I can rich for the Carmine’s 31 here’s the best advice I give my keynote rinse it was easy what can I tell you was hard no it was easy I’m a millionaire by 31 let me tell you how I did it I got three reasons why I got rich by the time I was 31 let me give you those here’s number one I lived in America I mean how lucky can you get America is easy that’s why everybody wants to come here people haven’t plotted and schemed for 50 years saying if I could just get to pull and everything would be okay no the boat people are not desperately trying to get to Vietnam no they’re not squeezing through the fence to try to get into Mexico no Neil Diamond says looks like everybody’s heading for they’re all coming to America why everybody wants to come here by every means possible to get here right because America is easy so if you go home with anything go home with that mr. own reminded us that America is easy he got rich for the time he’s 31 America is easy Bangladesh is hard just take that home here’s the average yearly income in Bangladesh 120 dollars that would be tell me hard versus easy so America’s easy Cambodia would be hard the Khmer Rouge killed 2 million Cambodians to make communism work that’s hard America is easy India would be hard they got their challenges these days top America’s easy China would be really hard underlined really and make a study it’s hard America’s easy now in about 90 days you can have that memorized Johnny that’s all you need I got rich for the time I was 31 I lived in America America is easy now here’s number 2 I found an opportunity that’s all you got to do in America search for an opportunity take the first one right try it if that isn’t it leads to another one door closes another door opens there’s what’s exciting about America it’s a lot of opportunity a chance to try and then what try again and then why try again never never run out of opportunity to try see if you can’t better your life and your health and your future your bank account your income make your fortune here I’ll give that America number one found an opportunity number three number two here’s number three I found a teacher what a grand and glorious unique thing that was for me at that time in my life I found a teacher willing to teach me and his teaching came in two parts here’s what it was very simple number one mr. on you have evidently messed up between ages 19 and 25 now I could understand that but he didn’t leave me there he said now here’s the answers on how to change it all the next six years so that the next six years won’t be like the last six what an incredible teacher taught me how to have a whole brand new six years first six what I miss top second six one I got it right second six years I became a millionaire during that second six years the government was about the same I’m telling you interest rates were about what the same the pay scale was about what the same Lord knows my negative realities were the same circumstances were about the same the economy was about the same the unions and their philosophy was about the same what was going on around me was about the same then how come I got Rick’s that second six years I was not the same I changed before this throne if you can do that can anybody do it yes I invite you on that journey any time you want to you can stay the same so that the next six years to be like the last six take a look at the last six years and I’m telling you the next six years of your life is gonna be like the last six unlike war unless you want to count on this short list that we call not much list most everybody’s counting on this not much list what if all of your negative relatives turn positive what would that do for your future in your fortune what not much not much what if prices came down a little what a lot to do for your future I’m telling you not much if the economy gets a little better what will I do not much now that the Democrats are in power what’s that gonna do for your future much we got it we could get a good debate going here if the Republicans would have stayed in power what would that have done not much a we could get a good debate going here I’m telling it so not much list if you don’t make plans of your own guess what you’ll probably always fit into someone else’s plans guess what someone else may have planned for you then what’s gonna make the difference you’re gonna have to make the difference you’re gonna have to take charge now mr. Schultz my teacher gave me a promise and I want to give you that promise now here was the promise I got and I bring it to you here’s what my teacher said if you will change mr. Owen he said if you will change everything will change for you you don’t have to change the government you don’t have to change prices you don’t have to change taxes get all that he said if you will change everything will change for you and the first thing you start changing is what your philosophy you start changing your mind you start changing how you think you start picking up new ideas and information gather new knowledge make better decisions about what’s valuable and I’m telling if you’ll do that your whole life will change your health will change your relationship with your family will change your ability to cope with challenges and powers will change I’m telling you income promotions all of it’ll change if you will change that law change if you won’t change it doesn’t gonna change you can keep your fingers crossed if you want to and hope they’ll straighten it out you can wish for the wind not to blow quite as severe but I’m telling you wishing for the wind to change in your favor we call naive at best don’t do this any longer wish for a better wind the key is to wish for the wisdom to set a better sail utilize whatever wind it blows to take you wherever you want to go that is the philosophy I picked up at age 25 and it revolutionized my whole life and here’s what I found I found it was easy I got rich blue time I was 31 and it was easy now here’s my definition of easy got to jot this down my definition of easy meaning something I could do I figure if it’s something you can do it’s easy now here’s a parentheses parentheses I worked hard at it I found something I could do which was easy but I worked hard at it I got up early and stayed up late worked hard that six years but what I did was easy meaning it was something I can do you say well mr. Owen if it was so easy how come everybody else around you during that six years how come they didn’t get rich here’s why it’s easy not to how else would you describe it that’s it you say no no for all of the rest of them it was hard for them and it was easy for you that’s not true you couldn’t debate me on that in front of this intelligent audience but here’s the challenge let me give it to you in the philosophical phrase I tend to be a little philosophical here it is the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do that’s the difference between success and failure so you’ve got the choice here today of one of two Easy’s easy two or what easy not to I can give you in one sentence how I got rich for the time was 31 here it is in one sentence I did not neglect to do the easy things I could do everyday for six years underline I did not neglect that’s the key I found something easy I could do that led to fortune and I did not neglect to do it made your reason for not having everything you want in America major reasons we’re not having more of what you want in America more health more money more power more influence more everything major reason why you don’t get it simple answer neglect neglect and here’s the problem with neglect it starts as an infection and if you don’t take care of it it becomes a disease and here’s what else is the problem one neglect leads to another neglect to do wise things with your money or property in the deck to do wise things with your time and it’s like to do wise things with your time we’re probably cut to do wise things with your business one leads to another leads to another pretty soon neglect has you by the throat emptying your purse emptying your heart emptying all of your chances for equities and power and all the good things neglect what if you should be walking around the block every day for your good health and you don’t I’m telling you you’re on the wrong track you should do it you could do it you don’t do it that’s called formula for disaster all you’ve got to do is let that and a few other things accumulate for six years and now you’re driving what you don’t want to drive wearing what you don’t want to wear living where you don’t want to live doing what you don’t want to do maybe having become what you really didn’t want to become I’m telling that’s it just neglect along drift along and it’s got you by the throat it’ll take all your values leave you with just a little bit of dust in a summer wind and it’ll soon be gone I hope I said that well that’s it it’s where I found myself at age 25 until my teacher came along and said mr. Owen up till now you’ve messed up let’s see if we can’t clean that up change it all I did change my life not just the money all the rest of the values that came pouring in when I understood that it was me it was me so take the easy approach this stuff’s easy to figure out getting rich is easy I teach it to teenagers how to be rich my 4035 if you’re extra bright the stuff is not difficult I love to teach kids enterprise