law of attraction instant manifestation we’re going to cover a lot of ground
today and we’re going to do it very very quickly so if you want to make notes
please feel free and and there’s a couple of processes but I want you to go
through we’re going to ask you to write down certain things so so please be
ready for that in today’s presentation in this section we’re going to cover the
following essential steps to the process of manifestation and we’re calling an
instant manifestation i’ll come back to that in a bit but the process of
manifestation follows some fairly regular proven and validated steps and
we’re going to cover them very very quickly we’re also going to cover how a simple
change of lot can allow you to become a money magnet and of course everybody
wants that even the people who are supposedly living a non-materialistic
light need a certain amount of cash flow and we’re going to cover how to become a
money magnet so you have all the casual that you need to cover your basic needs
and or desires we’re also going to talk very quickly
about programming your mind and your behavior to create success in real time
not in fantasy but in real time and then we’re going to talk a little bit about
eliminating limiting beliefs and we’re going to introduce you to a simple five
minute exercise that will empower you to do that and we’re going to talk about
why what you already know is your biggest liability and why what you don’t
know yet and may actually never know is your best asset and we’re also going to
talk about what to do right now starting today that will produce
real-life results starting immediately all right before we get started on this
process i want to say a couple of things about what we’re calling here instant
manifestation a lot of people are always that I’ve been dealing with in the
process of my life that I’ve been teaching people about empowerment
principles and metaphysical principles and and wealth creation are always
interested in learning how to make things come true for themselves as they
set an ideal how do they make that ideal come true in their life and that is the
process of manifestation you set an ideal and then you work at having it
show up in your life so the key to understanding that we need
to come to in when we’re dealing with manifestation is that we are always in
every movement every single moment of our lives always manifesting instantly
our current reality everything that you have in your life right now is being
manifested in this moment so you already are masters of instant manifestation the
thoughts that you held the belief that you held and hold the feelings that you
express the ideals that you hold onto the intentions that you bring two words
every thing that you are and do in life result in what you have in your reality
picture and that’s instant manifestation you can at any time change that a few
days ago on Wednesday we were having our question-and-answer period and somebody
asked a question about can you use the process of lucid dreaming to influence
how things turn out in real life in day-to-day real life and the answer is
absolutely law of attraction instant manifestation it was a brilliant question and here’s
here’s the answer i like to give to that and it suppose you don’t know lucid
dreaming is the process of becoming conscious while you’re sleeping of the
fact that you’re dreaming and taking it one step further because you are aware
of the fact that you’re dreaming and are interacting with that dream you can
actually influence how that dream turns out you can even go back and replay
things and have them turn out a different way if you want to see lucid
dreaming is a pretty good skill to to grab onto and it was Robert enroll who
sadly is no longer with us that in his explorations of inner space first really
defined lucid dreaming and the process of going about how to do it ok so in lucid dreaming you become aware
of the fact that you’re dreaming you’re still draining but you’re aware and
conscious of being in a dream and then you learn to influence how that dream
turns out all the great understanding about that is if you can really grasp
this in down be four accounts is that your
waking life what you call reality so your normal day-to-day walking around
waking life is also a dream all the metaphysical teachers and even our
modern scientists especially the physicists will tell you that everything
is an illusion it is a dream that we construct in our
consciousness so bringing that same ability that you have in lucid dreaming
into the recognition that you’re waking world is also a lucid dream you can
influence directly simply by decision simply by three will how that dream
called reality turns out now because we are creatures of habit and we tend to
believe the things will progress as they have progressed we resist our ability to
consciously and instantly manifest change in our life but it is entirely
possible to do so so let’s let’s move into the first step
in this process how a simple change of thought will allow you to become a money
magnet and just before we do that i’m going to show you kind of a neat little
picture here when I talk to people often talk to people about you know they say i
want to be wealthy after what is wealthy mean to you and and for those who are
focused on money they usually say I want to become a millionaire now they really
don’t have any conception of what it is to be a millionaire ER or how much money
a million dollars is so i wanted to show you this picture which is a picture of
hundred-dollar bills ok stacked up to become a million
dollars and this is what it looks like this slide right here at the actual
worth of this pile of paper and ink is less than a hundred dollars that
includes the cost of the paper the cost of the ink and the cost of amortizes the
printing the plates the factory the employees and everything else the
distribution into the bank machines where you pull out your cash the whole
cost of that million dollars is less than a hundred dollars think about that so it’s really just a
fantasy and just an illusion just an agreed-upon method of exchange and
agreed upon method of assigning value to something that million dollars that
you’re looking at right now and that slide is worth less than a hundred but
we all believe it to be worth a million dollars the potential work however that my in
dollars is really whatever you can imagine it to be i mean if if your
altruistic if you can imagine what a million dollars would do taken into a
very poor country and distributed amongst the people who are desperate for
food clothing and shelter you can imagine the value in that you can
imagine the value it would be to have in your own life if you had a
million-dollar sitting in a bank account collecting ten percent interest you
could live very well on the residual income of ten thousand dollars a month
or so for the rest of your life so you know there’s an extreme amount of
potential value in some simple pieces of paper with ink on the president pictures
of benjamin franklin now because the value in the money is only potential
value and it’s not realized until it is expended on something I mean of no value
to all at all if it’s hidden in your mattress or or parked in your closet
that beautiful pilot you see in front of you but that was in your closet sitting
there collecting dust it would be of no value to at all none not even a hundred
dollars of paper ink so the potential value is only in how it is utilized and
that is the same with knowledge knowledge by itself is only a dust
collector all the great libraries in the world where the library of congress all
the information on the internet all that information all that knowledge by itself
is of no value unless it is put to practical use and I keep affirming that
to everybody all the time is like I don’t care how smart you are I don’t
care how educated you are I don’t care how well you know the
principles of self-help and wealth creation unless you actually make the
application they are useless so please understand that collecting the
knowledge and and taking it in memorizing all of the things that that
you can learn in conferences like this or by reading great books or whatever is
of no value to you unless you prepared to apply it directly to your life in the
day-to-day the way that you go about living your life on to the next slide
which is about a simple change of thought that will allow you to become a
money magnet this is what we need to understand money is energy and as such
it has no limits energy moves freely goes towards that which is most a like
it like all energies and harmonizes with like energies so in order to be a money
magnet to be attracted to money you need to learn to vibrate in harmony with the
energy that is money and then you will naturally become a money magnet because
you will start attracting it into your life so you need to stop thinking about
money or of money as being anything except energy don’t think of it as being
security don’t think of as being well don’t think of as being freedom or any
of the things that people traditionally associated with money start thinking of
money as purely being energy and understand that you can learn how to
vibrate in harmony with that energy start by doing little things for example
in order to increase your belief levels that that you are a money magnet start
imagining that every single day money is going to start coming into use one way
or another “law of attraction” instant manifestation please don’t define it because of the
huge mistake that cash will start coming into your life real expendable currency
will start coming into your life one way or another which you refuse to define
all right and you will find simple little things
you’ll be walking down the street and there’s a dime lying on the street ok that’s just a little bit of proof and
universal supply you little bits of proof until your belief levels expand
and then the bigger levels of proof will start showing up in your life I mean seriously big levels of proof and
one day you’ll be walking down the street and someone will come along and
make it possible for you to manifest a million dollars that same pile of money
we were just looking at okay so here’s the one little trick the inside secret
about knowing how to change one thing in your mind in order to start becoming a
master of instant manifestation and it is this learn how to become grateful in advance
for having something so when you set up an ideal become grateful for already
having it right now your mind is going to resist this process is going to
supply you with all kinds of excuses as to why you can’t be grateful yet because
it hasn’t shown up in your life but the trick is to actually be grateful in
advance for already having something that which you are holding as an ideal
ok and you can start that process simply by being grateful for being able to
create the ideal hold the ideal attach your passionate desire to have the ideal
show up and being able to do things that will help that ideal to become manifest
so you grateful for your abilities you’re grateful for your mind that can
conceive of this ideal and then slowly but surely you’ll be able to convince
yourself to become grateful for already having that which you hold an ideal and
as soon as you can do that you have played this monstrous great trick on
your subconscious and your subconscious becomes a firm believer in the fact that
you already have that and it gets confused by the fact that it is not yet
in your life and as a consequence it does everything in his power to make
that come true for you ok and law of attraction instant manifestation will happen very quickly as soon as you
learn that simple trick of being grateful for already having that which
you idealize and desire to have show up in your life so always always always in
this present moment be grateful for already having your ideals don’t ever
make the mistake of saying tomorrow it’s going to happen or next month that’s
going to happen or next year or when I do a certain number of things this is going to show up in my life and
I will then be grateful for having it the trick is to be grateful now in this
moment for already having that which you hold as an ideal and then magically you
will become attractive he will become magnetic you will become the Great
Attractor that pulls stuff towards you to make your ideals come true the people
of resources of finances the tools and technology whatever it is that you need
to have that show up in your life will start to show up and very very quickly
and the great thing is that because as things grow in mass and energy they
become even more attractive and the gravity for example of the Sun is a lot
bigger than the gravity of a simple asteroid because it has more math it’s
putting up more attractiveness it is more magnetic and as a consequence more
things get attracted to it comments from millions and millions of
miles away swing around in orbit around the Sun
because it’s a great attractiveness a great gravity pull of the Sun and the
more mass you build up the more things that become attracted to you and more
things will continue to be attractive it’s a growing process the more
attractive you become the more attracted to become learn to be grateful in
advance and you will become a lot more attractive alright so let’s listen along because
we’re moving very quickly and covering some major major points here but we move
on quickly to the next slide which says gratitude is the magic key right you
start the process with intention you create the vision that’s what i call
envision you attach that profound desire that
incredible passion to have that be a part of your life you become what you
need to become in order to have what you want to have be do have so you become in
order to be able to accomplish in order to be able to have and then you form
plans and you work at enacting those plans but here’s the mistake most people
make when they’re making plans they make plans that something will show up in a
certain way and then they go about doing the things that are necessary for those
plans to become a reality but they walk out the possibility that the ideals
going to show up in a way that you had not planned and generally speaking this
is what happens while you’re doing what you’re doing in order to why you’re
doing what you’re doing that you believe is necessary for something to show up law of attraction instant manifestation it shows up from another direction and
that’s generally what happens so he allow for infinite potentiality to
provide the mechanism whereby your ideals are made manifest that does not
mean that you do not need to do things that was absolutely wrong people say
okay sit in the cave and you know if you’re really good at instant
manifestation all you have to do is idealized attach the passion the desire
and how old the vision firm and and it’ll show up the world come marching to
your cave will show up that is absolutely wrong you actually do
need to do stuff but what you need to do is the unattached to the methods of that
showing up you’re doing this in other words is
simply the proof of your commitment to your ideal and the universe responds to
your commitment by supplying your ideal not necessarily in response to your
actions and that’s the key understanding you still need to do the doing but the
doing may not produce the results the results will show up one way or another maybe and only maybe as a result of your
doing but if you do not do the doing the universe does
not believe that you are committed to your ideal so you still have to do the
doing and that’s the little mental tricks that you need to enact their so
gratitude the magic key then go through the process right of forming your
intentions in vision hearing your ideals attacking your passionate profound
desire to have them become manifest become all that you need to be in every
way that you can mentally emotionally physically spiritually become all that
you are capable of becoming constantly work towards becoming more in order so
in order for you to be have the ability to perform at maximum potential and then
make plans and start on acting those plans and expect that that your ideal
will show up in your life and above all and i’m going to reinforce this again
and again throughout the seminar above all be grateful for already having that
which you hold as an ideal we’re going to get into something of a little bit
more depth here that picture that you see in front of you right now is an
iceberg and it’s a incredible picture love those pictures with the camera is
half underwater and half above the water like this you can see the top of the
iceberg up in the sky and you can see the whole bottom of the iceberg down in
the water was an individual have infinite potential that’s an enormous
understanding infinite potential not limited by anything including yourself now normally speaking we set limits on
what our potential is and women’s on water our accomplishments are limits on
the self-designed description of who we are and what we are all capable of but
the reality is is that we have infinite potential each of us and the other
secondary reality that is really critical to understanding and getting
your head wrapped around is that the universe what i like to call universe
and the way it’s spelled on the screen here the universe desires your success in fact desires your success more than
you do much more than you do and you don’t have to call it universe if you
don’t want you can call it by whatever name makes you feel comfortable whether
it’s a universal consciousness or infinite intelligence or God or whatever
you want to call it that ultimate creative responsibility for everything
that exists is desiring your success more than you do right in order to
understand that you need to spend some time each and every day focusing on your
connection to the infinite and they’re going to use this iceberg pictures you
have in front of you to explain how you are connected to the infinite if you
will follow me on this place that piece of the iceberg that is sticking out of
the water and is visible to every bolt that sailing by and every bird is flying
by every airplane in the sky that was close enough and the people can look out
the windows you see the top of that iceberg that represents your conscious
mind that normal everyday waking awareness and that you use to describe
your reality the part of the iceberg that is under the water is your
subconscious or super conscious or soup Brock conscious or higher self
consciousness whatever name again you want to describe to that part of you
that part of your consciousness that you are not normally aware of that larger
part of the iceberg represents that and you can see that typically in these
explanations that ninety percent of the iceberg is below the water ten percent
is above that is about the same as your conscious and subconscious mind but
here’s the bigger reality picture the bottom part of that iceberg is floating
in the ocean and that ocean is water the same as that ice which is simply
crystallized water and you as an individual are crystallized out of the
ocean of incident potentiality of universality law of attraction instant manifestation kind of all that is and all the can be
and all that can be imagined you are as an individual are crystallized out of
that potentiality the same as this iceberg is crystallized water floating
in a feet of water so your connection to the infinite potentiality that universe
is as simple to understand is this there’s your conscious mind the white
part sticking up the subconscious or superconscious mind floating in the
water which is the universal see of potentiality and you are intimately
connected to that you may not notice it when you’re focused on your conscious
mind because all you see is the sky around you write the world around you
but hidden beneath that is a greater reality which is that you are simply
floating as a bit of individual individualized crystallization out of
that sea of infinite potentiality so here’s the five-minute exercise for you
to eliminate any limiting beliefs simply sit in stillness with your eyes closed
and visualize yourself 45 minutes as floating in that feat of
infinite potentiality for the greater part of you is immersed in the infinite
and the infinite as we all know is extremely capable of making things
manifest it has manifested the entire universe and probably according to our
modern-day scientists a multitude of universes that exists in parallel and or
in other dimensions to this universe so there is an incredible amount of power
in creativity there that you are intimately connected to and is desirous
of your success you create the ideal you attach the
passion you go through the process which we described in quite some detail a
couple of weeks ago on our seminar and allow that infinite potentiality that
instant power that infinite creative expression to use you as the channel of
its own urge to create in great success here’s here’s what let me get a little
bit more technical about this maybe explain a little bit more you are the individualization of the
universal and as such are the channel through which the differentiation of
pure potentiality of the universal consciousness through with that you are
the channel through which this potentiality flows into actuality of any
particular reality and you can choose what that particular reality is by
holding the ideal it’s really all about being in the flow life is constantly an
unfolding and out flowing from this source of all power and you need to see
that you are the channels through which is energy passes now most of us in our
daily lives are so programmed to believe otherwise instant manifestation law of attraction and to behave otherwise that we often
choose to ignore or resist this flow from the universal through the
individual into manifest reality but you can make another choice and that is to
relax and go with the flow and allow the universal to use you as a channel to
make things manifest in the real world that how painters get the paint and
Beethoven just got to i should say got to create his music is he allowed
himself to be a channel by I of when I was a kid listening to Beethoven and the
other classical musicians that my parents at around for us to listen to his
children as I always imagined that Beethoven was capable of hearing the
music that the Sun was playing and that’s how he got inspired is that he
was translating sunlight into music and that wasn’t your company little trick to
think of as a kid but the reality is that don’t people like Beethoven and you
know John Lennon for that matter are simply allowing themselves to be the
channel whereby the incident can express itself in the actuality of creation and
because we are so blessed as human creatures to be conscious and be able to
be aware of being conscious at the same time we can make choices about what we
think what we feel what we desire what we believe and what we hold as an ideal
and those choices enable us to be creative ok and to allow that great creativity
that is part of this existence we have to flow through us ok so you can choose to participate and
contribute actually contribute to the growth of universal consciousness by
allowing yourself to be the channel for its own creativity and you choose to
become more and exercise your ability to be creative by making that simple choice to
constantly move towards becoming more fulfilling your potential and in many
ways you you can become more body by deciding to contribute more by offering
more of yourself and specifically by starting to offer more of yourself is to
yourself when you offer yourself more love more compassion more attention more
carry start really really doing the things for yourself that you deserve to
have and you will find that you become more very quickly and once you become
more than you can also share the more that you are with other people and then
when you begin that process even become more and you end up having more in your
life and that’s the whole attitude of service in the whole truth behind the
statement that is if you only ever figure out how to create more value for
other people you will end up with more valuable yourself right so
be willing to give war to yourself first and then be willing to give the more
that you are two other people and you will end up having more in your life you
need to understand i think it’s critical that i reaffirmed that all power and all
things that are existent in the universe and all things that are not yet
existence but only imagined exist within this global for global universal
infinite consciousness and everything is possible law of attraction instant manifestation everything that can be thought of in
your imagination is a real possibility right and you make it into a probability
by your belief in it and you make it into a reality by your gratitude for
already having it that’s how it works so time to move on to the next slide here’s why what you know is your biggest
liability what you know is is what is historical to the choices you’ve made in
the past that produce the results you have in the present that’s what you know and as a
consequence you expect that the future is going to be a continuation of what
the past look like and that is simply an expectation it comes true because you’re
expected to be true but it’s it’s only an expectation and it does not have to
be true in any given moment you can change your mind in each present moment
you can literally change reality and that’s what we call this instant
manifestation of things are not necessarily going to show up in the next
second simply because you decide to have them show up in the next second so
instant manifestation maybe a little bit of a misnomer but it is instant
manifestation in the fact that in each present moment you are creating your
reality by the choices you make about what to idealize what you believe in
what you are thinking what intentions you are bringing to all of the above and
your actions and words that you speak and and the intention you bring to what
is going on in this present moment so you are in this present moment creating
your reality and all you will ever have is present moment there never is that
tomorrow tomorrow never comes because when tomorrow comes it is just this
present moment so you need to live in this present moment be grateful for this
present moment and what you are capable of envisioning idealizing and creating
for be grateful for already having at any and you have learned the secret that
what you know is your biggest liability because what you know is not true in
this present moment it was only true in the past and what’s true in this present
moment is only what you decide to be true whatever you decide to be true in this
present moment is the truth the historical stuff is gone past it’s the
illusion that was there and it does not have to be the future anymore for you so next slide says why what you don’t
know yet and may never know is your best asset and what is that well simply this you don’t know and may
never know what the actual mechanism that universal intelligence uses to
bring something into your life and in fact you don’t really want to know it’s
not your job and manifestation is not your job creating the ideal is your job
holding the vision is your job having the passion is your job working having a
plan to enact that working towards enacting that plan that’s your job but
knowing how it shows up is not your job ok and your decision when you decide
that you know how something is going to work that only produces limitation so
your knowing this your historical evidence that you have is your
limitation what you need to do is learn to allow instead allow things to show up
in your life allow for the fact that there are infinite potentialities out
there ways that you will never understand the things to show up in your
life for abundance to show up in your life for wealth to show up in your life
for happiness to show up in your life ways that you will never understand will
contribute to your well-being in every way shape or form so instead of focusing on what our show focusing on how something will happen
focus instead on the what you want and the why you want it and leave the loop
leave the house up to the universe alright what to do right now that will
produce real-life results starting immediately and the reason i picked this
picture of this satellite dish is which happens to be sitting australia by the
way in case you’re wondering where it is that satellite dish represents the
energy that you’re broadcasting and it’s sitting up there facing out into the
universe that satellite dish and so are you law of attraction instant manifestation you’re in every moment broadcasting
energy your shining your light like the Sun shines its light but you’re like two
assists of your thoughts your light consists of your beliefs your life your
light consists of your emotions your light consists of the things that you do
and that’s what you’re broadcasting the words you speak the thoughts you think
the feelings you feel the beliefs you choose to hold those are the messages
that you’re setting out to the universe and the message in the messages are
being received and the messages are being respond to responded to and the
proof is exactly what you have in your life today that’s the proof that your messages are
being responded to so one more time to reaffirm what the process is envision
the reality that you desire with great passion to have be grateful for having
it make your plans in axles plans to demonstrate your commitment to that
ideal and then simply allow and expect that that ideal will show up ok in time perhaps even instantly now and I in the last 30 days and in
growing increasingly more rapid in the last week I have personal proof about
this there are some enormously exciting things happening in my life right now
that are quite frankly beyond the power of most people to believe and that is
just an amazing process that I’m going through right now and I’m attracting and
being attracted to some amazingly powerful people that are stepping up to
the plate to support a project that I envisioned well over a year ago and have
been extremely grateful for having for the last year and dar lo and behold it’s
showing up in ways that are apparently miraculous I’m very very very grateful
for that let me tell you thanks so much for being here I i hope that we get to see you all
again soon i I’m going to turn this back to Bob
again and I want to thank each and every one of you for being here and
participating and allowing me to share with you things that i have come to
understand from my studies in from my direct application and from the proofs
of showing up in my life in so many ways and in right now and so many big ways
that i am just astounded by the magic of it all and the beauty of it also thank
you so much law of attraction instant manifestation