If someone ask you if you are wealthy, you will start thinking about your bank balance. Can money enough make you a wealthy person? Let’s discuss what makes a wealthy man? First thing is the work you suppose to do in your life. You might be working, still studying. If not you might be a monk. Whatever you are involved with, if you do it right within your job you start to become wealthy. Secondly your relationships. Imagine you got a lot of money but all don’t have any honest friends. You got your family but all you do is argue with them. Then you might not be as wealthy as you think. Thirdly your health. If you got bad health, money or friends can’t help you much. You may not able to enjoy as much if you are feeling sick all the time. If you don’t have good healthy, you might not be much wealthy. Finally the spiritual development. Just like you make an effort to make money and friends, you should make an effort to develop your inside. If you start studying your mind, you will start to feel a lot calm. You will be able to focus on your work a lot more. The more you understand your mind the more wealthier you become. Every Monday at 12.30PM Gappiya positive thinking videos. Please leave your comments below. Subscribe for more videos.