– In 2016, I made one of my
most popular videos on YouTube: 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online and a lot of you have asked me to do an updated video to that
because a lot of you are interested in ways that
you can make money online and how you can actually build
some kind of passive income for yourself and this is
not a video for those of you who are lazy or into
get rich quick schemes ’cause this is going
to require actual work but I’m gonna tell you
exactly how to do it. Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake at RobertoBlake.com, helping you create
something awesome today. Welcome to my updated video: 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online. For those of you who might
be new to the channel or just stumbled across this video, my name is Roberto Blake, I’m a creative entrepreneur,
I’m a public speaker, and I’m the founder of
awesomecreatoracademy.com. Now, the purpose of this
video is not to sell you a course on internet
marketing or passive income or any of those things, it’s to show you the way that I’ve used passive income to make thousands of dollars a month and to give you some insights
onto how you can do that. This is not for those of
you who are not willing to put in hard work now to
reap the benefit later. If you’re looking for videos
about different topics other than this like
investing or real estate, I highly suggest that you
move onto another video. What I’m gonna be
focusing on is the things that I’ve actually done
to make money online or the things that I’m
actively doing right now as of this moment to make money online and they’re the kind of
things that have helped me like grow a very
substantial revenue stream from different things. We’re gonna be talking about eCommerce, we’re gonna be talking
about email marketing, we’re gonna be talking
about using social media and content platforms
like YouTube and Instagram to build an audience and
set up a marketing funnel so you can build something around either a product-based business
whether that’s your own products or others. So, like I said, you have no
interest in making legitimate passive income and
doing it what I consider to be the hard way then
feel free to click off of this video, it may not be for you. If you are struggling right
now and you need money in the next 30 days, I
would actually recommend watching my video on start
freelancing if you’re broke and watch the videos in my
How to Become a Freelancer series, that is completely
free and it will actually help you make money by either
leveraging a skill that you already have or providing some thing
through an online platform such as UpWork or something
in terms of data entry, there are ways to make money right now if you need to do that. I highly recommend you watch those videos. This video is not that. This video is about building a system that you’re going to benefit
from in the long term. So, now that we’ve got
that out of the way, I wanna talk to you about the ways that I’ve made money online. Obviously, you guys probably realize that I’ve made money online from YouTube both in passive income and active income. There are videos on YouTube
that make me hundreds of dollars a month that I shot
a year ago, two years ago, maybe longer and I still
make over $100 dollars a day from individual videos
here on YouTube that I did awhile back in addition to
all the money that I made up front on those videos
whether they had sponsors, there are affiliate links
in nearly every single video that I make so they have
the ability to make me money no matter what,
regardless of what YouTube’s policies are and I also
leverage the Instagram platform. I grew over 10,000 followers there, I have the swipe up
feature so that I can sell my merchandise, I can sell
products that I’ve developed, I can do any number of things. I also have enough of a platform
to be able to work directly with sponsors, that’s active income. So, there are a lot of options
for you making money online and there are a lot of
diverse ways to approach it and to do it. I’m gonna walk you through
the ways that I did it, I’m gonna walk you through
10 ways that I did it and what you need to
actually pull this off both in terms of resources,
skills, knowledge, and, again, access to the ability
to build an audience. I’m gonna be very blunt, there’s
very little chance of you building consistent,
powerful, passive income and making over $100 dollars a
day if you are not willing to build an audience or leverage advertising or do content marketing and
if you don’t either have a skill, a trade, knowledge,
or the ability to develop a product or the salespersonship
to sell an existing product as an affiliate, then
making passive income online may not be for you yet
or if you need to develop those skills, I’ve made
other videos on this channel that are completely free
so you can get a skill like video editing or Photoshop
or any number of things that would put you into a
position to make passive income. One of the best ways you can
make passive income online is your own direct product sales
and when I talk about this, in this case, I’m talking
about digital products. Do you know why digital
products are amazing? Well one, I make a lot
of money every month with all the digital products
that I’m very happy about because it keeps me independent. By making a digital product,
I have very little overhead, the platform that I use
for my digital products whether they’re digital download products or online courses which
we’ll talk about in a minute and other things is I use
a platform called Kajabi. You can use other online platforms, you don’t have to use Kajabi, I’m actually building something
out on Teachable as well and you can also use Thinkific
and there are things like ClickBank, there are so
many different places where you can make digital products. If you are on a budget, you can use a website called Gumroad. There’s also Sellfy. Those are platforms that allow you to sell digital download products. I sell a graphics pack
because I had a background as a graphic designer called
The YouTube Starter Kit. I’ve recently branched out and
I’m launching a new product around Instagram templates as well and it’s ’cause I had
the background skills of a graphic designer. Peter McKinnon, someone
else who’s very large here on YouTube is a
photographer and filmmaker and he sells LUTs which are, you know, something that you would need
for color grading in video and he also sells Lightroom
presets for Adobe Lightroom and he does that through Sellfy, so, there are plenty of
people that are actually making passive income with
their digital products that are based on a skill or
an expertise that they had. So, like I said, if you
don’t wanna use a platform that focuses on things
like digital courses per se and things of that nature then
you can use something like Gumroad or Sellfy or E-Junkie
and you could sell like any digital download product. If you’re doing templates
like website templates or graphics packs and
things of that nature, illustrations, then you have things like graphicriver.com and websites in the Invodo network, those are all really great
opportunities for you but there’s other things
you can do like I said. Digital downloads are just
one source of revenue. If you wanted to go and
you wanna do something just a little bit more
tangible, let’s say, then I would say you could
do print on demand products, that’s something I’ve done in the past with websites like Zazzle.com and CafePress.com and even DeviantArt and, you know, there
could be okay money there, the reason I like
digital download products a little bit more is
the margins are better. When I make a digital download product, I keep more than 95% of all of the money on that product because of how cheap it is to host it on that other platform, okay? But if you wanna do something else and you want to do like posters
and other print on demand products then you should look into that. The margins will not be as good on that but it is something that you can do. And a lot of you will say
well, Roberto, you know, I need to build an
audience to accomplish that but you should be doing
that no matter what anyway. In the age of social media, building an audience is free and that’s free website traffic and back in the old days,
a lot of us has to buy ads and for some of my product
sales, I still buy ads. Now, if you don’t feel
you have the skills to do print on demand products
’cause maybe you don’t have a background in design or illustration or you don’t feel like
you have the knowledge to sell with like, you know,
doing a digital product, you have another option. You can actually do what’s
called affiliate marketing and this is actually going to
go beyond like the third way and also into the fourth
way ’cause I’m gonna explain something really cool to you guys. So, with affiliate marketing, you can sell someone else’s product and you can get a commission. So, you can get the sales
and it’s really convenient because you can use a website like Amazon and you can get affiliate
revenue commissions there. Problem with something
like Amazon, though, is you’re gonna only get like
two to 4% usually on average on that affiliate program
but there are better programs out there directly with companies. Amazon just has the most robust
offering of diverse products for whatever genre, niche,
or hobby or expertise that you’re dealing with
or whatever audience you’re dealing with, that’s
why so many people go to it. But if you go into very
specific categories, for example, if you’re
somebody that’s either in websites, web hosting, web design, or online business or eCommerce, you can do stuff with
web hosting companies. I do affiliate marketing
with Wix and Bluehost and I can make anywhere
from $85 to $100 dollar plus commissions on
every one of those sales, so, in terms of making $100 dollars a day, that’s really straightforward because it translates
to a single transaction or at least two transactions
to accomplish that. But also, for people that are
say into the YouTube niche, I have another affiliate
program that I use called Epidemic Sound. It’s for the background music, it’s for the royalty stock music that I’m able to use as
an online content creator and that’s $30 dollars per
sale for a $30 day free trial. So, if people sign up
for a 30 day free trial, I still get a commission on that and it’s a pretty nice
commission for what it is. So, if three people use any of the links in the literally over 1,000
videos that I’ve made, I have the opportunity to
make a $30 dollar sale there. So, again, if you find the
right affiliate program for your niche, it can be
a lucrative opportunity and it may not be that
challenging even where a small audience, if it is the right audience, to do $100 dollars a day. Now, here’s where that
gets into an interesting and fourth way to passive income ’cause we talked about affiliate sales but let’s talk about referral sales. You might be thinking Roberto,
aren’t those the same thing? The way that I’m phrasing
this, they’re not because you see, the way that
I’m talking about this is if you have your own
digital download product, you can have your own
affiliates and so you’re making referral sales, so the way
that that would look is let’s say that somebody
was an affiliate for me and I give a 30% commission
one a $100 dollar product. If that product is sold
at full price no coupons and it’s $100 dollars
and somebody is getting a 30% referral commission on
that, then guess what happens? Without me doing the
work of making the sale, I’ve already made the product but I get $70 dollars and they get 30. So, if you build a digital product and you do referral commissions
with your own affiliates, you’re making the majority
of the money on their sales, they’re still getting
something, you own the product, you own the brand, they’re
just operating as a sales force for you and it’s not like
you’re paying them hourly for that, you’re paying them
only on the sales they make. So, again, referral sales
are very lucrative to you as someone who owns a product
and so, this kind of leads into the fifth way of
making passive income is, in addition to having your
own digital download products, if you are skilled at
something, you can make a course for it and that’s another
passive income stream that you could make, so that’s
number five, but it ties directly to number four because
the more products you have between, you know, make a digital product, make an online course,
that’s a product that you own and having those referral
sales puts money back in your pocket for somebody
else making the sale for you and reaching an audience
that you may not have. So, again, if you are
struggling to build an audience or you would like to access
someone else’s audience, those referral sales are a good way for you to make more money. That’s how you can scale your business. Speaking of building an audience, building an audience on
YouTube gives you access to the YouTube partner
program where you can make passive income through advertising. So, usually I say that
passive income means building a product-based business but it could also be building
a content-based business if you’re gonna leverage
advertising placements and spots. Now, there are a couple of
ways to think about this: you can also do this with
a podcast, by the way, it’s just easier in general
to do it with YouTube because it’s all handled for you but, from a passive income standpoint,
YouTube places ads before, potentially after, or
in between your videos, they could do banner ads on your videos, there could be pre-roll and post-roll ads, if you do a very long piece of content there could be mid-roll ads
that are just like the ads in between television
shows, so you could do that and it can be lucrative,
there are some creators who don’t make a lot of
money per view with it, and there are others that
make an extraordinary amount of money per thousand views
with it and what I will tell you about this and I’ve done
dedicated videos on this that you can check out
on the channel as one, I can tell you how through those videos, to build an audience on YouTube, but the thing that I
want to caution you on is if you want to go there
and you wanna make money, you have to consider
whether the genre and niche that you’re playing in
is one that has money to back it in the form of the advertisers, so you’ll wanna do some research there, you’ll wanna watch the other
videos I’ve done covering this, but it is a valid way
to make passive income and I make a couple
thousand dollars a month directly off the advertisers. That’s not counting active
income in terms of sponsorships, live donations via chats that happen through what YouTube calls Super
Chat, et cetera, et cetera. There are so many ways
to make money on YouTube and I’ve covered a lot of
them here on the channel. The other great thing about YouTube is that YouTube could be a distribution and marketing funnel for you to sell your other digital products whether that’s your
print on demand products, whether it’s your online courses, whether it’s the digital products, you can sell all of that, whether it’s the affiliate marketing, the referral sales, there’s so many ways to leverage that through
YouTube and through podcasting, blogging, or Instagram that is ridiculous. Which actually brings us to number six. Number six is merchandise. By selling your own
merchandise, your own t-shirts, or hats or whatever, you can
actually make substantial, you know, revenue from
your existing audience and the thing is, I
like Instagram for this almost as much if not more than YouTube and yes, I’m aware to
make real money with this, you will have to build
an audience once again, I think you should be doing that anyway, I don’t think that should
be a barrier for you and I’ve done free content to
help you build an audience. The great thing is with
merchandise, though, is people don’t even have
to be so insanely enamored to the content if the
shirts are cool enough. So, just make a dope t-shirt
and you’re good to go and, like I said, you can
put marketing behind this. I think Instagram is
undervalued not only as a content marketing platform
that can result in real sales but also people refuse to do
even a modest advertising spend in order to put money in and
make more money on the backend. So, I really think that that’s something you should look into. So far we’ve covered making
your own digital products, we’ve talked about making
print on demand products, we’ve talked about merchandise,
we’ve talked about YouTube, we’ve talked about affiliate sales, and we’ve talked about referral sales. Let’s talk about royalties, number seven. Royalties. So, in my case, there are a lot of ways you could make royalties but the main way that I’m focusing on royalties right now is that I actually
licensed a course of mine to Lynda.com and Linkedin. So, they have exclusive
publishing rights for that but I am getting royalty checks from that. So, that’s something you can think about is where you can license content and the thing is, it
doesn’t have to be a course. You could do this with music, there are so many ways
to do licensed content. And here’s another
thing that can tie into, let’s talk about number eight, let’s talk about stock media. By doing stock media licenses
in terms of stock photography, images, illustrations, video, audio, you have the ability to go to all of these different platforms that those
things are distributed on and marketers and advertisers and creators could buy those things and
you will get a commission, you will get a cut of that. So, you know, you’re
paying for the distribution on the backend of, you know,
them taking some of the money up front but you’re making
sales you’d never make on your own because, as we pointed
out, building an audience is hard, getting traffic is hard. I’m gonna recommend Black Box, I’m gonna link to that down below. In fact, everything I’m talking about, I’ll have detailed stuff
and I’ll have links, they’ll probably be affiliate
links, to those things down below for you guys
to use as a resource but, with Black Box, it
automatically distributes you to multiple stock websites so
you don’t have to re-upload the same assets over
and over and over again, so this is a very good way for you guys to make passive income
off of things you might already have sitting on your hard drive, you might already have images,
graphics, photos, video that are going to waste that somebody could take advantage of and
you could make money off of. Let’s talk about number nine. Number nine is a really interesting one because it’s something that I’m working on right this moment but a lot of my friends have benefited from this
and they’ve inspired me to tackle this one and
that is going into ebooks and audiobooks and again, I’ve
talked about some of these things but not as in depth,
I think, in previous videos but with ebooks and audiobooks,
the thing that intrigues me is that with an ebook,
there’s the opportunity to link out to resources and to tie it to number 10
which is email marketing which I’m gonna go deeper into but with your ebook, you can link out to the opportunity for email marketing by offering free downloads in the ebook or the audiobook and
resources that go to that and in exchange someone has to give you their email address. Now that you’ve captured
that email address, you can give them the free
things that they signed up for but you can also put them into
an automated email sequence that could market to them in other ways and through this email marketing, you have the ability
passively, through a system, to potentially sell them your existing digital download products, your print on demand
products, your merchandise, your online course, affiliate
links to things that fit the thing that they asked for in terms of the value proposition, so every
other form of passive income for the most part that we
discussed is now accessible through the distribution
of email marketing because we’re talking about
building a system here. So, by building this system, by building this ecosystem
of having all of these diverse revenue streams or a few of them or the ones that fit you
and then being able to tie that to content
marketing, email marketing, or even online advertising,
you have the ability to grow this even bigger
and so that’s how people really make a living
off of passive income. It’s not something they do overnight, it’s not something they do in 30 days, it’s not something they do in 60 days. This is a long haul incremental process and I wanted to walk you through that and I wanted to give you a little bit more insight and depth into
how it actually works, something that I wanna
cover in future videos. So, if you found this helpful
and you want me to give more details about this or
you want me to break down these things individually,
I’m happy to do that in other videos and there’s
actually a couple of videos that I’ll link down below and
I’ll link in the info card where I’ve actually covered
some of these topics. I think I actually touched on quite a few. So, there we go, 10
ways, 10 legitimate ways you can make passive income online. This is something that
I feel is accessible to more of you than you might be thinking. There are a lot of you
who already have a skill, there are a lot of you who
already have knowledge, and thing is, building
an audience is something that you can do. It’s not something that
isn’t on the table. I’ve done so many videos on this channel to help you build an
audience whether it’s YouTube or grow that email list or
even build your own website or start a podcast and I’ll
link to those resources as well because they’re totally
free and, like I said, I don’t need to sell you
a course on any of this. Anybody selling you a course on this, this is fine and it might help you, you might be the person who
learns and benefits from that and there are people who
are gonna learn and benefit from your online course. I want you to stop thinking and I want people to stop
having this conversation that passive income is
somehow a scam or it’s scummy or it’s a daydream or it’s
for the people who are lazy. It’s for people who are smart and for people who respect
and value their time, it’s for people who
want to start a family, it’s for people who
want to spend more time for their family, or it’s for people who don’t feel they’ve
been respected and earned what their knowledge
is worth in traditional and conventional means and jobs. So, if that’s someone like you, then I hope that this video was helpful and I hope it helps you
take your first steps toward either some extra money on the side or real financial freedom. If you have questions, please feel free to drop those in the
comment section down below. I’m gonna answer as many of them as I can especially the first
day and the first hour this video is out, that’s
when I’m most active on the video, so you’ll
wanna get in on that early. If there’s a question you really
want an answer from me on, I’ll try and tackle it. Like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe, hit the notifications
if you want to actually catch the rest of my videos
because YouTube is YouTube. As always you guys, thanks
so much for watching and don’t forget create
something awesome today. You can work hard now and
reap the benefits later. Take care. (soft music)