Welcome to Growing Forever. Hello everyone. Welcome to this edition
of Wealth Talk, and thank you for tuning in to my channel. Today I’d like to talk
about labels. How people were labeling you, how you label yourself, how I
was labeled as a child. I like to talk about that first. I grew up in the early
nineteen seventies and there was a show on television called The Odd Couple.
Where you had two roommates living together: Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Oscar was
kind of a lazy slob type laid back, Felix Unger was preppy, kinda clean and neet
and kind of stiff. My father’s for some reason decided to label my brother and I
as Oscar and Felix. He labeled my brother Oscar and labeled me Felix. I
don’t know why it would do that but he did it and it’s the funniest thing, years
decades later I’m kind of the clean neat computer nerd type, and my brother turned
out to kinda lazy, not slob but not as neat as me. Looking back is just amazing how we
replicated those characters. Just don’t know why I don’t know why a parent would do that.
Probably thought it was funny, but I allowed that label to adhere to me which wasn’t bad
thing because I turned out really well and you know he clean any kind of
properties that may be a good label I think I kinda liked it. My brother I guess he accepted his label
and he was like took a different turn and he kinda like Oscar Madison without
this success. If you watch your show Oscar Madison was a successful sports writer
but it’s also kind of a slob and had chips on his chest eating chips and beers and
that kind of thing. But I wanted to ask you, have you been labeled? we’ve all been labeled like a dumb jock,
stupid blonde, computer nerd you don’t know how to handle money. I guess I could cite a 1000 examples. Are you letting those labels effect you? Are you accepting
those people as a child the label but as an adult you can you can reject it. So
I’m asking you to please for your own well being, if someone gives you a negative label you need to throw that out. Assuming its negative, assume you don’t want it. Look at that stupid jock run up and down the football field. That’s a label you don’t want. You need to reject things like that and replace them with positive labels for yourself. There are positive labels, I tell my daughter wow, she’s a sophomore in
college, sophomore in high school and she took a test pre-SAT version of the SATs and she scored
88th percentile, which means 88% of people that took the test did worse than her, which is amazing. Also I told her throughout her life how
smart you are in a draw things I would say” that’s an amazing drawing” it was
just a stick figure back then the day She’s really matured, she’s got amazing talents
drawing, plays instruments, and she’s always high honors in school as because
her mother and I will place those labels on her. I can imagine how she would turn
out if I said “why are you so stupid” or “stick figures, anyone can draw stick figures that doesn’t look
right, that looks dumb.” So labels really affect people just think it just goes in one
ear and out the other doesn’t go in one ear and out the other, they stick. Your remember everything you happen to you since birth, and I believe that. You just
can’t recall it but it’s there. So we need to wash away those negative labels
just simply replace them with good labels, even if you don’t have someone
labeling you, if you are in a bad relationship or a bad situation where you have
negative people around you, do you best to get rid of negative people in those
goods labels for yourself. Very very important. Very important for your your
well-being. If you think poorly of yourself and allow yourself to be labeled, there is not much hope
for you for future improvement in your success throughout life if you let yourself be kicked around, so please label yourself
properly, like a carton of milk on the shelf label yourself well. Very
important well-being please your own sake, wipe out those old labels and you need if you
need new ones get some new ones. Pick up some affirmations like I said this
numerous times I read affirmations before bed time, put them on index cards
in my nightstand drawer read them. They’re like labels. “I attract success” “I am confident with others” Simple affirmations those are labels and you need please, go spend $0.99 at Walmart and get some cards and write a
few dozen affirmations, write out a few dozen things that you want to be, you
wish to be and it works. Been doing it for several years and it
works. Get rid of those horrible labels if you can get rid of
those horrible people that are giving you those horrible labels. And that’s my moral
for today, and it’s really means alot to me. Get rid of that junk out your life
it’s so important. I want to thank you so very much for supporting this channel.
I’m really grateful to have it and really grateful to be able to convey my
thoughts to you and hoping I hope of helping your life. Leave a comment if you want about negative labels you received but leave some about some positive ones you’ve
heard in some positive labels you trying to put in yourself. Once again thank you for
watching. Please like and subscribe and have a wonderful day, thank you so much.