Hello Tommy Cash We wanna invite you to Russia I`m comming Hey Tommy Hey man What`s good, bro Hello, my brother Okey I heard it`s dangerous in Russia so I took a gun This is gun? I had this gun when I was a baby Look at my gun Your gun looks too little, man Shut the fuck up and let me show you Russia fucking estonian GIVE ME YOUR MONEY GIVE ME YOUR MONEY brany-money minimum See my duffle, try my booze Share it all, but dont abuse Tinted windows, loaded gun I dont keep the change for fun Brany-money is everywhere I don`t even realy care Choking chicks in public bath For my life is not a big surprise Now I’ve got my own way For that shit I dont pay Brany-money minimum In my dirty pocket’s endless gloom Look man I’m still rockin’ out Party, party, party, never doubt In the super market Tryna find wall carpet Brany-money light my fire Why does everybody fucking lie? If you wanna see the truth Come in to me, don’t be confused Old school russian gangster Supermassive rave star Three stripes every day Russian carpets all the way I squat like Sergey kaif life it`s a party Money comes, money goes But I`ll stay Like Twitter, I will follow you Now scroll my body I`m like really cool Touch me Touch my body IM IN YOUR BLOOD I AM YOUR DRUG I AM YOUR WIND YOUR STUPID DOG YOUR ANGRY MOM YOUR PRECIOUS CUM IM BEST THAT YOU EVER HAD Hello Yeah, the guest was met and shown everything that necessary Yeah, Estonia will be afraid of us Goodbye Hello Eminem We wanna invite you to Russia