Wolves and your wealth. What do they have in common and what can you learn from them? Well, I heard a story the
other day about a pack of wild wolves that emerged
from a really long period of real starvation. Times had been tough. There’d been no rain. Their population of their
prey that they fed off had really dropped down
and they really struggled. They’re in this type of you know, of desperation and real struggling just to survive. Some of their pack had died off and then suddenly the rains came back and they went into a new area
where there were vast plains and there was a whole lot of elk and deer. And suddenly, this wolf pack went and they got their first kill and they just devoured this kill and that satiation was incredible, that ability just to feed again. And they went off and in no time that wolf pack killed again. And then suddenly, they
went and killed again and this time they’d hardly
even ate any of that carcass and then they went and they started this crazy killing spree. And this is not just some
sort of concept or metaphor, this is actually seen to
happen repeatedly in the wild. Sometimes when there’s
been a real long period of drought, or desperation, or hardship, of depravation, wild animals can end up going on these real killing sprees where they forget what the
purpose of their hunt is. So that initial hunt satiates
some of that deep hunger, but then the pleasure gets
rewired in their brain and they think that that satiation comes from the actual hunt. From the killing activity,
rather than from the feeding that their killing allows. And generally over time, their
pack will start stabilising. Their nervous system
will start slowing down, and they’ll start to get back into right relationship with nature, and start really wiring in. That the hunt, the kill, is meant to them to be fed off and then that
nourishes them to live. The hunt itself is never
meant to be the sole purpose. So what has this got to do with you and your financial well being? Well when you look at the pattern, for many many people
will go through periods of starving themselves financially. They gonna think you know, if I can just live off really little, not spend any money then I’ll be okay, if I can save and deprive myself. But I often talk about the anorexia phase of my own financial well being. And so it can really about
be what we can’t have, what we can’t do and depravation. And what happens there,
there’s a point at which life can’t keep sustaining
’cause the point is your life is meant to be lived. You’re meant to have
expression of yourself, your creativity, your
basic needs, your desires. And money is one of those inputs that is used to nourish that. And so if we go through
extended periods of depravation what can happen is suddenly
something can trigger and people end up and going on
these crazy spending sprees. Because here’s the thing, our modern day hunt is to go shopping. Our modern day hunt is to spend money. And so often what can happen is when we’re out of relationship and out of right relationship with our money and our spending, and we’ve been in this
fear of depravation, suddenly people go off and
go oh well I deserve this, or they’ll suddenly go online and spend a whole lot of money
and blow that credit card And so they’ll go on these extreme cycles of depravation and then bingeing. Anorexia trying to control themselves, and then out of control. And the point of your money is
to get to a place of balance where you understand that you go out and you choose to hunt, you choose to spend money you have for the point of feeding you, never just for the sake
of spending itself. And most people, really
people, not most people, a lot of people get hooked into believing that the act of the spending, that kill, is the thing that gives them
this dopamine hit, this joy. Instead of saying hang on, the whole point of exchanging
money for something is to get value from that something. So, a lot of us can tend
to have this tendency in some area of our life. Maybe for you, you end up buying books that you never read. Maybe it’s clothes that you don’t wear and you go and you get hooked
by that sales mentality. Maybe it’s gadgets,
maybe it’s power tools, maybe it’s camera equipment, may it’s food, maybe
you hoard in that side. And what can happen is now we feel safe, or we’ve now got that hunt,
we’ve spent that money, we get that little dopamine hit, but we’re not in right relationship now with the whole consumption cycle. The whole point of spending money is to get value for the thing that you’ve exchanged it for. So, I really encourage you
to look at where in your life are you currently like
that starving wolf pack. Where are you out of balance
with this relationship of the killing, the hunt
for the sake of the pleasure as forgetting the point of it which is about actually
consuming and using what you’re coming into your life. And do you need to get back
into right relationship? Because nobody wants to
be that starving wolf. You wanna get in right relationship with your consumption, with your spending, with your earning and that
value exchange from money. So if you’ve been a
starving wolf in the past, and in fact they’ve also
found that this will happen with lion pride’s as well, where they’ve been in
periods of starvation. Where is that showing up in your life? And how can you slow down and
really notice what’s going on because that’s always the first step. We need to notice first that there is a dysfunctional pattern that wow, hang on, we’ve
gotten out of sync. And our brains have
started misunderstanding the nourishment that
we get from being able to consume the things
that we spend money on, versus just the spending itself. Great, that’s the first awareness. And that is the first step
because then you can go, okay I need to calm down, I need to get my nervous system in sync so that I can actually start getting value from this exchange I’m doing. And just this thing itself will absolutely transform your life because this is how it
starts becoming conscious about what we consume, what we spend, and we get so much more
value from those things and then we end up
actually spending way less because I would say for many people in our modern day life, we’re so busy, we’re so dashing around that so much of where our money is spent, we don’t actually get value from it. And this is how you get more, ’cause at the end of
the day it’s not about having more money, it’s about
having what money can give us, it’s about experience, it’s about feeling filled up in life, it’s feeling nourished by not only food, but by our environment and our experiences so we have fully expressed life. That’s the point and so we
need to come back and remember that the hunt, the spend,
is order to nourish us. It’s never for that spend
and the hunt in itself. So, I’m Ann Wilson, and if you’ve been
watching this anywhere over than at the wealthchef.com, head on over there and I’d love to know in the comments below,
where in your past or now have you been like a hungry wolf pack. Where you have either consumed or spent and in which area of your life in order to fill yourself up, feel good, but you’ve actually got in bad, out of relationship with that and what can you do to change that. I’d really love to know
in the comments below with that awareness you can then change. And remember, money is meant to serve you, it’s meant to support you in living your greatest, juiciest, richest life. And you can learn how
to be great with money, it’s a learned skill. So keep taking those baby
steps, keep learning, and get on living your
great, rich, juicy life.