hey guys today we’re going to talk about passive income and how to avoid destroying your freedom so guys this is van Arkel of passive automation calm where we teach you to increase your cash flow and to maintain it with minimal minimal effort okay so there’s big debate about what is passive income what is passive income and I think you all want it right we all want freedom what’s the what’s the pain the pain is having to work the nine-to-five the pain is having to answer to a boss the pain is having a kid say daddy Waddy have to go to work today the pain is having a spouse or a girlfriend be like why do you have to go to work today the pain is not being able to go on vacation when you want right the pain is someone telling you how much you’re worth right and so that yeah be on passive income is creating these cash flows that will allow you this freedom that you can turn them up a notch and they bring more money okay so I want to talk about some of the forms with passive income that people kind of act like to passive but in reality they’re not there’s a great video by Spencer Meachem from building preneur one of my mentors he’s a great guy and he is crushing it online okay you talked a little bit about this topic a few days ago I wanted to touch on it okay so a lot of people out there say hey build your passive income go online do do e-commerce do drop shipping but it’s that really passive income right with e-commerce or drop shipping or you know I doing products there’s order fulfillment there’s payment processing there’s you know there’s disputes there’s customer service there’s all this stuff that you know there’s Facebook guys there’s Google Google Ads all these things to have to worry about and it’s it’s definitely not a passive income parts may seem passive but people are spending more work it seems you know more time at work trying to build these things up and so ecommerce drop shipping you know I have a buddy mine who you know wants to create this passive income but he’s not having to hire somebody else to do the fulfillment and the order processing and the customer service and he’s having to manage that person you know another example is agency there’s a big push hey start an agency get these clients work with these clients do funnels for them do consulting but in my mind someone who wants the passive income I just keep thinking how that’s just more time that’s more people to worry about that’s more relationships with unknown that I’m perhaps don’t want to to engage in so the relief for me and I think for you in passive income is to create a system that will automatically kind of create cash flow with minimal effort in the long run now upfront there’s going to be a lot of work right up front there definitely will be webmin ecommerce dropship shipping doing your own product doing doing agency work being a consultant I’m even doing you know talking about just running ads that takes a lot of work and it’s a continuous thing so Spenser Meachem was talking about this concept of you know in the business world the material world like Dave Ramsey and others real estate is you know the way to make good money it’s from the greatest investments there’s this real estate well shift command into the digital realm there’s this concept of digital real estate where you can put content out that over time continues to bring results to make sales I have a buddy of mine named Scott Anderson he you know he does reviews on his YouTube channel did a review of a Spencer music Meachem course a couple years ago and just this past week he got a sale from a video he did two years ago in his sleep and he made four hundred bucks that’s passive income right and so with affiliate marketing it’s a great way to build a truly passive income now the online real estate we’re talking about with affiliate marketing is you know down here you I don’t you can see it like a YouTube channel it is a blog it is a podcast those are pieces of content where you can place on the web place on YouTube place on you know podcasts distribution centers K where that stuff remains and yes there is initial work upfront building up your content library so I have a website called call to share and I could not touch it for I could go on vacation for a month and it would bring in 1500 bucks me not doing a thing because there’s so much content out there I have system systems in place like recur post or their app posting my old content okay it’s a little truly passive income right off to do your thing I went to the mailbox yesterday and got a check from a company I’m an affiliate marketer for where I get five dollars per sale there’s a check for thirty bucks right not huge but it’s much more fun coming to the mailbox and getting a check versus a bill okay that’s passive income so YouTube videos blogs podcasts now compare that with other content you computed could be producing like an Instagram post or a Facebook post or a Facebook live or like who tweets I still tweet because it actually brings a lot of traffic but or tweeting right or or snapchatting now these are all social media ways of producing content but what’s the life’s was you know how was the the shelf-life of a post like that you know they said on Twitter is 23 minutes and Instagram you know maybe maybe a few hours maybe a day but it’s really hard to keep social media content as an active online real estate portfolio investment ok so some suggestions is if you want to truly build a passive income you’re gonna need to work very hard ok super super are the solution is online real estate is creating a YouTube channel ok publishing content that people are searching for that’s relevant but that also is evergreen so that has you know you can kind of mix has something that’s relevant today but things that will be continue to be relevant with a blog it’s the same thing I have a blog I started passive automation calm where it’s only in month 3 first month I had 50 views second month 213 third month 449 it’s just gonna keep growing ones that have enough content out there and can schedule things like recur post it’s just gonna keep publishing that content and I’ll still occasionally you know you know I’ll I won’t come I will have to keep publishing but there’ll be times where I’m like you know what I’m gonna take a month off and I will still be making money I will still be making money now traffic might go down a little bit but then I can come back and start publishing you know videos or blogs but again it’s the fact that the money can still be generating if I take lots of time off and to get that passive income it requires minimal effort going forward ok so just wanted to kind of reiterate those concepts that Spencer at address in his video today rich I think they’re incredible ok so the painting guys was the pain the pain is you don’t want to be a 95 you don’t wanna do you want to have an agency where you have instead of having one boss now you have 20 cuz you’re 20 clients right you know maybe you want that maybe you want that and you definitely will get more money up front right affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme it’s not at all there’s a lot of upfront work you’re building up your content you’re creating your profiles you are setting up your email automations but once you have everything in line you got your lead magnet you got your email follow-up it really starts to work like a well-oiled machine okay and then you can start generating some revenue okay hope you guys found this helpful let me know how do you publish and what do you find the most beneficial publishing method for you what strategy are you taking for your online real estate again been Arkell passive automation calm feel free to check out the website and then if you want some more training on affiliate marketing you can click on the top link below it will take you to an affiliate marketing bootcamp the best affiliate marketing training on the internet and guess what it’s completely free okay talk to you soon the life