(upbeat rock music)
– They’ve risked their lives for our country,
yet it can be just as difficult for veterans,
when they leave the military, to begin a new life
in the civilian workplace. But one company,
Liberty National, truly appreciates
these military people, who have fought for our liberty,
and they offer a wealth of earning potential
for those transitioning veterans with a wealth of ambition. (upbeat rock music)
(vibrant music) – [Narrator] As a 20 year
veteran of the US Marine Corps, Chris Bowling admits life
was fulfilling as a soldier. He flew Navy helicopter
missions for special ops, during Operation
Enduring Freedom, and used his military service
to get a college degree. – I joined right
outta high school, and I have always felt
sort of a sense of duty. I felt like it was something
that I should have done, and that was for me to do my
part in protecting my family, and protecting just the
people of the United States. – [Narrator] But later,
when he transitioned into the civilian job force,
it was a different story. – I wasn’t prepared
for the difficulties of finding a career
after the military. For me, it was a
very difficult time. It was a hard struggle. I went from, when I
retired as a 20 year gunnery sergeant in
the Marine Corps, to taking about a 60% pay cut. (upbeat music)
– [Narrator] Rick Snyder had the same frustration
in finding meaningful work, after completing
his tour of duty in Iraq. He was an engineer in
the army, responsible for locating IEDs and
disarming them. – The comradery that I had
with my brothers over there, you know, everybody
hates it over there. You know, you die
for your brothers, and some folks did. Nine eleven was definitely
the reason for joining. Just felt that
internal tug, you know, it’s kind of like
a patriotic duty. I know that sounds kind of
cliche, but it really was. The transition was really
hard as far as from being, you know, you’re going
90 miles an hour, worried about bombs and
bullets, to coming back home, and expected to flow right
back into the daily lives with bills and–
I mean I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere,
that I wasn’t being valued at all for who I was,
and so I struggled with that. – [Narrator] For both of
these military veterans, civilian life, and their
future, changed dramatically, when their paths crossed
at Liberty National, an American insurance
company founded in 1900, with a keen interest in
recruiting our nation’s finest. – What the folks from the
military bring is integrity. They bring honesty,
they bring a work ethic, they’re disciplined,
they understand that following systems is
critical to survival, and then that translates
very well into our business. – Yeah, we wanna plug
’em into the system, and give ’em something
that, if they follow our track record,
and take our lead, we can show ’em how
to be successful. – [Narrator] Today,
Rick and Chris are both successful agents
at Liberty National; a civilian career
that has truly changed the course of their lives. In Chris’s case, he
met his wife Alex, and was able to pay
cash for a new home they both had dreamed about. Rick also met his wife Melissa,
and they’re enjoying a life together,
doing the kind of things they always wanted to do,
thanks to the leadership training that Rick has received. – And Liberty has given me a
whole ‘nother future out there. Thanks to my military
service, they’ve given me the opportunity to be somebody
that I knew I always could be in the civilian sector. I’m back to saving lives again. – One of the things I
think that we’ve identified with folks from the
military, is they come with a wealth of ambition. You know, and with that
wealth of ambition, I think that we can
provide them with a wealth of opportunity,
as well as a wealth of earning potential. – There’s a place for you to
serve your community here, at Liberty National, and
it’s based on systems, and it’s based on structure,
so it really helps with the transition
from the military world. (upbeat music)
– [Narrator] For vets like Rick and Chris,
there’s now financial freedom, to do the things they want
in life, and make their job pay exactly
what they hope to earn. (upbeat rock music)