John crostinis internet jet-set damn
Brock’s deadbeat super affiliate system reloaded Jen Cua my biz breakthroughs
so you need to making money online you started looking for ways to make money
online and you’re overwhelmed by all gurus telling you can make a million by
midnight gurus coming out of your ears just what can you choose to do do you
start a Shopify shop or an online store do you become an affiliate selling in
other people’s products and you take a cut in the price do you sell Clickbank
digital products or jvzoo or maybe warrior plus or even other digital
product companies out there you’re pulling your hair out what to do and
which course to choose well relax I’ve been there too now in instinctively that
there’s a way to make living online but not knowing which way to turn or which
way to go in the online world of making money for me
I tried Shopify store spent hours and hours on YouTube watching videos about
how to set up a store and get inventory by drop shipping I got a store up and
running from nothing and believe me that was not easy I knew nothing of WordPress
or setting up a storefront or anything to do with an online store the one great
thing I really liked about short supply was that there was a 24 hour a day free
helpline and I can tell you that I use this a lot because I didn’t know what I
was doing however the customer service team other people I spoke to they were
all fantastic and always helped me no matter what so that for me was a huge
plus for Shopify Shopify stores are amazing because what you need to realize
is that once your online store is up and running it is potentially worldwide this
might be hard to comprehend but it means that you have huge markets to tap into
some I would highly recommend Shopify to anyone there should be a link below the
video to help you get two week free trial if you’re interested and if an
online ship or still online shop or store is your thing if you don’t know
how to go about it check out Fiverr calm and get someone to build
to store for you for very little money there are also many YouTube tutorials
available so the world is literally your oyster for me after trying a Shopify
store I decided that I wanted to something a little bit different and so
I kept looking at making money online but in different ways
then I came across the affiliate marketing now this really appealed to me
you don’t hold other people stocking the tree no customer service to speak of and
you just advertise products and you take a commission for selling that product
there are various ways to do this setting up a simple website free traffic
advertising paid advertising etc but all these ways to be an affiliate need time
patience and someone who’s done it before really so I opted to choose a
course to show me what to do yeah I’d spent months trawling through YouTube
videos looking at articles on the internet but I wanted to condense all
this knowledge into a straightforward course that would teach me how to become
a successful affiliate marketer so firstly I chose John crostinis internet
jet-set course I later also chose Dan Brock’s deadbeat super affiliate
reloaded course and I have enrolled on Gen Kwan’s my biz breakthrough course so
what about John crostinis internet jet-set course well so after giving a
lot thought I decided to go with John crostinis Internet Jet Set course well
as you may have seen in Google ads and on YouTube ads etc he really hits hard
with his sales campaigns and there definitely is a lot of hype with John
crostini so is all the hype worth it well after all the course for me in the
UK it turned out to be it’s advertised at 47 dollars but I actually turn out to
be 47 pounds for me but that’s not the only thing what I didn’t like about it
was the fact that you had to sign up through Clickbank for a further monthly
fee of 47 pounds for his internet jet-set webinars now for a lot of people
this would be great and I’m sure that you can learn a lot from him
but I have no doubt that some people might be put off by this I didn’t like
the fact that you had to do this to access the internet jet set course yes
you can cancel inside that month and the monthly fee is stopped this is what I
did with no problem at all but I do feel that this is the only letdown for the
fact that you were compelled to join the monthly webinars like I said it was fine
though and with no complications or comebacks whatsoever after I’d cancelled
now concerning the internet jet set course well was it worth worth that I
can hear you asking quite simply I would say yes it was when you get onto the
program which includes being part of a private Facebook group where you can
talk to other members you can also join the forums on the website for the
internet jet set course and you can keep the course modules which I’ll be going
through in a moment so you do get a good amount of information and a lot of
content included in this course so let’s have a look at the learning modules and
what you’ll cover and remember you can have access to these forever even if you
just join up for a month you’ve got this and you can access the website for all
your modules and some other bonuses and perhaps other things that John adds in
the future and I think that is good so modules I’m not going to go down dig
deep into the modules but I’ll just give you an idea of what you get the first
module is about online business blueprint the second module is
introduction to the internet jet set the third module is choosing your niche the
fourth module is about using Google the fifth module is about using YouTube the
sixth module is about Facebook the seventh module is about your website the
eighth module is about copywriting basics the ninth module is launch
jacking the tenth module is authority review sites and the eleventh module is
Facebook ads for affiliates so here are the modules included each
one of them then breaks down as I said earlier into those subsections of the
learning modules so there’s a lot of areas covered and if you are totally new
to making money online and in affiliate marketing
then this is quite a good comprehensive course for beginners and people who need
to start out on the into the online world and making money
there are furthermore Duty can access but the next course is the 12-week super
affiliate course of John crostini which no doubt would benefit anyone looking to
go further with paid advertising etc however the price for this is about two
hundred and twenty nine dollars which equates to for me 229 pounds so that was
pushing it a little bit for me was the internet jet-set course worth it after
I’d done it I would recommend it to others like myself yes definitely and I
learned a lot and still can keep going back to the modules to remind myself of
certain ways to do things etc just to add though even although I’ve finished
the one month course on I do still get emails with good content and free
information from John Chris Donnie and I was surprised to get a free course in an
email a couple of days ago and I’ve just done the month and that’s finished I’m
still getting really good content from that so that is a good point about this
course so check out the internet jet-set course
by following the link below this video so now let’s move on to Dan Brooks the
deadbeat super affiliate reloaded system in my journey into how to make money
online i came across the deadbeat super affiliate named dan brock for some weird
reason i really like this guy don’t get me wrong I like John Chris Donnie too
but Dan has something about him that I like he’s also a very prolific YouTube
video maker and I like to keep up to date with what he has to offer on
YouTube so onto his course the deadbeat super affiliate course reloaded cost $17
which I think it’s really good and again for the basic course that
works out about 17 pounds for me what you get is access to the course and it
has 23 video modules explaining how to set up an affiliate site or sites using
his own WordPress theme which he throws in there as well to maximize sales he
goes into detail with a plan to launch your site and back it up with YouTube
video and make your site rank high in Google searches sounds easy
well yes and no with all these ideas one thing you need to remember is that it
takes time and a lot of effort and hard work and patience to get these sites up
and running I do like Dannebrog style though and I think the basic course is
well worth it you do get taken into a sales type funnel with some hard push
for other super affiliate products that would no doubt benefit you however if
you’re on a low budget and you don’t want to use them at the moment then keep
pushing through and just stick with the basic course for now the extras are
great and I may go back when I’ve made some money and purchase some of them
myself you will see what I mean if you decide to go for Dan broths course so
did I think it was worth it most definitely not only do you get
information to get an affiliate site up and running but you get a wordpress
theme thrown in as well so for me Dan Brock’s deadbeet super affiliate
reloaded system is very good very well priced and I would highly recommend this
product I would try to put a linked to the Dead Pete super affiliate reloaded
system below this video if not I’ll direct you to his website bye hopefully
by the time this is up and running I’ll have a link so finally on to Gen Kwan’s
my biz breakthroughs course so this course is priced at $98 which again
comes out about 98 pounds for me cuz I live in the UK what is covered in the
course so basically I like Jing she’s honest she’s upfront about things and
her course does cover a lot there are 36 30 36 lessons in four modules
and these cover preparation what you’ll need I’m not going to go through all the
subsections but starting with principles of personal vision to get anything you
want it goes on through they’re talking about introduction to affiliate
marketing strategizing getting a campaign blueprint up for a go signal
domain ownership web hosting then he goes on to module to hook mastery there
are strategies and psychologies in creating an effective system landing
pages creating landing pages create your own custom video pre-flight check before
launching your campaign module three conversion mastery conversion tracking
and setting up split testing face book conversion pixels lots of things about
Facebook remarketing setting up Google Analytics install Google Analytics
creating a Google AdWords conversion tagging install then module for traffic
mastery Facebook ad creation which is good how to avoid Google AdWords account
suspension which is very important and I’m skipping over a lot of these there
are very many more in these modules creating a remarketing campaign with
Google AdWords monitoring your campaigns analyzing tweaking and adjusting scale
and leverage so again for this course there’s a lot included so you can see
there’s a huge amount of information available in this course so you can ask
me was this work course worth it most definitely yes Jenn’s course covers
free advertising and paid advertising and unlike John crostinis Internet Jet
Set course where you have to buy the 12-week super affiliate course for two
hundred and ninety seven dollars Jan has all this thrown in for ninety eight
dollars so that’s quite good I think but of course some people would prefer
drunkest Ronnie’s approach I mean he certainly got something about him which
is likable and he’s you know easy to learn with an
understand but it’s up to you to make your choice Rudy with all these three
courses you can contact the course providers which I really like by email
and that’s good some do take longer than others John Kriss Thani takes a bit of
time to respond but the others get back to you very very quickly and I I do
think that’s a really positive thing about these courses so in a nutshell
there you have it three internet learning courses to choose from on how
to make money online with affiliate marketing in other ways I mean you might
choose to buy one you might choose to buy two or some people might very well
like myself choose to buy all three my final advice on all these courses is
that they do come all of them come with a money-back guarantee so there’s no
worries they’re just tech check out the time scale for these for these
money-back guarantees also with John crostinis internet jet set just remember
to cancel the monthly webinars which isn’t that difficult you just send off
an email if you just want the first basic course I feel that all three
courses have a lot of value included and I’ve really enjoyed all three if you
have any questions about any of these courses please feel free to message me
my email alert address is below this video or you can private message me on
my youtube channel all links for these courses are below the video you know
hope you really enjoy whichever courses you choose to get and please comment and
like and subscribe on my channel please and remember to let me know how you’re
getting on and so I just leaves me to say take care from the online
entrepreneurism guy you