Hey guys, this is Harsh from shoutmeloud.com
and today I am going to talk about one of the affiliate program that I have been using
and how you can make money from it. so if you know what is affiliate marketing, in short
you refer a product to someone online, people go and use your link and buy it, so you get
a commission out of it and you will find product in any niche, Commission Junction, Clickbank.
There are many good affiliate networks out there where you can find product according
to your niche. Today I am going to talk about HostGator affiliate program that I have been
using form long and I will show you how it works and how you can make money from it.
So this is HostGator affiliate program page and you can see how they pay out. so if you
give them 1-5 sales per month, that means if up to 5 people go by your link, you will
be getting 50$ per sign up. So that means 5 sign up, 250$. Now if you increase your
sales from 6-10, you will be getting 75$ per sales, so that means for 10 sales, you will
be getting 750$ and so on, if you make higher sales, you will be getting more. sometime
back, especially on black Friday, I made more than 20$ and I got paid 125$ per sign up and
when it comes down to any number above 20, the payout is usually good, so you can see
like with 21 sign up, you will be making at least 2625$ and that’s a lot in my currency.
So you will be going to HostGator.com affiliate page by clicking here and then you will be
signing up, click on the ‘sign up today’ and create your account. So once you have created
your account, you can go back and login. So you will be seeing a page like this, so here
you can see how much I got paid from HostGator and so I have earned 20,981 till now which
is a good number I guess. So here is how you get started. This is your affiliate URL, so
you can simply copy link or you can go to banner links and you can grab banners according
to the size you need. So if you want to add 728×90 size ad banner, click on that and that’s
it. Now copy this HTML code and add it on your blog and your ad will start running.
you can also write review about HostGator, my recommendation; promote something that
you actually use, so if you have not used HostGator, go ahead, buy a one month account
and try it, write reviews, write tutorials like how to install WordPress on HostGator,
how to add ad-on domains to HostGator; you can do many things, you can actually help
users educating about this platform and how to use it to get online. So that’s how you
go about HostGator affiliate program. You can also create your custom coupons. So you
can click on ‘Manage coupons’. You can create any coupon so I will create WpFreeSet and
I can either create a 25$ off or 9.94$ off. so anyone is signing up for more than a year,
I would recommend you to give 25$ off because that ways they will get maximum value out
of it and you can create maximum of 10 coupon code and you can go ahead, edit payment info,
they send you payment via PayPal, via cheque, you can select which one is good for you and
don’t use any shady methods because if they find out that you are cookie stuffing or you
are sending user by forcing them to click on your affiliate link, they might ban you.
So instead of doing anything shady, play safe and you might end up making huge. So pretty
much that’s it, if you still have any question, feel free to ask via comment. Thank you for
watching, this is Harsh.