Buying property anywhere can be
stressful, right/ So why would you want to do a daft thing and buy property in a
faraway country that speaks a different language? Well, for some who think like that, they’re probably missing out on one of life’s great adventures, especially when
that country is Italy! For you though, you’re not going to let the thoughts of
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Pursuing your dream or giving up to the naysayers? In this video, stage #9 Bonuses, you have access to a curated list of useful links pulled
together to help your Italian property search kick off with real intent: 1. Professional Services, such as: (1) English-speaking Italian notaries; (2) UK
solicitors in Italy; and (3) English-speaking Italian solicitors (avacatti); #2. Real Estate Agents and Realtors. Here’s a number of useful
Italian property websites to help with your initial research, and some possible
agents or realtors to help you locate properties and accompany you on
subsequent viewings: (1) Casa Travella; (2); (3) Rightmove; (4) Toscana Houses; (5) A Place in the Sun; (6) Lionard (Luxury Real Estate; (7) Gate-Away; (8) Savill’s; and (9) Idealista; #3. Useful Resources. For almost everything, go to . There are many more resources you can get access to via
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