officials from the government in private
sector held talks on the future of the Korean economy at an economic conference
in Seoul earlier today eun-jung main fizzles in and what was discussed at the
event innovation future technology and fairness are the deciding factors of
South Korea’s economic future that was the core message of the inaugural
conference and future and strategy of Korea which served as a platform for
discussions with the private sector to seek ways to boost the slowing economy
admit uncertainties both at home and abroad it’s important to raise our
economy’s growth potential for that I want to emphasize three factors
structural reforms leading the fourth Industrial Revolution and finding future
growth engines in the discussions which will be reflected in the finance
ministries long-term policy plan many experts say Korea should allocate more
funds and human resources to nurture future technologies such as robots AI
and biotechnology something robots could be the answer to the country slavery
shortages brought about by a shrinking population creating a fair economy was
also one of the key topics at the forum centered around addressing the income
gap and ensuring a more even wealth distribution the keys are innovation
inclusiveness and fairness we should deal with the limits of quantitative
growth through innovation fixed market system flaws through policy action and
creative peer economy to address inequality on the environmental front
the panel’s trust the importance of using more renewable energy instead of
fossil fuels for the sake of both the environment and the economy under the
theme of gathering hill for a new future the future strategy conference hopes to
propose ways to help the Korean economy prepare against global uncertainties and
seek future growth engines new jong-min arirang news