Hey what’s up guys! Did I attract your attention with that awesome
thumbnail? Well, I’m glad I did because today, YOU guys
are going to learn how to start your own successful YouTube channel in super simple steps and
I’ll also show you how to make money off of it. So without further ado, let’s start the show! So just like me, you guys probably watch your
favorite Youtubers and your mobile devices or on your TV and have wondered how did they
start making YouTube videos? So I’m here to demystify the process behind
starting your own YouTube channel and I’ll keep it very simple! We’ll make that in 4 easy steps! Now feel free to check the description down
below. Everything we’re going to talk about in this
video will be linked down there. So step number 1 is to open your Google Account. Now you basically go on the Google website,
and you sign in for an account if you don’t already have one. That will give you access to your YouTube
sign in and you’ll be able to create your channel that way. So that leads us to step number 2. Now you actually go on YouTube and you sign
in. Now in the top right corner, you’ll notice
the My Channel option. You click on that and you select the “Use
business or other name” option as you want to give your channel a brand and identity. So step number 3, you give your channel a
name. You basically type in a name that will be
specific to your channel which will let your audience know a bit what you’re about and
you simply click the create button. From there, you’re going to be taken to your
channel’s main page, where you can start putting your own personal touch and making it your
own. For example, you’re going to be able to add
your channel art. So that’s the banner on the top part of the
website. And you’ll be able to edit your channel thumbnail,
maybe put a picture of yourselves or anything that you guys might find cool. Now the last step, and that’s the fun part,
step number 4, is to actually start uploading videos! To upload videos, you simply click the upload
button on the top right corner of your page. So here are some helpful tips that I can give
you guys to help you in your creative process. First of all you have to make sure that you
build a brand identity. I can’t stress that enough! It is very important. You probably noticed that your favorite Youtubers
are very good at what they do and they have a specific niche in which they play in. They might be product reviewers in the tech/gadget
business, they might be pranksters, they might be daily vloggers, they might be people who
like cooking, they might like adventure or sports. Basically, you have to find what YOU are good
in and what kind of stuff you’d have to bring to an audience. There might be stuff that you’re very passionate
about, there might be things that you have a very high knowledge or skill set about. So those are the kinds of things you have
to look into and ask yourself how can I bring that in a fun and entertaining way to my viewers. So another tip for building your brand identity
is to make sure you have some sort of channel art or logo or even your name that’s displayed
out there and that you’ll be using on a consistent basis in every single video. This way, people will identify with you and
understand that “Oh, look at that! I know that logo! This is THAT person!” You can also add a cool intro. You probably noticed at the beginning of this
video my own intro. And at the end of your videos make sure you
have some sort of an outro and call to actions. Call to actions are basically ways to engage
your viewers to ask you questions, leave comments, follow you on social media, and that kind
of stuff. So you want to create bonds with your audience. That is super important! Without viewers like you guys, my channel
would go nowhere and same thing goes for even the biggest Youtubers. Viewers are EVERYTHING! Now to start producing videos, you’re going
to need at least some basic form of equipment. That can be your cell phone. Those are becoming very very good. Or you can go a step above and buy an entry
level DSLR like the Canon Rebel series. You’ll also need some sort of video editing
software. Now it doesn’t have to be very expensive. There are actually some free ones that do
a decent job for you guys to startup. On the PC side with Windows, you have the
Microsoft Movie Maker and on the Apple side with MacOS, you have iMovie. Now those are both free and super simple to
use! If you want to check out the equipment that
I use to produce my videos, click the video up here. And you guys will have a full description
of everything that I personally use. So now for a part that you guys have probably
been waiting for: how do you actually make money off of YouTube? Well, I’ll keep it simple for you, and we’ll
break it down in three easy steps. So step number 1, is to open an account with
Google AdSense. AdSense is a free and easy way to earn money
by placing ads in your videos! So basically, the more your viewers click
on your videos, the more money you earn! After you reach a certain threshold, Google
sends you a paycheque directly to your house or into your bank account. It’s that simple! Step number 2, is to join an Affiliates Program. So what’s an Affiliate Program? Basically, it’s major brands that allow you
to review a certain product in your videos and you add a link in the video description
and when people click on it, they’re taken to that brand’s website so they can purchase
that product. When users click or buy an item, you’re given
a commission. One of the biggest and most known Affiliate
Programs, is the one from Amazon. Amazon makes it very simple for you guys to
open an Affiliate account and start promoting items in your videos. So when people go ahead and click on a link
that you included into your video description, they’re taken to the Amazon website and you
get the commission. Yeah, it’s that simple! So step number 3, is sponsors. So basically, as your channel grows, and you’re
building more authority, you’re going to be adding more and more subscribers. Well that growth will eventually be noticed
by major brands and they might approach you to either send you an item for a review, or
they can sponsor the production of your video. Basically, give you a sort of payment in exchange
for you doing something for them. Now a lot of Youtubers will agree with me
in saying that there are two factors that are very important when you start your channel. Number 1: is produce high quality content. I can’t stress that enough. Your videos have to be fun and entertaining
and engaging. And number 2: you’re going to have to make
sure that you have consistency. You have to keep uploading videos. Now YouTube isn’t the kind of place where
you’re going to produce one video per year and think you’re going to become rich. That’s not how YouTube works. You have to see your channel as a form of
business and you have to be involved in your business. Now you see? It’s not that complicated starting your own
YouTube channel! So if you follow my tips and tricks, you guys
will be on your way and hopefully make it to the top as well! Don’t forget, everything we talked about is
linked in the description down below. All the steps and all the links to the websites. I hope you enjoyed this video! If that’s the case, give it big thumbs up! You can leave your comments and questions
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