How to build emotional wealth – that’s the
question we’re pondering today on “The Art of Life-ing with Keka.” [MUSIC] In the entrepreneurial world, there’s a lot of conversation that happens around how to
create more wealth – by having an abundance mindset. I started thinking
about the fact that, that abundance mindset to attract money is important,
but at the same time, creating emotional wealth can be just as important. So I
have an activity I want to share with you that I actually…that was actually
inspired by something that a really dear friend of mine told me one day. My friend,
Jennifer Love, who is the CEO of One More Woman, she’s a money psychologist – had
said, “If you want if you want to attract wealth into your life then you have to
create that abundance, and one way to do that, or one exercise you can do is: take
a notebook and a pen and on Day 1, write down $100. And think
about how you would spend that $100, in any way shape or form.
Then Day #2, double that. Day #3, double it again. So now
you’re going from $200 to $400 to $800 to $1,600 and pretty soon, if you’ve done
this for quite a few days, on paper – you’ll have more money than you
even know how to spend! And that helps us to reshape our mindset.” So if we can do
that with dollars and cents, how do we do that from the perspective emotional
wealth? Well, in that topic, I think one of the biggest gifts that we can give to
people, is all about how we make them feel. So, if you think of it, in your
everyday interactions with people all around, you how do you make them feel? And
how could you make them feel at their best? So, one of the things you can do
here is, go to some friends or family that are really close to you – the ones
that, when you see them, just they put a big smile on your face. And go to them and
ask them: “On my very best day, when we are together, how do I make you feel?” And then,
really listened intently to their answers, to really get the essence of
that, because I really do believe that that is your emotional signature. That is
the gift that you can give to the world. When you have that, then in everyday life,
you know, what we might be sitting in traffic and feeling road rage,
maybe we’re at the grocery store, lining up and someone cuts in front of us.
Whatever the case may be, maybe you’re having a bad day at work –
whatever it might be, if we start to rethink about…how we can make people
feel, then we can ask ourselves in this moment right now, what can I do
differently, where I can help somebody else around me feel what I bring to all
of my friends and family, that are really close to me. Really that’s about
spreading positivity. And if you can spread that positivity using what’s
uniquely yours – the gift that you were given that’s uniquely yours, to make
somebody feel better – their energy and their positivity – it’s like a boomerang.
And it comes back to you, and that is the way that we can create true emotional
wealth. If we think about consciously changing our activities for the positive –
for the better, and we think about how we can gift that positivity to other people
around us, then when all of that comes back to us in spades, we will have the
most powerful emotional mindset and happiness around us ,that we might
otherwise never have been able to imagine. Thank you so much for watching
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