Welcome to Growing Forever. Hello everyone and welcome to this
edition of Wealth Talk and thank you for tuning in to my channel. Today I wanted
to talk to you about being treated like a king. I recently discovered this about a
year ago and I’m going to give you an example from my life to help relay the
message. Every Monday at about 5:30 p.m. its Daddy Daughter night at the pizza
parlor. I take my daughter to a local pizza parlor. It seats about sixty, seventy
people, it’s family owned and the service is great, pizza is great. And I discovered
something really interesting, my daughter and I would order the pizza and soda
for about $12. Instead of leaving a $3 tip I would leave a $5 tip. and it’s amazing how a few extra dollars will loosen up people and they
will really bend over backwards to help you. So I started leaving instead of 2 or 3
dollars started leaving my $5 tip. Now when I go into the pizza parlor the owner’s waves
at me. I barely get to sit down and it’s so funny because we order the same
thing every time I get a half, we get a medium pizza. I get half cheese, my daughter
she’s a vegetarian she gets half sauce pineapple. So we’ve got a regular pizza
on one side and we got the other side sauce and pineapple. I sit down get there
and I have a waiter waitress they walk up to me and they say the usual the
usual sir? And I say yeah and smiles and treated really well great service, everyone says goodbye when we leave like
were family. All of this because I’m tipping a little better, like
40 45%. It’s a great secret, I am surprised I haven’t heard about this is. But this doesn’t work in all situations
I wanted to warn you. Say you’re a tourist in Hawaii or the Caribbean, leaving and a
great tip is going to get you a smile at the end, but chances you are not going back
to that establishment probably ever again if you’re a tourist. This works with
smaller family-owned businesses and Iam not sure if you will get the same thing in a red
lobster or TGI Fridays because there seems to be really high turnover waiters
and waitresses but if you go to a local establishment, a bar or restaurant you know everyone. Start tipping better
and just watch things change your drinks are filled. Its so funny at the pizza lace I order a coke, and they started saying “oh would you like a coke to go?”
They just offer me an extra soda to go for free for no reason. I know never seen it done before.
So if you’re in a situation where you can tip well and see a result, tip really
well tip 40 50% if you can. I know it’s easy when you’re spending $12 but I know
if you spending $60 $80 $100 it might be a more a little more difficult. l but that is my secret be treated
like a king, and it makes you feel good, I feel like a big shot “oh I’m tipping really well” I feel
wealthy that’s the whole point. I want to give you one more example. Also in our
town here in Delaware there is a store, an ice cream parlor with soft serve and
different things. I’ll take my daughter there, Iwill get a small soft servercone and she gets a frozen banana
freshly dipped in chocolate and that’s really good. That adds up to $4
and I started giving the cashier five dollars keep the change. And they are like “really?” You know some people aren’t accustomed to being tipped, and there’s no tip jar here or
anything that is when I when I go now I just let them keep the change. And its really funny before I started
tipping he would take my daughters banana and I would watch him give it a
quick coat of chocolate, now he takes my daughter’s frozen banana coats it in
chocolate, waits for that to freeze again five or six times, so you have go this chocolate covered just totally drenched in chocolate. And it’s so delicious and all that
extra treatment and being smiled at and and people saying goodbye to us for that extra little tip it’s really something
wonderful. I got a book I’d like to recommend “the top 10 distinctions
between millionaires and the middle class” that is by Keith Cameron Smith and
I’ll leave that book title in the description.
Now one of his top 10 distinctions is tipping and I can agree with him. It makes you feel you feel wealthy just tipping well like your big shot almost,
it’s really amazing and I think it just leads, it draws more wealth and
success and great things to you. Just treat people well, just tipping. We tip our
mail carrier, garbage people but if you want to be treated like a king like I
said get maybe to a smaller family restaurant where everyone knows everyone
after a while if you’re a regular new tip well you’re going to be treated
like a king, guaranteed. That is my wealth tip for today. I’d like to thank you so much for watching, I
really appreciate your support I really really do. Please like and subscribe and
have a great day and thank you !!