Welcome to Growing Forever
I was born to be wealthy I create prosperity in my life
I enjoy a great abundance of money I have unlimited abundance
Every day is a wealthy day Money flows to me
I place no limits on the amount of money I can make
I am always immersed in wealth I attract money naturally
I deserve to prosper I absolutely attract abundance
I am skilled at creating assets that make me wealthy
Wealth is circulating in my life I always have enough money to fulfill my needs
Money and I are friends Prosperity is flowing into my life
I am deserving of abundance, no matter what I believe I have the right to be prosperous
It is natural for me to be successful I am successful in every way
Money is flowing to me It is so easy for me to open to prosperity
I respect my ability to generate wealth I am easily led to the abundance I desire
I am wealthy Money flows freely into my life
Unlimited abundance is mine I am full of money making ideas
I have the right to be prosperous I am a money magnet
Great job !!!