how’s it going Kenny here from coming to you from the beautiful state of Washington
alright so what I really want to tell you guys today
all right internet marketing is the number one way to definitely make a lot
of money today all right there are so many ways to make money online that it’s
crazy that not everyone’s doing it yet 20 years from now I guarantee you that’s
gonna be the number one thing everybody’s doing I don’t know why
everyone’s not doing it right now alright what I do want to tell you short
term versus long term in making money alright everyone is trying to get on
social media right now social media is short term making money online yes it is
possible you can make you know thousands a day with just social media but social
media kind of takes away from the long-term effects okay it’s a long term
okay social media you post something Lots of people like it it goes away
it’s gone I mean you could probably you can find it but you know it’s gone long
term making money online is getting a website created that you created from
scratch getting it ranked in search engines
every time you search something anything into Google there is somebody that
created a website that you are going to read from they are gonna make money
because you were reading it that is what the internet is about give people
helpful information on your website and you can make money alright a niche
website you choose an interest so I’m in the outdoors right now I can My interest
can be the outdoors alright anything has to do with outdoors what kind of shoes
are you wearing what kind of clothing do you want to wear what kind of things do
you want to drink while you’re in the outdoors that is a niche a niche can be
anything anything literally anything and all you have to do is talk about it on
your website you can make videos like this one right here or you can learn to
type and make it SEO friendly search engine optimization alright that is
possible so what I’m really trying to do here is I’m trying to get you to get on
now okay now before everybody else is doing it I want you to help
Google and other search engines give them more information that will make you
money I’m trying to teach you how.. how you can make money but you need to see
the proof and you need to see my tips alright so I want you to click this link
right here follow it through it’s gonna take you to
I want you to read what it says alright it’s gonna tell you how to create a
successful online business there’s four major steps and you need to go to it
alright I’m willing to help you all the way through all you have to do is sign
up and message me I will message you back I am here to help you I didn’t make
this video to get thousands of people to sign up and not help them I made this
video to help you I want to help you MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!!!!