I’ve got landscape photography vlogs,
tutorials and reviews to make it easy to navigate to find the videos that you
want to find when you come to my website rather than going through YouTube or
Facebook or some other platform where I have the video stored. One really really
nice thing I didn’t actually know when I signed up for Squarespace is that you
can also host a podcast on there and that’s how I’m hosting my podcast at the
moment. I’ve done four or five or six podcasts now so I just upload my podcast to
Squarespace into the RSS feed and then it just gets pushed out into all the
different podcast providers like including iTunes and there’s easy
options within Squarespace to put all the details in for iTunes and it’s just
a really nice way a very simply hosting a podcast. Now for all of these things
Squarespace also has built-in analytics you can still use Google Analytics but
I’m actually finding that the Squarespace analytics are absolutely
perfect for me you can see when people have put things into a shopping cart you
can see how many visitors you’ve got you can see how many subscribers you’ve got
to your podcast it’s a really nice suite of analytics that you can then use to
sort of move your website and your business forward. So that’s that’s kind
of the four ways I’m currently making money from my photography and the
Squarespace platform is just absolutely perfect for it. It is perfectly mobile-friendly absolutely vital in this day and age because such a large
number of people are browsing on phones and iPads and tablets and things like
that it dynamically changes the content to
suit the device that it’s on and it’s just not something you need to worry
about I built my website in just a few hours
you can make a simple website much much quicker than that the customer support
is brilliant although it’s straightforward you might run in to the
odd problem there’s a massive sort of help and
support system already there for you to read and then if you can get into the
live chat chat you can phone them and I’ve tested that recently and they
solved my problem really well and they were very polite, kind all that sort of
thing that you expect from a good company like this. It’s all done online
as well which just makes it even easier don’t need to install any software and
it just makes it really easy to get going without the need for any kind of
technical knowledge which just makes it so easy and an enjoyable experience to
do and when you see the final website and you put it up there and people start
to visit it it just looks really professional people are going to take
you seriously and it’s going to increase your chances of getting those jobs and
landing those things that are going to make you money from your photography so
if you want to take the next step in your photography journey you can do that
with Squarespace just go to Squarespace.com/firstman and you can get
started with a free trial today and if you like what you see and it’s working for you
then you can get 10% off your first purchase by using the offer code FIRSTMAN. I
hope you enjoyed the video if you have any questions about how I make my money
from photography and how you can make money from photography please put it
down in the comments below and I’ll try to integrate them into another video in
the future also if you haven’t done so yet please do subscribe to the channel
and I will see you on another video very soon and I’ll be back out and about
I’m Adam this is first man photography in the studio Out!!!