This video is for anyone who wants to make a ton of money without doing any of the work it’s possible folks and all the 1%-ers and big bankers on wall street are keeping it a secret from you they want to keep the poor people down and they want to keep all the money for themselves but not anymore not after today you guys are going to learn how to make all sorts of money with zero work involved all that bs about going to college getting an education getting a good job it’s all bs to keep the sheep down to keep the sheep doing useless work but you dont have to do any of that it’s possible to make tons of money with no work through years of research i discovered a secret technique that is guaranteed to make anyone tons of money at first i wasnt really sure it was even possible but i never stopped trying during this time i even quit my job because going to work everyday was annoying and when i couldn’t pay my rent there was nothing i repeat nothing i could do to possibly make more money beleive me i tried everything but then it all clicked i finaly discovered the truth and i haven’t worked a day since and i’m going to show you how to do that for free in this video i’ve got no book to sell no website to subscribe to no course to pay for just free money for nothing now before we get started your’re going to need a couple things first of all, a computer hopefully you have one of these if you’re watching this video next, 1 television set you’re also going to need a remote with batteries in it Of course, so you can operate it. And finally, a couch. So now, let me walk you through what you have to do. And of course, this is going to be no problem because all the best stuff in life comes easy. So why don’t we go to the computer, and I’ll show you how to do the first step. Okay, so now that you’re at the computer, you want to open up an e-mail program. Any one will do. Because we’re going to send an e-mail. Now in the recipient field, you’re going to want to put: [email protected] That’s right. We’re going to e-mail the President of the United States and America. So the subject, we’re going to put: Money What else? We’re looking for money. Now, we need to compose our e-mail, and let the president know, that we are demanding the money, that we are entitled to. So, for example, let’s say: “Dear Mr. President *see above* Joe” And then, we can just click ‘send’. Alright, so now that you’re done at the computer and you sent that e-mail. You want to go to the couch where we will complete the process. At this point, you will just want to relax, and sit down on your fat, disgusting, lazy ass and watch T.V. Do this for the next five days. If you haven’t already, you’ll of course want to quit your job. Because it’s only a matter of time before your riches will arrive. After approximately five business days, you should receive a letter in the mail from the President of the United States himself. So why don’t we go over to the table, and open this up and see what’s inside. Alright, so this is the letter I received and as you can see, it is from the office of the President at the White House. So, why don’t we open it up and see what is inside… Now we’re talking. It’s a big stack of money. And of course, let’s read what the President has to say. He says: “Dear Joe, Here is your first daily payment of $5000.” Not as much as I expected, but okay. “To which you’re entitled, as the result of being a living person that is capable of breathing unassisted.” Alright. Seems fair enough. “If you feel that you’re entitled to more money, please fill out the included form, and we will immediately adjust your payment.” Okay. *see above* “Sincerely, Barrack ‘Barry’ O’Bama.” And, wow, that’s his real signature. So, let’s- You know what?! I don’t know what kind of joke trying to pull though! With this $5000. I think that’s way too low. So, let’s check out this form. Alright, so here’s the form they gave you. “Additional Entitlement Form” So, why don’t we fill this out. “Do you deserve more money?” Of course, Yes. Big check mark there. And “How much money do you deserve?” Well, I’m just gonna put “infinite money”. Uh, because… Being a person that is named Joe, I have no worldly limits. And, so I’m just going to send that back to the return address, and we should get a response with “infinite money”. As much money as I want, every single day and, that should be everything. So there you have it. You can now be rich, like you always knew you would. Without having to do any of that unnecessary work. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I’ll see you next time.