Ilena from Romania has asks : She is saying
she’s new to all of this and is asking how will the awakening conscious program help
her with wealth independence especially if she wants to manifest wealth for Mahasadashivoham. Swamiji : Understand,i dont need your faith
or believe.Faith based believe based traditions,help you in long term. Once you show your faith and believe. I am not faith based believe based tradition,I
am integrity based tradition.Understand Hinduism does not demand faith or believe , it only
request integrity.Because we’re integrity based tradition you dont need to worry I am
new, new comers manifest the conscious breakthrough immediately then the so called old long timers,understand
it has nothing to do with time,or familiarity knowing each other, its all about integrity
so when you say i’m new to all this I want to tell you its not minus point its plus point.Second,when
you say how will the awakening wealth conscious program help me ,it will align your whole
thought current and consciousness towards life positive and wealth positive. Now you may be operating from the cognition
of wealth negative, so once your cognition are aligned please understand whether you
work or not, you’re breathing gives life to your cognition,that is why dont go near bad
people even if your breath their air it is bad for you. They will somehow put the negativity in you.Your
whole cognition will be tuned towards wealth positive , life positive,naturally you will
manifest that in your life especially when you want to attend Mahasadashivoham, Mahasadashiva
HImself will support you. Cosmos supports your cosmic expansion.You
make a sankalpa you wanna be here for Mahasadashivoham,Mahasadashiva making it happen is the way He shows he loves
you and he accepts your invitation to enter into you.