I asked 150 bloggers how much they make and
their favorite sources of income. In this video, I’ll not only reveal how
much bloggers make but three secrets to making money that will put you in the top tier of
online entrepreneurs. We’re talking blogging income today on Let’s
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just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. Blogging and building online assets has changed
my life. I started freelancing for bloggers in 2012
and then started my own blogs in 2014. Five years of developing my digital business,
I broke ten grand a month this year and have made over $222,000 with my online assets. And this is all from something that most people
don’t even know you can make money doing. In this video, I’m using a survey of 150
bloggers to show you exactly how much bloggers make. I’ll walk you through the most popular income
sources and reveal three secrets to making money online. This graphic shows the breakdown of blog income
by month for bloggers in that survey. Now what we see might not seem too impressive. Just under half of all bloggers make less
than $1,500 a month but understand that was on an average 8 hours a week bloggers reported
spending on their blogs. That means even the bloggers at this low-end
of the scale are making about $42 an hour. Now I’d say most of these the part-time
bloggers still grinding it out in a 9-to-5 but it really starts to get interesting when
you look at this other 50% of the graphic. Here at the top end, we see 23%, more than
one-in-five are making five thousand or more a month and we’ve got almost one-in-ten
making ten grand or more a month. You can make a lot of money blogging and I’m
going to show you exactly how to break into that top 20% by income. First though, I want to get your opinion on
what kind of videos we should do on the channel. I want to create the videos that are going
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I know which direction to take here. Now I want to share some other results from
that survey of bloggers, results that are going to show you how that top tier of bloggers
is making their money. This is what I got when I asked bloggers to
list out the income sources they were using. Understand first, this isn’t necessarily
the most profitable sources. I’ve got another graphic for that in a bit. This just shows the most popular, most often
used income sources. So we see that nearly all bloggers, seven-of-ten,
use affiliate marketing and more than half make money on sponsored posts and pay-per-click
ads. I’m going to explain each of these next
but just want to list them out here. At the bottom of the list, we see fewer bloggers
are selling courses, books and using membership sites. Before we look at how profitable each of these
sources are and how you can use them I want to share one of those three secrets to making
money online. There is an immutable law of business, you
can take all your MBA classes and boil them down to this one truth. You need one of two things to make money,
product or distribution. Distribution is getting things in front of
people so you have TV, websites, billboards, whatever it is you own that gets a product
in front of buyers. Now if you have this but nothing to sell,
you make money by advertising other people’s products. The flip-side to this is you can have a product
but no distribution. All those commercials you see on TV. That’s companies with a product but no way
of getting it in front of people. They can make a lot of money selling the product
but first they have to make that sale. So as we’re looking at some of these blogging
income sources, understand that a blog is distribution. This digital real estate you own can get products
in front of people. Bloggers are turning that traffic they get
every month into cold, hard cash through some kind of advertising. But, and this is something we’ll see in
those income sources and how that top tier of bloggers makes ten grand and more each
month. Making more money means being on both sides
with the distribution and the product, being able to sell your own products through your
blog. Now when I asked bloggers what percent of
their income they made from each source, so we’re now talking about the best income
sources, we see something entirely different. Of bloggers saying they made money on membership
sites, remember that’s only about one-in-20 bloggers, they reported making 67% of their
income from the source. Another one here, online courses, only about
one-in-four bloggers said they had online courses to sell but of those they reported
making half their income from it. You see that idea we just talked about, having
the product and the distribution in these numbers. Look at the advertising types of income sources;
affiliates, sponsored posts and pay-per-click ads. Most bloggers reported using these sources,
up to 70% of bloggers said they made money on affiliates, but these three sources account
for about a third or less of the total income for those bloggers. By comparison, look at the product type sources;
membership sites, courses and books that make up a bigger portion of total income. You can make money on advertising. I average $3,500 a month on the ads YouTube
runs on this channel alone and another $3,500 on affiliate marketing but you will never
reach that top tier of income without hitting it from both sides and with your own products
to sell. Now I’m going to get to that second secret
to making money blogging but I need a favor. If you like the video and think it going to
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to help. So you can start a blog for almost nothing. In fact, through a special offer I set up
with Blue Host, you can get web hosting for less than $3 a month and that’s all you
need to get online. But really taking your blog to the next level,
making a business out of it, means treating it like a business and is going to mean investing
in that business. Here we see how much bloggers reported spending
on their blog each month. Just over four-in-ten said they spent less
than $50 a month so they might have that web hosting and a few resources they use. You’ve got another 26%, about two or three
in ten bloggers that spend between $50 to $200 a month. This 68% or about seven-in-ten bloggers are
probably those part-timers making upwards of $1,500 a month on their blogs. Now that’s still pretty damn good. Spending less than $200 a month to make fifteen
hundred but then there’s the group of full-time bloggers. Here we have another group, 29% or about three-in-ten
bloggers spending between $200 to $5,000 a month to run their blog. I’m in this group with expenses that average
just under $2,000 a month to run four blogs and the YouTube channel. This all gets to our second secret to making
money blogging, to treat it like a business. Learn how the business of blogging works,
the tools and resources that will make your blog more profitable, and don’t be afraid
to invest in it. I’ve seen a lot of beginners jump into blogging,
give it six months and then wonder why they aren’t making any money. And I ask them, ok what have you done to make
your blog more like a business? What are the tools you’re using to get more
work done in less time? Now I want to highlight some of those income
sources, some of the best income sources for bloggers. This is really going to bring out our third
secret to making money, that you have to take advantage of multiple income sources. If you remember in that income sources graphic,
even the bloggers making a lot of money on membership sites, were only making two-thirds
of their income on it. For other bloggers, for example those using
courses or self-publishing, they were only making between a third or half their income
on each individual source. Few of these sources individually are going
to make you rich. I have ten books self-published on Amazon
with two more on the way, yet it’s still only a couple of grand a month. That alone isn’t going to pay the bills
but when I combine it with courses, affiliates, sponsorships and ads…I’m making a decent
check every single month. Just as importantly here, so maybe this is
secret 3.5 to blogging, is that having all these income sources means if one craps out
during a month or two, I’m not sweating to pay the bills. The income from a few of these sources, especially
affiliates and sponsored posts, can go up and down dramatically from month-to-month. Combining all these together though gives
me a stable income I can count on. Now I want to highlight a few of these blogging
income sources but what we’ll do is cover the basics here, then in our next video, I’ll
go into each in more detail to show you exactly HOW bloggers use these to make money so don’t
forget to click that subscribe button so you don’t miss that next video. Membership sites are just an extension of
your blog, a private area reserved for monthly subscribers. You create these areas with a plugin like
Member Mouse or MemberPress and it lets you restrict access to extra content, forums,
downloads and other bonus material. So for between $25 to $200 a month, people
get VIP treatment and additional information. These are some great money-makers and really
just like creating two blogs, one public and the other private. Courses are the next level of making money
for a lot of bloggers and something I just got into last year. In fact, four months into my investing course
and I had made just over $9,000 with the income growing almost every month. The beauty of courses is that most bloggers
already have one in their blog content, they just need to put it in order and polish it
off for an easy-to-follow series. I’ve got a three-part series on how to create
and sell a course here on YouTube, everything from picking a course topic, making video
recording easy and the marketing strategies to make sales. I’ll leave a link to those videos in the
description below along with a free checklist to get you started. Affiliate marketing is a great income source
for bloggers because you don’t have to go through that work to create your own product. Now I know I said making that big money meant
creating those products but using affiliate marketing can help you make money before your
products are ready and will help smooth out your income like we talked about. Affiliate marketing is just talking about
a company’s product or service on your blog, linking to their website and then getting
a commission if one of your readers makes a purchase. The commission you get will vary by affiliate
but usually average from $25 to over $100 per sale. We’ve got another video series on making
money with affiliate marketing that I’ll link to in the description below this video. It not only covers how to find the best paying
affiliates for your blog but the strategies to get more views for your articles and convert
more sales. For those of you in the community, you know
I’m a huge fan of self-publishing but we haven’t talked nearly as much about making
money with printables. These can actually be just as profitable as
books and much faster. Printables are from one to ten pages someone
can download directly from your blog. This is special content and might be a checklist,
a secret process to getting something done or a worksheet planner. It’s anything people are going to find value
in that will be worth a few bucks. The best part about printables is they’re
super-fast to create, you can put one of these together over a weekend. Plus they’re highly targeted and this fits
with my favorite printables strategy. So if you’re like 99% of the bloggers out
there, just a handful of posts are going to account for the majority of your blog traffic. It’s like the 80/20 rule. About 20% of your articles will account for
80% of your traffic. What you can do is go through each of these
highly-popular blog posts and create a printable offer specifically for that topic. Your blog might be about cooking but let’s
say you get a third of your monthly visitors from one post about baking a cake. So you create a Grandma’s Secret Chocolate
Cake recipe as a printable and sell it inside that post. You know that people visiting that post from
Google are looking for exactly that kind of information, they’re primed and ready for
the sale. I’ve seen these quick-sale printables make
thousands when used right and it’s a great strategy. We’re following this video up with a deeper
look into these income sources, how to get started and exactly how much you can make. I’ve got a five-part video series on the
blog on starting a blog, if you want a free checklist for creating your blog and making
money, I’ve linked that below in the description as well. We’re here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
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