CPA license UK there Florida should tax
return yes because 0 out get a refund so we’re
alike money you’ll get the refund or you’re so let’s say that you are to a
refund or you don’t notice filed but a refund just claiming it was clear and threw for
your for five years know we have three years to claim a
refund and say you are you don’t know you would go on your refund on your tax
return your dough you don’t know that is Jen file with the IRS does because they
had a copy of your w-2 so then you’ll get something in the mail from them and
everyone loves letters Marasigan nice a letter this is no money for not filing
so that’s true you might not have to file which should you and if you have if you have a
federal or state withholdings yes you should file your money’s under certain
threshold because you don’t want to leave your money on the table for the
IRS oh yeah I I did this one i dont wanna don’t hear very carefully I was
getting over on the government or something you know like I don’t know
wives don’t care about 20 to 30 that you do care about getting money that you
were gonna be somebody you know but I worked part-time for the whole year and
you know my threshold for me for that year was about $10,000 my ex my personal introduction personal
exemption $10,000 so I was required to file their s knew that I was gonna
already taxes but I did file because I was at $6,000 and I read I had like
people she Korean medic medic here we’re also giving about $600 and federal
holdings so I got all that $6 plus I earned income credit for dollars
so I got a tax return of $1,000 I did have to find all in my twenties I
were just don’t feel like you don’t care so I have no idea how many people just
give the Irish money every single year but I heard it over it’s a lot of
problems so that be you file your tax returns get your money that you were