Hey, producer Andi here from the Your Money,
Your Wealth® audio studio, and today I’m going to show you how to listen or subscribe
to the podcast on your computer, on your smartphone, or subscribe to the podcast newsletter – and
it’s all absolutely free. To subscribe to the podcast on your desktop
Mac or PC, open up a website browser and go to YourMoneyYourWealth.com. On the website, click on “Subscribe to Our Podcast.” then click “Subscribe with iTunes.” This will open the Your Money, Your Wealth®
page on iTunes’ website, and you can click “View in iTunes” to open the iTunes app
on your computer. Then, once you’re on the Your Money, Your
Wealth® iTunes page, just click “Subscribe.” Now when you click on “Library,” it will
show you all the new episodes of Your Money, Your Wealth® that have downloaded to your computer. Click play: (podcast plays) “Taxes….” Hey, that’s me! You can open up iTunes and listen to them
whenever you want. To subscribe to the Your Money, Your Wealth
podcast on your Android phone, open a browser, type in YourMoneyYourWealth.com. Scroll down to where it says “Subscribe
to Our Podcast.” Click “Subscribe on Android.” This is Google Podcasts. Click “Subscribe.” Now you’re subscribed to Your Money, Your
Wealth® on your Android phone in Google Podcasts. Then hit play: (podcast plays) “Plenty of
risks threaten retirement…” Now, to subscribe to Your Money, Your Wealth®
on your iPhone, go to YourMoneyYourWealth.com in a browser. Click “Subscribe to Our Podcast,” “Subscribe
with iTunes,” “Open the page in podcasts,” click “Subscribe” and you are now subscribed:
(podcast plays) “Today on Your Money, Your Wealth® it’s wall to wall Social Security…” Now, if you don’t use iTunes, you don’t use
any of the smartphone apps to listen to podcasts, you can also subscribe to our podcast newsletter
to receive email notification every time a new podcast episode is released. Back here on YourMoneyYourWealth.com when
you clicked on “Subscribe to Our Podcast,” you notice this email field. All you have to do is enter your email address
and click “Submit,” and each week you’ll receive an email that looks something like this. Click the play button and it’ll take you
to the show notes page for that episode. Click play and listen: (podcast plays) “Plenty
of risks threatened retirement…” This page will also have the show notes, all
of the links, resources, and the transcript for the entire episode. So there you have it. That is how to subscribe to the Your Money,
Your Wealth® podcast. If you have any questions, just email me:
[email protected] Thank you very much for watching, thank you
for listening, and we’ll catch you next time on Your Money, Your Wealth®.