My English before Intel was almost
nothing. [music] Intel is an American-based company with
operations in multiple countries. Official communication is English
both written and verbally. We establish a relationship with our peers
or with our reports. At Intel, we try to be a team and not just people working a lot. The only way to connect the processes connect people and actually connect the
knowledge is through English. When I hire people, sometimes they don’t have the
level of skills that we need right away It is very sad to see young
professionals coming out of a school and coming to interviews performing
technically and not being able to express themselves in English. English proficiency is critical. If it is not there, the person is not going to have the
confidence and they will have to come back if they are asked to come back One example of investment in bright
people is Zachariah. When I was at high school, I had the opportunity to participate in a national science fair I won the first prize and since that point
Intel saw something different in me. We followed up with him in the University.
He got an Intel scholarship to study English and then we were able to hire
him in our quality and reliability department. I’m responsible for the
quality of the materials that we use with our company. So every day I know there
is going to be a note from some of my counterparts in Asia. If we have an issue
with one product we immediately set up a meeting with our counterparts and we
call each other by phone and share the information that we have and we start to
discuss in English that something is going wrong. It wouldn’t be possible for
me to do my job if I was not able to speak English. At Intel, the official language is
English and that’s how we connect every employee independently from their culture, their origin, their gender in every country in the world. I cannot
imagine a company with more variety of people than Intel. We have the
opportunity to learn from the cultures and diversity brings richness, it brings
perspectives and boosts performance of people and business. Because in Intel, the
human relations and teamwork is a key piece that helped us to be more successful as a company. People from all around the world and I have been able to
talk to all of them because of English. We’re one company, one voice,
with a clear vision