how to start affiliate marketing without
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step-by-step strategy that is completely newbie friendly and that will teach you
how to start affiliate marketing even if you don’t have your own website it’s
completely step by step I’m going to explain everything that you need to know
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hey guys alright so let’s get into the actual steps of the strategy it’s a very
very simple strategy that I’m going to show you every single step of it how you
can start affiliate marketing without actually even having your own website
very simple but before we dive in I want to show you some of the results that I
personally get with affiliate marketing just in case you are new and just in
case you’re wondering there’s a filleth marketing actually work and you know
what are the possible results that you can achieve with affiliate marketing so
I can definitely tell you that I feel it marketing works it’s an extremely good
strategy my some of my personal results with affiliate marketing I’ll show you
here logged in into my jvzoo account and jvzoo jvzoo is just one of several
networks that I do affiliate marketing on but I’m just gonna show you here
quickly you can see yesterday I made two hundred and fifteen dollars on jvzoo but
in general if I go all-time and refresh my earnings here you will see that on
jvzoo I have made I don’t even know it’s over a hundred thousand but I can’t
remember exactly how much now one hundred and forty two thousand dollars
on jvzoo scenes when I started and like I said it’s one of several networks that
I promote products on but you know these hopefully
gives you an idea that you can really make money as an affiliate on jvzoo
alright so let’s get back into our strategy so just fire that fire of this
presentation ok guys so here is the whole strategy I’m going to start with
an overview ok and I’m going to show you how everything here works so first of
all basically this method that I’m going to show you is really good because it’s
100% free so you don’t need to have your own website like I already said you
don’t even need to buy traffic there are no expenses from your side to get
started with these with this affiliate marketing method and what we’re going to
be doing is we’re going to be making money by getting free traffic from
Google to reviews or courses various courses as well as software in their own
marketing space alright so this is something that I’m going to show you
every single step of the way here so basically what happens is people love
reading your reviews and you’re going to be taking advantage of people’s love for
reviews how does this work exactly well let me show you so here is an example
recently we launched this product called Bloggie all rights slide is the sales
page so we launched this about two weeks ago to the marketplace we’ve sold about
one and a half thousand copies of this product and what happened was that a lot
of people as soon as we launched this product into the marketplace a lot of
our affiliates were had over 100 affiliates they all started promoting
this product for us so everyone started getting these emails so probably and
let’s say something like 30 or 50,000 people very quickly got emails from
these affiliates who are all emailing their email lists promoting this product
called Bloggie and everyone’s reaction of course is what the hell is Bloggie
and how can I find out more about bloody okay and what people do is they go and
they start searching for reviews right so they type in like this they type in
login review into Google and this reading the reviews and as you can see
the front page of Google is full of reviews of our product so there are
videos here at the top and there are videos here in the front page so what
people do naturally is they start clicking through these different reviews
and as you can see this first organic result on Google there is someone who is
our affiliate okay and you can see that people can read the review what is it
all about what are the features who are the vendors what is the homepage and
then they cover all of the information about our product now if someone who is
reading this they think well this actually sounds really good I’m actually
quite interested in this I want to check out their sales page they will naturally
click the page click the button here from the review to learn more about the
product and they will go via the affiliate link it’s a special type of
link if you guys are brand new to affiliate marketing it’s a link that
basically tracks the sale okay so the person whose website this is they have a
special link and if someone clicks through that link and they buy via that
link that person who made this review will get paid a commission okay this is
how it works and generally it’s a good Commission it’s anywhere between fifty
to a hundred percent on the purchase price of the product and they’re also
upgrades that you can get money on as well and you can see here you have been
referred by Rick Newman and here is the affiliate link of their fill it all
right so this website belongs to this affiliate Rick Newman and anyone who
buys through this affiliate link will generate the sale which will get tracked
and this person will get paid a commission from us so this is how it
works okay hopefully you guys are clear on that now how does our strategy
actually work well I’ve noticed something recently something very very
interesting that I think you guys will find very interesting as well on the
front page here there is there are a couple of results that are very
interesting with as you can see people
some people have their own websites where they make reviews and then you
know anyone who comes and buys via their link will generate a commission but
obviously this strategy that we’re talking about today is about how to make
money as an affiliate marketer how to get started with affiliate marketing
without a website so there is this website here
and you can make reviews and you can post those reviews onto this website on
to website so it’s not your own website you can just register at
this website called medium comm and you can make a review and anyone who buys so
obviously a lot of people would click through it to one of these medium comm
links you can see they’re actually three here okay and you can see there is a
person called Hector and they made the review of blog II of
our course on this website called medium comm and if anyone buys by clicking the
link here visit the official website alright it’s the exact same thing if
anyone buys after clicking this link this person Hector who made this will
get paid a commission now this is cool because it means that you don’t have to
have a website in order to get onto the first page of Google and to start
generating affiliate commissions I’m hoping you’re understanding how powerful
this actually is okay so this is exactly how if you start
making reviews similar to this on you don’t need your own
website and you can get started with affiliate marketing without actually
having your own site alright so let me just go back here to this presentation
so what you want to do is you want to make a review I’m gonna show you every
single step don’t worry you’re going to get publish that review on
I’m going to show you every single step you will get people to read your review
and they will buy through your link and you will get paid Commission okay
this is how this works so let’s get into the actual detail and let’s go through
this step by step how this is going to work now by the way just in case you’re
wondering how come this works and wide why the products
actually ranked on page one I’m gonna explain to you so I use this little
browser extension called most toolbar it’s a meze toolbar mrz toolbar and
Emmas most toolbar tells us the strength of how powerful is a domain and a page
on the first page of google you can see that these links are domain
Authority so the authority of domain is huge it’s 93 it might be a little bit
small but if you kind of if you are able to expand this to full screen you’ll be
able to see that it’s 93 so that means that is in insanely powerful
domain and you can see that the page Authority is 44 so that individual page
with the review of blogger has got a super high authority as well because
it’s been placed on a very high authority domain now by comparison the
domain authority of Glen is 35 so it’s a lot smaller okay but
obviously for whatever reason you know Google choose chose to show them first
but the point the main point that I want you to understand if you’re brand new to
affiliate marketing is that has insanely high domain Authority 93
and you have a chance of placing your review onto a super high authority
domain and that’s exactly how are you going to be ranking on page 1 of google
without any effort and without your own website okay so I’m hoping you
understanding this all right so now let’s just get into the actual steps
here so the next step that we need to go through is we need to find an offer okay
so I’m gonna show you how to find an offer so that you can make a ton of
money with affiliate marketing without even having your own website so we’re
going to find a product not just general keyword we’re not going to be targeting
keywords like how to make money online or how to lose weight we’re going to be
actually targeting the exact product all right and we’re going to be using my
chai comm and we’re going to pick a product which launches in about seven
days from now you don’t to choose a product that’s already been
launched because it’s kind of probably too late to start and capitalize on all
of their traffic you want to launch a product that find a product that is
launching in approximately 7 days so let’s go through all of the steps here
so here is what I’m going to show you there is a product called mannchild
it’s mu n CH e ye calm macho calm okay you’re going to open up this product
sorry this website and you’re going to find so here is a list on this product
people who are launching products in the internet marketing space various
software information courses and everything else they list their upcoming
launches so that people like us affiliates can find that launch in
advance and prepare a really good promotion for it okay so you can see
that every day there are anywhere from sort of five to ten even some days there
are 20 launches of internet marketing products that are happening and most of
the launches take place from where plaster jvzoo networks so you can see
this is where Plus this is jvzoo so today is the 9th of October and what we
want to do is we want to scroll to approximately 16th of October ok and you
want to start researching and try to find an offer that you want to promote
using this method that launches on approximately in approximately seven
days from now so from the 16th of October onwards now why do we not want
to find products that launched yesterday or the day before
well that’s because probably there are already reviews on that
talked about this product ok so it’s kind of a little bit too late for you to
try and do this and that’s the first reason because others have published
reviews they’re really second reason is that most of the searches for that
product genuinely happened within the first one two or three days of the
product launch so the traffic for these products that launched several days ago
has kind of died down there’s not a lot of people that are researching for
example if we look at this product here called mint WP theme you know not a lot
of people are searching for it anymore however for a product that launches
a little bit from now people will start searching for it once that product they
should want to see when it capitalizing this massive rush of people researching
these products that’s that’s how you’re gonna drive traffic to your offer okay
so let’s just go through an example here so what we want to do is let’s pick a
product starting from around the 16th of October on click niche site builder so
here is something called Vedic click OK there’s a product called vide click now
what wanna check just out of interest is let’s see if there is already a post on about vide click video click review so what I search like that with a
quotation marks around it and site medium that content will bring up all of
the results from site that contain the keywords bTW click review in
it let’s see if anyone has already published
ok so asking me to confirm I’m not a robot fine so as you can see there are
no results yet for me to click review on as
of right now as of today because the launch is in seven days time that’s
excellent news for us means that you’ve got a super high chance of getting onto
page one and making money with this affiliate marketing method if you
prepare a review or vidi click of the video click product all right so that’s
excellent news whereas if we go into you know obviously something that has
already launched like blogger review ok that’s our product you can see that
there are a lot of people that have prepared reviews for Bloggie ok for our
course or and it’s kind of like it’s too much competition already so you don’t
want to do that you want to work in advance okay so let’s say we found our
offer ok this video click sounds like a pretty good offer to promote so let’s
just see what it’s all about there is already some information here
so I’ve opened the information and we’ve got some critical information here so
it’s launches at 10 a.m. New York time on the 16th
October the network is going to be jvzoo and the JV page JV page is a critical
Peter piece of information for us that’s where all of the information about this
promotion that you as their feel it need to know will be contained okay so you
can see that launching Tuesday October 16th physically gives you customers
access to five full-featured Clickbank funnels there is all of the information
about the product ok about the vendor and you can see here are the the
commission that’s offered so you’re going to be making fifty percent
commission on the $27 front end product which is the main product and then if
the buyers also buy some upgrades which happens very often you’re going to get
fifty percent commission on the first upsell fifty on the second for thirty
seven dollars and twenty five cents on the expensive up cell which is OTO 3 the
third upsell so that’s there’s a really good commission structure that you are
being offered on this particular product alright so let’s go back to these so our
second step was to find an offer we’ve talked about how to use mine chai and we
found a pretty good product which looks like a good product for me to promote
pick a product with which lunches in about seven or more days okay now one
word of warning here guys so what you probably want to do ideally is over time
you will develop a sense of who is a good vendor who is likely to generate a
lot of buzz because some of these product launches are going to be small
and they’re done by kind of a newbie you know vendors who don’t have a lot of
connections and not a lot of people will be searching for those review keywords
you can by all means you can still make a review for them but you’re not likely
to make a lot of money I happen to know Steve chase there are some things that
and I know that Steve chase is you know a reasonably good affiliate and a
reasonably good product vendor so there are a couple of things you can do you
can actually click here on my try you can click on to Steve chases name and
you can see how many different launches he’s done so you can see that this is
not his first launch all right he’s had launches before you can do a little bit
of Investigation a little bit of googling you basically
want to establish that his launches in the past have generated sufficient buzz
so let me give you an example like I said this launch is happening on jvzoo
so you can go into jvzoo you obviously need to create an account on jvzoo and
working what you can do is you can go in to find products and you can do it as
search for the vendors name so you can go keyword ski chase and then see what
comes up that’s how you can research the vendors on jvzoo okay just to see that
they have actually done launches before and how those lunches have performed so
we’ve come up in it with nothing that’s fine there is another way that we can
verify this so let’s just see if we go we’ll try to find a link here get your
link sometimes the name of the person is not the same as the vendor name okay so
Steve chase alright so looks like it is Steve chase but we just haven’t really
been able to find any of his previous product on jvzoo
I’ll give you another example in just a moment so for some reason it’s not
coming up but I know Steve chase has actually had launches before maybe he’s
just closed his products from you know being open for sale so I’ll give you
another example here about from OJ James one-click niche site builder just so
that you understand how this section works okay he actually does not have a
JV page but that’s cool let’s just search for OJ James here on jvzoo okay
so type in OJ James and you will see the products by OJ James that have
previously sold on jvzoo and as you can see Raj James is actually established
vendor has got 34 previous products that he has launched on jvzoo and a lot of
them have sold thousands of copies and that’s really good news because that
means that he’s going to be able to attract a lot of affiliates to promote
his products most likely because he’s got those connections and he’s had large
launches before so he seems like he’s got
some good affiliate connections and that’s going to generate that huge buzz
around their launch and you know a lot of affiliates are gonna promote
everyone’s gonna get emails about this product of his which is what one-click
video site build is something like that and they’re gonna start looking for
reviews on Google and want to put our review in front of those people so
hoping this makes sense let’s just move ahead okay so in either case in this
example let’s just go with these Steve chases a product launch I know that
Steve chase has launched products before I just thought I kind of I don’t know
him personally too well but I know that he is a pretty established guy alright
so let’s get into here so what found our offer okay we’re going to promote this
product by viddy click by Steve chase so our next step or what we want to do it
is we want obviously start working on our review so that we can publish it on and we need to do a couple of things here firstly we need to request
the link so what I mean there is once you come to the mind try listing we’ve
already open the JV page JV page will generally contain all of the information
about the launch and it will also have this thing here called get your link so
when we open this and yeah obviously you guys will need to have an account on
jvzoo for that when we open this link we’ll see that I can apply for it ok so
a product video click you can see the sales page here if you want to most
likely there’s not really going to be a sales page yet because it’s still seven
days away but you will need the request to fill in approval you will see
generally something like if I know you and trust you I will give you instant
payout otherwise it will be delayed now if you guys are new and you have not
melts made sales on jvzoo before you will probably have to make your first 50
or 100 sales being on delayed payout the reason why people do this is to prevent
fraud right if you are some not you but let’s say there is a bad person
about a filete or you know someone who’s got bad intentions they if they get
instant payouts then they can scam the vendor in a way they will get instant
Commission’s into their paypal they might purchase through their own link
get instant commission into their PayPal account and then they might ask for a
chargeback or something like that through their credit-card company so
until you’ve got some reputation and some history on jvzoo
or unless you know the vendor personally then generally for your first 50 or 100
sales until you’ve got a reputation you will need to be or delayed commissions
so guys here you will need to apply you’ll need to press this button request
the killer approval now notice that you can put in message to the vendor okay
and it’s very important that you do put in a message here as well as send them a
personal message through Facebook or and through Skype as well so here is what
you’re going to be writing to them you can create your own message I’m gonna
give you the main points here you can say that I am a new affiliate okay I
will promote through posts group review posts on well you know you
can put something like on my site that you’re going to be doing that as well on
my website if you’ve got a website but you know you can say I will promote the
review price on you know I am okay to be internet
Commission’s this simply means that you your Commission’s are going to be
delayed for about thirty to sixty days you’re gonna get them later at a later
point in time which is you know obviously complete completely fine but
what you want to do is you want to just appear as a normal you know normal
person who has got has got realistic expectations who is professional and who
simply wants to get approved to promote the product so just write a nice message
you know think about if you were the vendor the seller of
this product and someone who don’t know was a plate to promote your product what
would you want to know about them to prove them to promote your product and
give a review copy because that’s going to be another thing that we want to be
raising again ask for review excess most vendors myself included are happy to
provide a review access to a person as long as we can see we’ve got the
confidence that this person is reasonable and they know what they’re
doing and they’re not going to post this review access that we’ll provide to them
onto some blackhat forums so that the this does not leak out on to Blackheath
forums okay so ask for review access be polite and mention you will not put on
blackhat sites okay so normally if a person says those things you understand
that it gives a very good idea to the vendor that they understand what’s
happening and they know what they’re talking about so I will create a message
around these bullet points and I will put it into here into this and then
click request I feel it approval now after you do that after you request that
I feel an approval you will find that it will either be instantly approved or it
will say your affiliate request has been submitted
it says pending approval okay so you will just need to wait until your
request gets approved and after against approved you’ll get an email generated
from jvzoo that your request has been approved now we’ve gone through this
step requesting next what you will need to do is you will need to contact the
vendor on Facebook and Skype how do you actually do that so here’s how to do
that in the JV page if you scroll down to the bottom you will see that the
right there is ways for you to contact the the vendor so you will what you will
want to see here it says contact me @ JV at vide click comm so you can send an
email I recommend you contact through all channels because as you know online
world is very busy and message get overlooked alright so contact the
vendor at JD at Vela click or do all of the same things explain that your new
explain the delayed is fine explain that you will not put on black outside ask
for review access because you will want review access to prepare good review for
your product so that is fine the other thing that you can do is there is a hash
tag here okay you can I’m not actually sure if this is an Instagram hashtag or
a Skype probably not a Skype hash tag I don’t think often on JV pages you will
find Skype information so let me give you another example here if we go to a
be DVD wino as well that’s going to be a good products by comm if you go to his
JV page you will see that there is most likely a way to contact him on Facebook
and/or Skype and I recommend you contact through all the channels that you can
just say look I’m I apologize for the duplication I’ve contacted you here but
I also wanted to make sure that you know you get my message blah blah blah
and you can see that you can contact our be on skype tech rb1 alright so just add
them on skype and into the air add requests into that friend request a
message request put in the same all of the same points same message that we
talked about before the other thing that you can do is you can sign up for JV
updates see here so you can enter your name and you can enter your email and
sign up for JD updates and then reply to that email that’s another way for you to
if you don’t know the email of the person you can sign up to this JV
notification is this affiliate notification list and then just reply to
the vendor so just kind of message them from all angles be nice be polite
explain that you’re possibly duplicating your messages but you just really want
to promote this product okay so this takes us through all of these steps I
think ask for review copy sign up to the affiliate email list so now guys you are
on the way to getting your affiliate link approved as well as getting your
review access so I recommend that you do this for several products because you
are new I assumed you knew maybe you’re not obviously if you’ve got
history then that’s gonna be easier but if you are brand new to jvzoo or to
worry applies and to fill it marketing world then you might only get approved
and get review copies for let’s say half of the products that you request so just
go through everything that is launching in the next you know starting from 7
days onwards do this for several products that you think look good
obviously can open up their links and review the information within those
links review the products is that something that you like is it something
that you see yourself promoting applied to maybe five or ten of them and you
will get approved most likely for a good portion of them let’s say half you know
or there abouts you’ll be able to get review access as well as get your links
approval all right so that’s gonna take us through these first three steps next
what we’re going to need to work on is to actually prepare your review so how
do you prepare your review okay so this is actually not so hard you know don’t
worry too much about it I know that a lot of people get quite stressed and
they start thinking oh man how do I actually prepare a review I’ve never
written a product review before it’s super simple even if you don’t get even
if you don’t get review access to a product you can still write a review I’m
gonna show you how in just a moment okay but if you’ve got a review access then
obviously it becomes a lot easier to do so general layout of a review is like
this all right you can see it here on the screen so what is the product about
how does it achieve those results what are the functions of the products or
components of the product what are the pros and cons and then as an option you
can include some bonuses as well so if you are completely at a loss how to do
this you can go to my website that’s hassle comm where I publish some of the
reviews you’ll see it’s not rocket science at all it’s very simple and easy
to do it and you can see how I lay out my reviews so let me just see a good
example of a review here so maybe like this one here smart finals
review that was a good promotion for me and sorry about the scrim that’s my
daughter downstairs okay so I say that you know quiz finals is one of the best
ways to get traffic in Leeds so some quick facts you know and today
that’s the opportunity for you to capitalize on that then I’ve got my
video review you guys don’t need to do a video of you don’t worry okay then I’ve
got my text review so I said here is a shot summary you need traffic you need
leads you know basically here is how it will work and then sometimes I also
explain pros and cons so you can just browse my website if you want you can
also what you can do is look for reviews from some other people for you know some
of the other products I have a look at the products that have already launched
so for example value deliver okay so on my try you can see there are some
products that are seen just launched and look for reviews of those products and
just get an idea of how do people actually make their reviews because
everyone’s got a different style but you know that it’s nothing complicated
remember how we saw this Glen review so this was the example of the review that
we had a look at before you’ll see that it’s nothing complicated okay it says
doesn’t really work blog your review introduction you know just go through
this and copy the same structure for your reviews that’s probably the best
piece of advice that I can give you guys okay it’s you’ll see it’s just several
paragraphs it’s nothing to stress about you can get a review done when you’re
quick at it you can get a review done in 30 minutes or less so it’s very very
simple okay if you really do want a review template then just click the
links in the description below I’ve got some links there you will be able to
download a review templates if you just scroll below this video and check some
of the links in the description okay cool so I think we’ve covered everything
then let’s just talk about the actual process for you to create the reviews so
how do you do this you will need to register an
account at so you will need to go to medium comm I’m signed in
obviously here so I’m just gonna sign out all right
so you can see I’m now signed out so in the top right you don’t want to click
become a member don’t do that that’s a premium membership tier so what you will
want to do is go here and click get started and to create an account you can
sign up with Google Facebook or well actually yeah just Google or Facebook so
just go ahead and sign up I’m just gonna log back in I did before okay so now I’m
Sundin I’ve just got a free account you don’t need to pay there is a premium
account version it’s not for you you just need a free account that’s all you
really need and what you need to do now is you need to add a new story something
called the new story okay and your new story of course will be called so what’s
the product that we are reviewing here vide click ok so it’s going to be called
like this video click review does it really work or something like that you
know something to catch the title once it comes up in the description in the
search results and then basically guys you type in your review in here
you will say medically is a software that does XYZ you know explain it a
little bit more and then what you will want to do it is you will want to insert
some links so let’s just take a look here how did this person Hector do it
okay so they put in all the information here image of the product which you can
do as well you can insert the image by add an image this button here okay then
after probably every three or four paragraphs that would be my
recommendation would be to insert a review sorry a link to buy that product
so you will write your paragraphs here and then you
say something like this click yeah just see vd click sales page okay and you
will want to hyperlink this with your affiliate link so if you select that
maybe let’s just make all of this bold and then you will want to hyperlink this
so buy hyper linking I mean clicking this thing here which is paste the type
of link now where do you get your link after you guys are approved I think I’m
still pending approval so the vendor will have to approve him in manually so
it might take a little bit of time now you will be able to get your affiliate
link in here there will be something called affiliate link and it’s going to
be I’m just show you on another product and an example of another product so I
know I’m already approved for this and I will be able to get the link for us so
this is how it’s going to look your status
get links you can grab that and then you paste this as the link alright that’s
going to be your affiliate link very easy to do as you can see you can also
you know make these italicized if you want you can make them a little bit
bigger so that they really stand out ok so as you can see it’s simple to do it
this is going to be your affiliate link so once again just go through and you
know create more of these the paragraphs all of the paragraphs that you want to
include into a review can model them you can include your pros and cons so does
it really work you know pros and cons so just out of your own add your own kind
of opinion to this right so probably the best tip that I can give
you guys if you’re still unsure on how to write product reviews that actually
convert into sales is to look through previous reviews of products and read
them and get that feeling which other reviews that are actually making you
want to buy something so to do that just go through these just launched and pick
some of these launches and look for reviews for them so as an example value
deliver review for example this one here you know that’s what you would do very
delivery review and then go through the front page of these products and try to
figure out which are the ones that actually give you that feeling wow I
really want to get this and model your reviews after this so after you complete
this so obviously structure it’s putting your links in a few different places so
that people as they’re reading the review as they get an idea that yes I
actually really do want to buy this they have got a conveniently located link for
them to buy after you’re done with these then it’s time for you to go ahead and
publish this you go ready to publish here that you will want to whenever you
include an image into the story you know that will come up here as well and then
you will want to add a tag so for tags just use the tags that relate to what
you’re reviewing so viddy click then video click review all right and that
will be your primary tags because this will tell Google what this post is
actually about so you want to include the name of the product plus the name of
the product in review and then you can just go publish now and that story will
now get published okay so that’s it basically congratulations you’ve now got
your first review published what we will just go through now is this optional
thing here called bonuses you will notice that some of the reviews offer
bonuses so which where was glens you okay so you will notice that some of
these sites at the bottom they offer something called bonuses actually look I
know that these guys running a really successful spire know there is one
special bonus one may semi exclusive bonuses there is something here called
content link okay and but there is another bonus here audience drill I miss
them somehow before so they they offer bonuses okay so they say if you buy
through my link then you’re also going to get these additional products or
these additional bonuses so you’ve got several options so option one for
bonuses is to go through the actual GED page so let lets go through that now
sometimes they offer bonuses right there that you can use so I don’t think there
such thing exists for yeah it doesn’t exist here for Vita click but a lot of
the other launches let me find one here that probably will all right so maybe
this one the Trinity just as an example I think that they will probably offer
something there is often a link at the top okay there isn’t anything here
that’s okay we’re going out perhaps here there is no
mention of bonuses here okay I’m choosing bad examples here sorry about
that guys but often you will find that I’ll show you an our own example on the
blog II launch that we had so that’s obviously our product you will be able
to click here on something called bonuses and that opens up this which you
can actually so these are bonuses that are provided to affiliate by
the vendors and affiliates can advertise those and the vendors will already
include them inside the members area so you can say guys if you buy this through
my link then you will get these four bonuses that that’s traffic master class
and so on and you know this will increase your conversions
now obviously you guys can also create your own bonuses so bonus does not have
to be anything crazy you can just create some kind of a ten point checklist or
one-page guide another option for bonuses is to buy some PLR products if
you go and put by PLR products you can often buy pelipper it’s very cheap and
for something like one dollar or two dollars that will create good bonuses
for you and you will be able to give them away obviously always make sure to
check that you’re buying bill our product with giveaway rights but there
are hundreds thousands probably options for good bonuses that are relevant that
you can include for your buyers now if you create your own bonuses then what
you will want to do is you will want to add it inside the members area here add
bonus and you will want to give your you know of a sell my name for example break
on an anchor his bonus and then you will insert the link it says bonus URL so if
someone buys through your link and whenever they go to access the product
on jvzoo they will be able to download your bonus so all the customer bonuses
you will need to insert the bonus URL in here what I often do you can see there
is a bunch of pre-populated Google Doc links that comes up I normally just
create a Google Doc and I put all of my bonus deliver links into the Google Doc
it looks very simple just links essentially to the different things that
I’m offering and you can insert that one single link for all of the bonuses that
you’re offering into here so nothing complicated nothing crazy you know it
works fine just like that so that is more or less it on this so we’ve
prepared a review now you know how to you know structure review how to
actually create it how to publish it on the last thing that we’ll
probably need to cover here is just that essentially so that’s it
then you just publish the review one last thing that you can do is you can
ping it through Pingo Matic con for quicker indexing so now that your review
is actually published okay you can see that this is going to be the URL where
your review will appear but this URL is not going to be instantly included in
google index so if someone searches for VD click review now most likely that
page has not been included in the Google index yet and if you want to speed up
this process you certainly can and the way to do that would be to use this
website well bingo Matic it’s a service that will send a bunch of search engine
spiders or search engine BOTS to any URL so you just take this URL from the
browser you can put any blog name it doesn’t really matter limit blank and
put this as the blog homepage just this full URL I know it’s not the home page
but that’s cool it still works and then you can go common services
check all and then you send pings and that will send well sent to various
search engines including Google search engine a signal that there is some new
content of this URL and all of those search engine spiders will rush to that
URL ok to your review and that will speed up the process of indexing of your
website so hopefully in a day or so this URL will appear in Google index so what
should start happening now is only 16th of October obviously like it’s still 7
days away so there is plenty of time for your post to get included in Google
index but what will happen now on the 16th of October there’s going to be this
buzz online about VD click and a lot of people are going to get a lot of emails
about media click and they’re going to go and they’re gonna start researching
this product and will go something like Beauty click review alright and once
they type that in your you are the URL of your review on
there is a very high chance that it will be here in the first page of
you’re going to get people who will click through to read your review and
provided you followed everything that we talked about here you structured your
review the purple way you’re modeled your review after other reviews that you
find that you find kind of like emotionally moving and as long as you
post this there doesn’t have to be long but mind you you know four or six
hundred words for reviews perfectly fine they will click through on these links
and a lot of them will end up buying your product and your job from here on
is basically to just scale this up right pull out these reviews on a regular
basis this is going to give you some ability to start affiliate marketing
you’re going to learn how to start affiliate marketing without actually
having a website without any outlay the great things about this method is that
you don’t have to pay for any traffic you don’t need hosting you don’t even
need your own website so this is really really newbie friendly and if you’re
just looking to get started in the affiliate marketing game and you don’t
have any money to invest into your own website into your own content this is a
great way for you to start making at least some money with the affiliate
commissions now guys I do want to give you a piece of advice here okay you do
need to check the legislation so there is some there are some rules around
affiliate links and affiliate marketing that you might need to comply with in
your country so that might mean that you might need to put what’s called an
affiliate disclosure so I feel a disclosure alright just Google that I
can’t give you advice because I’m not a lawyer I can’t give you legal advice but
you might just need to include I feel it disclosure see there is something called
affiliate disclosure generator so just read up about that you might need to
include a little disclaimer at the bottom of your post or at the start of
your post something along the lines of links on this page might be affiliate
links and I might receive compensation if you purchase it through my link you
know it’s it’s nothing complicated or crazy so nothing to get worried about
worried about it we’ll just read up on it if you want to kind of play it safe
and stay compliant with the local laws and written and
slashin depending which country you guys live in I know that in the United States
and in Australia we’ve got laws around that so a actually need to put little
affiliate disclaimer on to the page all right so you sort of make sure that I
sort of touch on that because um you know I just kind of want you guys to
understand that there is you know there are some rules around but it’s nothing
kind of too crazy or nothing to get worried about that’s it guys thank you
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