hey got my name is Jonathan but you’re
probably wondering how to make money without a job right most likely be
stumble upon this video you probably know me from YouTube other YouTube
videos maybe you know me from Facebook he’s looking at you know how to make
money without a job can be at a point in your life where you sick inside britain
a job like I was two years ago maybe ages you
know your home yet nothing else to do maybe have some money coming in we wanna
make some extra income on the side maybe you believe in residual income
they do you believe in making money independent of time like I do by on my
silly if you watch this video you definitely want to make money and follow your dreams and be able to
enjoy yourself at the same time not contain that he is advising you will
happen around from dead-end jobs a dead-end jobs a dead-end job my first job was actually at Babies R Us
AC working bees are Russell taking orders from my supplies and stuff like
that had to clock in at nine in the morning to 6 or 7 p.m.
depending on the schedule that I had and I realized that you know most people
make a lot of money they haven’t had a way to make money
independence time a lot of people most people working on a bad job have friends
who were you know the work like a dog each and
every day literally and they can’t even afford it you know go on
vacation with me make even afford to do certain things that I can do because
all their money they make from a job as a straight up onto street bills right is
like here transporting the money from the job to
their bills in s exactly when I was 22 years ago and after that Babies R Us job actually went away are a
car dealership job I was wit making money are based on commission so whenever when
I sold the car for whenever that price was over the price
that the owner wanted I would make that difference and so was
in a salary base is more so you know I just show up whenever somebody calls me cell in the car I sell the car you know
God willing to sell the car and in whatever their differences and make the
money and then after that job went to a security job right well as making eight dollars and
fifty cents an hour had to Jessop in uniform have to ask my boss when the going lunch break you know wanna be able to
use the bathroom basically I’ll be in control that currently no control myself because you know you
have a both breathing down your neck tell you what to do how to do it and is
making a 15 hour and I don’t know about you but making a fifteen-hour in america is like
an damn near Slave you are you can really enjoy a great lifestyle by make an income like that we all know
this so that must learn to look online for ways you know learn how China look for ways
you know where you know how can I make money without a job re having to make
money independent time to realize that the people who are enjoying themselves
with people who are following injury means the people who are passionate
about something and didn’t happen this only happened to
crack into a 9-5 job every single day and a hat like activists have been
answered but no real reason no one is to learn about finances that we want to
learn about a situation come from a very young
age because I realize that the people were rich in this world and people were
making lots and lots of money you know give or take a team or so you
no matter discussed that the residual income saw as hold on I’m like damn you happen to
find a way to be able to make the same you’re more
a lot more money than what my job is pay me now but by being my own boss by controlling
my own hours by being able to check out on addressing a bad being able to hack to work with people and help other
people at the same time teach them make money why I make money up from home and I
started my research online rest are researching researcher researching
dating dating and finally a fine found in awesome
awesome awesome opportunity now of course the opportunity you know
with anything in life that you doing this different from a job especially China
make money not being your own boss by owning your own business or by being an affiliate of the business
you you know baby had the slogan with people like
this a known skin when he does it mean when in history vs game and you not gonna
make no money as a boss as an entrepreneur as anybody with the boss on eyes open or
web that in the wings mindstate they’re willing to invest for greater
return later and I was always wins invest because when my creative visions where it was to
be able to be able to travel and still make money not have my money depending on how many
hours I work with rather dependent when the effort I put
in so I can barely write my own paycheck and down this
opportunity called IMCA awesome you probably know a bit practice called
Motor Club America if you want to read more on how I back
you know from being broke struggling to make it past the dollars a week being
able to quit my job in just six to seven months against online guys is click link below you’ll be able to
read a blog polls read more about me and add me on facebook great my name is
Jonathan Belcher if you need more information on how this works but the outlets right I started getting I
got into this business where basically they do they offer
benefits radio for benefits to give roadside assistance chapel discount dental discount I even
got my glasses from being a part of this company because I’m
in affiliates I got this for very discounted price and whenever I refer others is business
and give them the same benefits rate that I have whereas you know they have
cheaper much at a discount to get prescription
discount all this awesome awesome benefits I can a Dalek
Commission right now at first I didn’t know how to
was the way but what happened was I got my first a doubt commission as a
old shit you know this is really bad check in and now the time to check the
more they do direct deposit now when I got my first commissioner Aseem
wow this shit is real is amazing because literally if I were
when I was working at the security jobs were going about eight hours every single day and at
about eight hours on make anywhere about 64 to 70 hours a day rain any
takers intact but a doubt commission from one referral you
know I was like wow this is crazy I just chill at home you know drive
traffic nope a little facebook status up we’re going Instagram for more little
bit in make money without having to pick up
the self alright well have been a into to a boss about having a clock in
like at work I have to wear uniform and I’m just gonna say from experience
is the best decision I’ve ever made you know now if you’re a person who’s an aspiring
entrepreneur in your purse and you’re just looking for a way to make money without a job right you believe in you
don’t control your own income you believe in building up your business you
believe in building up his cell then you’ll be you’ll feel free to just
click the link below or contact me right because I’m gonna tell you right now there are opportunities out there in
their people everything will be there are millions and millions of people coming online more than ever before
looking for an opportunity know maybe they want to spend more time
with their children maybe they wanna be every chapter more maybe the time working a job maybe a bad hurts their
feet were their feet hurts so you know just be having open mind you
look at an opportune like this you know have an open mind until just
say all because at that pay all why I don’t want to be a part of his
US improvement adding that the broke mine said and if you when get added the situation
that you’re in now you gotta be willing to do something different now if you wanna be able to get things
in your life that you’ve never had before you got to be willing to do
anything that you’ve never done before nine really really believe in and I saw me
like a system that you know me you see my stories from Audi the YouTube
videos you see what I preach and preach about independence how we treat about freedom
because little yes it is about in from 24 hours a day each and every
day gotta make it down there now that we have been doing this for the past three
years I’ve been he knows nothing new to me and
is continuously you don’t bring an opportunity in front
and new people who are passionate about be known on boys people are passionate about
learning how to you make money without a job learning how to be able to create income create their
own economies that depending on a job where depending on a boss to pay them right know why depend on one
person to pay your compensate you when you can
have hundreds or thousands of people who attended as the people paying you every
single month and you basically just teach them how to
do the same thing while they get the same benefits guy so if that makes sense to you anything I’m
thing makes sense to you really in a position in your life we just made you
learn how to make money without a job to make you can be
your own boss a baby step into your power he rated be like me being to make money
without having to pick up the phone with the evidence his friends or family by the early leveraging is so online
right yet Facebook these days yet clear we had Instagram we have all Texas those immediately with the and
need the people out there looking for opportunity just like this one in if you don’t do in nineteen somebody
else will Raider the matter I’m still gonna make money right now rather show you in teaching
chain you step by step on how to make your first Media Commission guys so down further do that might take one
how to make money without a job gotta be willing to invest something on
a side gets a little hostile on me damn money and be able to you know make
extra income to pay off your bills or do something that you like to do without having a job you know you know
consciously control in Yukon SLE not taking away from your freedom in living
there abundance and prosperity life that I so
down for the do is jump out to 22 years old coming to you live peace