hello everyone hey welcome to another
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just to my left right there is mr. Jim Ziegler the alpha dog Jim how you doing
this evening I’m having the best day of my entire life well that makes me feel
really good they thank you for that that’s fantastic I’m glad I mean I’m
anticipating a better day tomorrow oh okay well knock your head out real quick
dick I I was gonna say it’s because I you know Debbie already has made dinner
and you you got to enjoy that so that’s she’s fantastic I know you know so Jim
do me a favor if you would just give the viewers because I you know this touches
a lot of different people in business and leadership and in different areas if
you would just give a brief history kind of of who you are what you do a little
bit of your business and automotive background well guys how much time do we
have well I you take as much time as you need
a couple minutes I’ve been in the automobile industry for 42 years I was a
DJ before that I was a radio advertising salesperson up been a manager and set
records in the car business and spoke at 14 and a DA conventions and then the
keynote speaker 498 state New York conventions write for three magazines
and other than that I don’t do too much in online that’s where I said if I mess up and I
forget to turn my mic back on hey you could just remind me you you’ve been in
radio broadcast I’ve done this once or twice sorry I was sitting clicking the
button and it wouldn’t come on so so even worse even worse is leaving the mic
open oh yeah well I’ve heard you tell a story about leaving the mic cope and
that’s a perfect segue didn’t you have a speaker at one of your events leave a
mic open during during a break well it was me
was it you don’t know what I don’t know what story you’re talking about oh I
found several from you you’ve got a lot the worst of all was when I went to the
men’s room wearing a live mic oh yeah how’d that work out for you I
entertained the entire room I’m sure so hey as we’re getting in tonight we’re
talking about leadership your your forte one of the things I know you’ve always
prided yourself on is that high-level executive level management yes yeah its
intensity okay okay I came to win not my shoe up the game I got that Browns leg
stuff under my eyes I am ready to play yeah I didn’t come to play I came with
and you’re still actively training in stores too right now aren’t you we were
just talking before him not not only I’ll be doing the bar Chevrolet in Lake
Charles Louisiana training and working deals next week and uh I’d SP about desk
deals in 49 states actually interacting with customers and car dealerships every
state except Alaska doesn’t finance I’ve done sales on interactive consumers in
all the states so a lot of travel no absolutely I know you you’ve gosh it’s
been a number of years you should come back to Denver or Colorado Springs you
come into Clara Springs but that was when you and I met gosh has to be 15 or
VM Denver at the end of March oh yeah I’m a keynote speaker for the your
summer ideas okay well I’ll see you up there this
year then so here’s a couple of things as we’re diving in here if there was a
single thing because I know you have so many different facets and there are so
many different pieces to Jim if you could narrow it down to say well what
the this is the one thing that Jim Ziegler is most known for what would you
say that is or what would you want it to be what do you want your legacy to be
Jim oh my my legacy to be that I helped a lot of other people if you look look
in our industry there are so many people that I have given a leg up I’ve helped
them boosted their careers I’ve brought them out to the national stage so many
people that I train when they were salespeople that are now deal with
principles they own the business right I look at the legacy that I’m left in this
business that that’s what I’m in my legacy years it’s important right now
that 20 years ago somebody says do you remember Jim said oh yeah he was a great
guy well he helped a lot of people know I
don’t need money I’m still actively working with producing conferences I’m
going into dealership something goosing about on-demand videos I have enough
money I could a train I could have retired years ago I’m in the legacy part
of my my career right now I’m in a part of my career right now where am I gonna
leave the sinister sure how about have you thought of 10 years not 20 years
know what people still remember what I contribute hope that makes sense a
hundred percent and I’m I I can tell you at least from my perspective I’m genuine
and what I was saying when I was introducing you like you’re a living
legend to me I know you the the prosperity equation book or see I didn’t
have a book and a CD of it that you wrote I know a number of years ago and
you know I’ve been to your conferences for I can speak for myself and I know so
many people out there that you have made such a significant impact not just on
them but you you’ve certainly helped to evolve the auto industry in many ways I
think one of the things it’s really unique well you know you one
of the things that is so unique is you’ve been in the business for a really
long time and you you’ve said this so I hope I don’t steal your thunder you not
only have helped evolve the industry but you are still evolving with the industry
I mean you’re training you you’ve said it before you’re training technology to
the next the the next generation of of automotive professionals yes amazing
when I stand on stage enough I’m teaching young people internet skills of
you know technology marketing look at me like he’s not supposed to know that I’ve
had to reinvent myself so many times and retrained so many times you know I’ve
been in this industry for four decades and there’s been a lot of evolution sure
and it’s absolutely hilarious it was a gym have you seen this close of
this technique and I look at was he invented them they look at me like yeah
sure you did no I did no really much of my stuff so much of my stuff has become
standard practice that people don’t know who invented it anymore that happens a
lot throughout the industry I think the interesting you know we use Promax as a
CRM and you and you are certainly credited with many things in that system
you’ve got your name on some of the presentation stuff which i think is
really cool Pro max Oh max and I have such a distant hmm John Palmer just
recently sold Promax yep and when John Palmer was the manager
in Moline Chevrolet in Quad Cities he was my student he was coming to my sales
manager seminar he was the general manager of ville chef Mills Chevrolet a
moment and he came to me he said Jim I’ve invented the special finance
program this CRM program I will show it to you yes as well listen John I don’t
do hard product he’s no you’ve got to see so he flew down to Atlanta when I
was doing a seminar presented it to me on a laptop
and it was all my stuff he put my stuff in his system and I started doing
seminars and promoting him and I put him on the map
we were friends till the day he sold the business I guess we’re still friends I
can’t say we were friends but you know we were actively friends until he sold
them sure no I yeah and I I still see that to this
day knowing you being so integrated that with them myself on many things that
it’s I think that’s one of those things that’s really cool
hey as a side note here really quick there’s a few people Ryan Girardi’s over
on the YouTube channel he said hey make sure that to tell you that he says
h-e-l-l-o and he says he was always impressed by the fact that when you were
up on stage presenting and you were talking about when you were talking
about as a evolution the car business using Pinterest in automotive and
sharing sharing inventory and so forth so I think that’s cool we got Andrea
Lopes we’ve got Chris Wood Jaime Schroeder Frank cross and Frank worked
for for me for a number of years he’s awesome an unbelievable individual Brian
Brittney James Steele James James Steele says says what’s up so thank you
everybody for for tuning in so looking at all those I’m looking away
this I get three screens on yeah you did yeah this is pretty incredible
yeah Ryan was talking about pictures Pinterest is a phenomenal social media
that very few people know how to use right I mean every time you get repinned
on Pinterest it moves your URL to another location it all of a sudden
you’re all over the Internet I personally I can tell you you know
doing YouTube and some of the other things here that I do I haven’t quite
figured out Pinterest we’re gonna have to set up a conference call afterwards
now I mean I figured some of it out but just the
philosophy behind it I’ve even asked people like a does it really work is it
working but I think you’re saying yes it does so it’s not just recipes and and
your pattern designs it’s that’s the way it started out is now I’ve got boards up
there for my King Charles Cavalier spaniel I bet boards up there for
Internet battle plan you know my my here in conference yeah and I’ve got words
that have visited you know 75 80 times a week and be crazy reposting those
pictures every time they repost those pictures my URL goes with it so I’ve got
the URL embedded in the pictures right so then you get free backlinks and it
makes the more relevance I can see how that would work that’s awesome
so let me ask you a question as far as do you see management and leadership as
the same thing Jim I know okay my old man a sales manager a general sales
manager a dealer principle where three heads okay our manager a leader and a
supervisor there’s three things that any manager
needs to do first of all I’m a supervisor okay
I’m responsible for the activities of the people that work for me and I
appreciate that you’ve been a salesperson for 25 years when the
decision is made your input is very valuable to me I will make the decision
that’s what we will do I am the supervisor okay
Roadhouse I’m the cooler yeah I’m the cooler the manager physically manages
the day-to-day operation displays the cars you know audits the timecard Jim
that’s management that as many as mr. physical duties
okay and then leadership is the inspirational part of the businesses do
the people what to follow you and a lot of a lot of people get leadership
confuse with being well-liked pretty good when I’m a manager at tell my
employees liking me is optional respect in these part of your JavaScript I am in
charge and I’ve got people that will follow me anywhere because my job as a
manager as a leader as a supervisor my job is to cause them to make a good
living to take home to their families and the people they care about they just
don’t understand your position is to cause them to have a better life because
they work for X Chevrolet X tweeter because they work for the Steelers ship
I have to be sure if they have a better life to take home for their family the
people they care about my job is not to be a soft manager my job is to be I want
to put them under a lot of stress when people work for me I will push you to
the outer limits of your possibilities and capabilities I will make you better
than you thought you can be you know I’m going to absolutely advance you part of
what I do is elevate the people that work work with me if you want to be
semantics about it sure that makes sense Mike 100% I think
that’s I think that’s fantastic so when you’re
talk in those levels leader no I I don’t want to call them levels necessarily but
you have leader manager supervisor they all have different different different
facets yes I love that word I use it all the time so do you end up sometimes just
from your perspective is there a time and place for somebody to be all three
of those things is there a time in a place for someone to be individual
points of that things like should I have a supervisor a manager a leader or am I
looking for somebody especially if you’re you’re looking at someone coming
up in any business if they’re coming up in a business and they’re saying gosh I
want the manager title or I yeah I want to be a supervisor of people or I want
to be a leader you know you’re people coming up that they have they they chase
the title to chase the view right so that’s the problem with the business
today or any business I don’t care if it’s real estate I don’t care if it’s
selling automobiles I don’t care what business it is there are people in
today’s generation I’m not going to characterize and box Millennials in you
know there are people that when they apply for a job today their whole
priorities how much time off do I get why do I get to be a supervisor and they
don’t want to pay their dues they don’t want to go and learn the process that
they feel superior to the process walking in and you know my generation we
were a tough generation some some people day need to build a little blanket for
it in the showroom and puppy there hey I don’t think that’s a you’re saying they
should do that I absolutely disagree with that there is no reason we should
act like it for its and puppies so I’m just gonna let everybody take that in
for a minute so when we’re talking about crack I know
you you crack me up too and many other people and if you can’t entertain
yourself but you’re not going to entertain other people right
so what would you say from a leadership perspective other leaders or managers
maybe supervisors what are the most important decisions
that you feel and I think you’re gonna give me three different verticals here
knowing you but if they’re all the same you know what are the what are the most
important decisions you would say those people make on a daily basis
wow what a loaded question that is what decisions do leaders and supervisors
make well most difficult decision is advancement of an employee termination
of an employee reprimand of an employee praise of an employee so there are
people working at dealerships that absolutely should not be there
that’s the one part of management supervision if people don’t want to deal
with absolutely I agree with you and we you know what I’m going to dealership
the first thing I say is that anybody here that really shouldn’t be here
managers in the client meeting will say well this person here this person let me
ask you are they are they educated are they L available can can we bring them
up to our level oh no that person’s never going to come
up to our level they have an attitude whatever get rid of bad attitudes right
when I ran my own company with 40 employees hmm same company I have now
but early on we had 40 employees in 6000 square feet of offices the sign over my
door read a bad attitude is grounds for termination do not pretend I had
attitude into this office and you know monitoring an attitude which is an
infection you’ve got a bad attitude in the dealership it spreads and regardless
of production I will I will terminate a bad attitude I 100% agree with you on
that also I think you and I are in alignment
I’ve seen some conversations on Facebook you’ve probably seen some of these
similar conversations where some people are asking the question they’re saying
look whose responsibility is it is that the call it manager or leader is that
the managers responsibility if you have somebody that’s underperforming or you
don’t feel they’re in the right places that the managers responsibility to
bring them up or is it the salespersons responsibility to bring themselves up
what’s your opinion on that I have for ease and Sigler isms okay work okay
evaluate okay you can’t you can’t change which you cannot measure if I can’t
measure somebody’s performance like it and we the CRM is a wonderful tool all
the Rif all the information is in the CRM if you put the information this year
so first of all whatever under dealership the CRM means the dealership
yeah we’re going to have the information in the CRM we’re going to use the
information so very important that I evaluate okay then I’m going to educate
you can’t expect people to do what you never taught them man we’re going to
educate and we’re going to elevate we’re going to make every effort to bring that
person up to the dealership standard or my standard you know whatever we expect
cannot terminate somebody that you didn’t educate an attempt to elevate
there are people that will not be educated there are people that will not
be elevated there are people that want to self-manage regardless they can’t
stay here for thieves Ziegler ISM is exterminating
you know some that evaluate educate elevate or exterminate and of course
elevate and then you can’t come before exterminate sure and do you ever watch
Gunsmoke when you were kid oh gosh I’ve seen it a few times I watch too
consistently but I yeah I’m familiar my generation maybe unsmoked got a
character named Festus okay come around the marshal okay your Festus said it
best yet to fire everybody no Festus were sitting out but by the marshal’s
office the gas lights were going into crickets were chirping and in his arms
across you see this chair backed up against the wall they says Matthew do
you ever notice the town gets real quiet after a hanging you don’t have to fire
everybody no yeah sometimes well and it is dot
that’s it’s something that’s necessary sometimes not the hanging no nothing
not right well that was pretty I nominate you know I I understand you’ve
got that one employee in every company whether it’s automobile dealership or
any business that feels they are bulletproof
invisible yeah no one and don’t tell you right now look look
let me tell you about my production I will terminate that individual and make
a statement there I’m going dealership since when I go to a car dealer I will
shut the door on a car view and I said how are you
thinking what are you thinking and nobody does that I mean they’re paying
me to tell them the truth they’re not paying me and I see you’re protecting
this person who is ruining the rest of the beat they didn’t pay for the
unicorns and resells twenty five cars a month well there’s a glass of water and
here’s my here’s you in the in the in the dealership and when I pull it out
there’s a whole new loo that’s a pretty good analogy absolutely okay this glass
of water is the dealership my finger is you here’s you in the dealership when I
pull it out there’s the whole new leaf that that’s a really good analogy hey we
got a few more people coming in real quick I think James I saw a few people
go by also and and less William Lee Williams today today today I love that
guy he’s always upbeat lately conservative dresses
uh yeah absolutely I think I’m very conservative I think they should model a
dealership dress code after him wouldn’t you agree
well absolutely so so let me ask you after the number of years that you’ve
been in who are a few people when you first got into you you got into the car
business very very young I imagine yes so when you got in 1973 okay so when you
got into the car business who are some people that had the most impact on your
life who had the biggest impact either leaders mentors managers that you would
still remember to this day and why Jackie B Cooper okay it’s good
one Jack Jackie B Cooper was the ultimate sales trainer before Grant
Cardone before me before Joe Verde before any of us and I had the pleasure
to know Jackie B Cooper I had the pleasure to interact with him I spoke
with him on the phone we visited in my office I I knew Jackie very well we were
friends we were like staid each others house friends but with good friends sure
and Jackie B Cooper was the pioneer for sales training he he was the forerunner
of Grant Cardone Ziegler Verde all of all of us that reached the national
level and Jackie and I interacted a lot one thing I learned from Jackie was
Jackie passed away he was still teaching out of the same book he didn’t grow with
the times and that is one decision I made when I got into this business he
was my influences and I would totally evolve do i i had income producing
websites in 1996 I was I was on AOL and I’m still on a developers are you are a
AOL account now I’ve got Gmail I’ve got Yahoo I’ve got every one of my domains
has its own email address but I still use my AOL address because I’ve had it
since 1996 seven somewhere in there you know I remember when I used to be a
alone welcome I remember and it was just a lot I got running across kana and you
remember before that here’s the thing like like prior to that that was the
exciting thing when you actually went to the mailbox so that was a highlight once
you got logged in you’ve got mail it was like yes someone acknowledged me today
how fun and I do know that about you because we’ve exchanged emails and such
and it is funny you can tell how someone’s been how long someone has been
involved in technology based if they have an AOL email address
they’ve been doing it for a while one of one of our our store managers one of our
store managers he’s been in the automotive industry for about about 40
years in his primary his primary address man he’s got an AOL address still so so
let me kind of as where as where we’re moving along towards the the tail end
here moving through hey Damien Damien Boudreau just popped over here how you
doing man yeah agent Gaad yeah I tell all sorts of Boudreaux and Thibodeaux
jokes Boudreaux Thibodeau jokes you had to be in Louisiana to know about okay
I’ll take your word for it maybe that’s when we can a night bar later I’ve done
a lot of work in New Orleans in Louisiana in general so let me ask you
el patron there he is how you doing man really real quick what so just a moment
ago you’re talking to a 1973 that’s when I got in you talked about constant
evolution that’s one of the things that I think is interesting that it’s one of
those pieces that you picked up and learn kind of had him as a mentor maybe
inadvertently because you said hey he didn’t evolve so fast forward here we
are in 2018 headed into you know 20 or I guess we’re 2019 now headed into 2020 I
losing my dates man I don’t even know the date what would you say are some of
the biggest challenges that today’s leaders especially in automotive are
facing are coming at them in 2019 there’s a lot of people right now
plotting the dealer apocalypse a lot a lot of more vendors were paying money to
and you notice a lot of our vendors lately you’re referring to us as the
dealership model that that’s an interesting spin yeah the dealership
model testing have you had cars.com or Auto Trader oh and in the dealership
model as if there are other models that they intend replaced us with now they’re in mind we’ve got defenders
actively working our apocalypse I mean III I wholeheartedly agree that’s one of
the reasons we you know we’re not I don’t think we’re on any of those we
work with one who will remain unnamed at the moment but we that that was one of
my frustrations early on getting into the digital stuff with auto trader in
Clara’s calm you brought them up we’re paying them for the service to advertise
our cars against us they’re advertising our cars and competitors cars against us
on the search engines I have often said the Internet is the worst thing that
ever happened to the car businesses people say Sigler old school no new
school let me tell you we would not sell any less cars if there were no internet
we’re gonna go to sell so many cars with or without the internet we’re gonna sell
70 million cars a year new year’s sure all the internet did was put a bunch of
vendors between us and the consumer out googliness and renting our UPS back to
us and reducing our profit and taking what’s left in almost every instance I
would agree with you and the you know when we’re talking about it I think I
think it’s interesting he said hey if there wasn’t if there wasn’t an internet
you could say and there are some people both both schools you’re saying hey it’s
the worst thing that’s ever happened some people say it’s the best thing
that’s ever happened oh it’s a necessary evil oh it’s that you know everybody has
a different perspective on it necessary evil but what is good about the Internet
it redistributes who gets the deals better players take the deals away from
the poor earth players absolutely so it’s my job to teach the better players
how to take the deals away from the also-rans away from the 100 or die my
job is to teach the stronger dealers take the deals away from the weaker
dealers on the internet you that does redistributes who gets the
business and a little rural dealer a little deal without in the country to
come under the radar screen and take that business away from a Goliath in the
in the urban markets I mean that’s what’s so cool about the Internet first
thing about the Internet it did not create the sale of one additional
vehicle that would have been sold anyway I don’t tell Pollack that the only time
I ever met him the V auto guy Dale Pollock I said the fallacy in your
principle is you cannot go in the men’s room and poop out some additional
customers there’s only so many in the market yeah the market is the market and
market is the market so I think that’s an interesting perspective when you’re
you know we’re talking about it I and I do I think in most cases I agree with
you I think that that is definitely a challenge that’s that’s entered in that
we didn’t have you didn’t have that same level of difficulty with with you know
newspaper ads you have the same level of difficulty with n distribution that you
did with radio any sort of traditional advertising I don’t whose paper is still
very valuable if you’re training up let me just let that sink in folks see
newspaper newspaper still has its place in everyone’s life just remember that
you heard it here first from Jim hey so as as we’re winding down kind of here to
the end do me a favor what what are some resources because you’re ever-evolving
what are some of the resources that you use what are some resources that you’d
recommend to somebody that’s coming up especially if they want more insight as
a manager and a leader we were talking beforehand you are in fact one of the
only at least an automotive that we know of in our and so forth you’re one of the
only trainers that previously was a general manager yes I was a general
salesman general salesman never achieved gentlemen okay I’m the only national
trainer that’s ever been at that level has reached national employment matter of fact I’m the only one it’s
actually been a manager of any kind you know other than Marc Marc toward all the
other trainers and not that they’re not great trainers sure when you’re talking
Grant Cardone John Verdi they were not managers there were salespeople never
good sales beat that train from Amanda I’m a management trainer I don’t call
myself associate I train dealers how to be doers I I teach managers how to do
managers that’s that’s my niche I I am above that level I also trained sales P
as part of what I do what I’m going to dealership but I am a management and
process tree there’s no qualified absolutely so so what are some what are
some resources that you’re using for yourself – sorry I think I got us on the
tangent there but what are some resources that you’re using for
continual training for yourself or what would you recommend for other
people that do want to get into that that management yeah you know Mike I
don’t want to go there on this broadcast I’ll tell you why okay sure because I
have financial relationships with a lot of members they sponsor my events and it
wouldn’t be fair for me to just lean toward one vendor that I’m receiving
income from that makes sense absolutely that’s absolutely fair and I
when I recommend a vendor – a doer I will tell with you and look I’m
financially involved in this deal you know if I am financially involved I will
disclose that when I recommend that vendor so it wouldn’t be fair for me to
say I use this resource of that resource because I’m biased all right I respect
that absolutely a hundred percent so there are there are vendors out there
that don’t disclose their bias I agree with that – and they’re taking big money
from these vendors and then acting like they’re a research company and they’re
not a research company they’re they’re taking money under the table for the
vendors and recommending I will not do that
no I think that’s fantastic and and the fact that you’re transparent about it to
try I know that’s a buzzword but your trades period about it oh hey
you’re seeing mobile you ever see the movie home
oh yeah absolutely coughing ah oh you look just like him hey hey so I got two
last questions for you Jim one is obviously in any vertical of business
whether it be automotive real estate you know any sales venue being the CEO of a
corporation whatever Avenue that somebody is approaching obviously
passion is a really big deal in business you got to be lit up you have to be
fired up about what it is that you do what it is that you want to do on a
daily basis where you want to grow to and so obviously being in the number of
years that you are and this goes back to kind of the beginning of our
conversation you’re very passionate about the automotive business
what hey no I’m not saying I care about you I mean that you understand this I
will not hurt you if I cannot help you there are people in our business today
that internet trolls are just going on attacking people and you know I can’t
stand that it because I have no engine no Envy whatsoever
I want you Mike Phillips to be better a bigger more wealthy than I am Grant
Cardone Grant Cardone has surpassed me financially but they’re way out
but you know what I admire him and I respect him and I absolutely celebrate
his success you know I have no envy I don’t want anything you have I might
want something like what you have but I don’t want yours sure and I will not try
to elevate myself by bringing you down it just seems to be the theme of all
these self-proclaimed internet gurus today either they were involved or bring
other people down and raise themselves that I think that’s been a theme for
yeah yeah especially it depends on on perspective on where you get to
in any industry I think that becomes a heavy theme so that the how can people
contact you Jim kind of do you have any closing thoughts anything you want I
know you’re going to give us every way and they can Google you two but uh million times in that’s a lot of word
that really is me four and a half million times I mean Lee if you can’t
find me you are in that but my website is Ziggler super systems.com okay CIA et
le are before you and internet battle plan calm that’s my internet conference
coming up teach the beach coming up March fourth and fifth in Clearwater
Florida the internet conference of 20 speakers twenty sponsors today’s live
band cocktail reception great food miss Debbie Ziggler does all the catering it
is going to be phenomenal phenomenal internet battle plan dot-com and I’ve
got early bird pricing right now at two hundred and fifty dollars a unit if you
want to attend my unit listen to them if they you know doing a present here that
battle plan two hundred and fifty dollars a person becoming talking oh
that’s incredible and then there are principles and
general managers no charge website internet battle plan beyond that that’s
the message and I will tell you I’ve been to I went to a recent battle plenty
it was it I was at the last one or the one before that
and Troy you went to Detroit adroit yeah was that that was the last one in
Greektown because you know indeed Royce which you put on an absolutely fantastic
absolutely fantastic show the the just upper echelon of service of the people
that are presenting and everything absolutely fantastic so for the people
that are watching I can tell you I’ve been there I’ve been connected with Jim
for a number of years but your your internet battle plan conferences but
barn on there they are just the some of the best I’ve ever been to they’re
awesome so thank you technology marketing’s words that absolute
that’s some websites that show room Google’s weapon 100% so Jim thank you so
much for taking the time to join me today share with the the audience here
talk about leadership and management and supervision and the things that we
touched on I really really appreciate you and just
hang tight for a minute I’m gonna go ahead and take us out okay all right and
with that thank you so much everybody for taking the time to tune in and join
me and my guest Jim Ziegler here on this live leadership
lesson from the front absolutely just a ton of wisdom and insight a number of
years of experience and one of the coolest pieces that I take away from
that is you’ve got to evolve you’ve got to evolve or die and Jim is
constantly he said it here he’s constantly reinventing himself he’s
constantly you know learning and recreating and he’s that guy here’s the
way I’ll put it he’s still watching in the wings here’s the way I’ll put it
Jim is certainly still the guy there’s a difference between a trailblazer and a
mapmaker Jim’s a trailblazer he’s that guy that’s got a machete he’s out front
cutting the path and I know he will be just for gosh 20 years 30 more years 40
more years that’s the hope so I’m really excited thank you everybody for taking
the time to tune in and join Jim and I today I really really appreciate you do
me a favor remember I do this every Wednesday and Sunday night I’d love for
you to tune in you can check out more of the live leadership lessons that lead
the team dot TV also if you are an automotive I would encourage you
definitely check out gems internet battle-plan com thank you so much for
taking the time to tune in and join us look forward to seeing you again soon
see you back here and until we speak next I hope you have an absolutely
fantastic day we’ll talk to you soon everybody