Hi, hello guys. We are now in Hotel Heritage Madurai. I am going to do Check-in here, Tbhe main reason why i came here is, this place has Pool Villa, We have a private pool here, We saw this in an app. So I wished to try this place, We booked the room here, [MUSIC] So first we should get the permission to shoot this place, [MUSIC] Yes it is chill, I think it is lime, [MUSIC] The reception are is very huge, The name Heritage suits this place well, The set ups are cool in here, I will show you guys the Swimming Pool, It is Huge!!! [MUSIC] They built this like a Temple Pond, They said this. This is also the reason why I came here, We will surely try this pool today, [MUSIC] Shall we move?? [DINESH TELLS IRFAN THAT THEY WILL EXPLAIN ABOUT ROOM] We got the permission to shoot this place. We can shoot what all we do in here. They will also show all the rooms. This place looks beautiful. [IRFAN CALLS HIS FRIEND] DINESH: They will accompany us, Dude you don’t want to come from the reception huh? DINESH: Let me celebrate my birthday, don’t create any problems dude, They are very friendly, We feel welcomed in here, DINESH: It remembers me of ITC. Exactly. DINESH: In ordered to celebrate my birthday these two guys took this much of efforts. I think they will take us by this car, Vivek is leaving now, He is going to his home and he will come back, Vivek, see you. Not a few minutes, Vivek: I will join you guys in a few minutes. They will take us to our room by a battery car, we will be tired right? So [LAUGHS] We have these kinds of option here, This is the first time I am going in a battery car. I saw these kind of vehicle in a Golf court. it was one of my wish, it has been fulfilled. [MUSIC] During British rule, they used this place like their Club House. These people has renovated the place and they run as a Hotel. They didn’t destroy any buildings, They just changed the place as a Hotel. I will show you guys how it looks from inside, This Hotel is on a main road, Outside there is heavy traffic and transportation taking place, But in here, We couldn’t here any sound from outside. This place is calm, I think this is because of trees in here, I came to know about this place few days before. LADY: Most of Madurai people itself doesn’t hear about this place. [MUSIC] DINESH: Many celebrities has visited this place I think, I saw some photos there, I will show you the photos, We are also going to try this spa today, I will put that too as a review. DINESH: Irfan’s next step. It is going to be a Spa review. This is the place, It is a Kerala set up, [MUSIC] This room has a Living Room too, I don’t know about this before, The main reason was Pool, Sofas are there, LADY: If you have any queries feel free too call us, LADY: Thank you, Bye. She has become a news reader when we began to shoot this place. Floor is of Wooden , As we walk we can hear the sound, [IRFAN HAS BECOME ENTHUSIASTIC] It feel different for me. mostly we don’t walk on wooden floors. There is a window between a room and the living area. Fan is very old and they maintaining this. They also fixed centralized air cooler. Cupboard is here. This is a Famous hotel I guess, They provide all this, Wooden Box is here. Two water bottles, Milk Powder, All this is here. Kettle also here, Here one door is there. How huge it is!!! Fan is there dude!!! [MUSIC] I will show that after wards, for sitting purpose they kept this in here, But I don’t know why should we have a seat in a restroom. They have divided this by one wall, Awesome isn’t it? Restroom itself in a room size. We can play catch and catch game I think. We are going to look out main area. [IRFAN IS EXCITED] [MUSIC] Inside our room, look at the Swimming Pool, [MUSIC] We can bath at anytime, with any dress,or without dress to, Wow!!!!!!!! Look here, After using Pool we can directly go to restroom by this door. We were in a dilemma about the size of it, But it big, Steps are there , We are going to rock it, Tree is there inside and they put pebbles, It is beautiful, next room to has the tree, I think every rooms has a tree, I guess, it is an Almond tree, we should see this place at night, Usually in every Hotel they won’t allow us to bath in a public Pools. but not for this, No one can stop us, from inside it looks cool, while we lied down on the bed we can see the pool, You may ask Why should we see it? Television is there. It is small. But we didn’t come here to watch Television. Look at the fan, It has wire connection too, Old Age Fan I guess, If we want slippers for restroom, We can call and ask, Said in a card, So we called and asked, They came and gave, I will show you that,
This is the one, They have given three slippers, There is no need to pay for this, Let’s check how it is, They made this out of Jute, We can use this in here, The floor is chill hence it is wood, So we can walk on this footwear, [MUSIC] We came here to have our lunch. Inside there is a dine-in. This one is courtyard, I request them to serve the food here, It will be nice to look from your side, They accepted my request. Usually they offer this place to some people who request it. We got the option, If you guys come here and ask for this place, They will surely accept, If the climate is good. Let us order the food now, here they provide us one new type of menu, From that we’ve ordered some of the food, Let us ask him about the food, It looks beautiful, Chef: Made with North Indian Kadai veggies, Chef: In that adding up some Cheese sauce, Chef: Garlic as a accompliment. Paniyaram is a most common dish in Madurai, I couldn’t judge this by seeing it, Chef: Sauce is made up of Rock Salt, Lemon as a accomplishment, EWhen you eat with these three combination, Chef: You can eat as well as you can sip, [MUSIC] Chef: I love smokey smell, I added tandoori Paneer as a stuffing, In non-veg I added Malai chicken as a stuffing, With that when we infuse the smoke, In each bite, you can feel the smokey flavor, Kesaria looks amazing, no too much of spiciness, It is simple, as the chef said the smokey smell, It is different, Tortiya is soft, they made sauce for this, The spiciness hits our throat, Lazaniya, It is purely veg, The spices added in this dish is really awesome. I didn’t have the feeling that, that I am missing non-veg. That much taste it has, It has a little bit of Spiced Curry taste, It is good, Don’t mistake when I say Spiced Curry, When we have the Continental dish, It will be good, and we must accept the way it is, But this one is they’ve infused the Indian Spices, It calls us to have another bite, I’ve never enjoyed a veg lasaniya this much before, Dumpling is there, momo is there, but he has made paniyaram, and infused the chicken inside it, The outer part has some cream, It is amazing. we can’t expect any flavors in it. it is different type of dish, Katti Roll. It is a wheat rotti, It is little bit dry, But the stuffing, Chicken and the fried noodle It has a Chinese food taste. Maybe if I had this while it hot, It might be good. It is refreshing. The netted packing taste is little bit in this whole dish. You would’ve never thought of this infusion before, With Jigardhanda you will have brownie here, He added more Almond Gums, The Jigardhanda itself good here, No icecream in this, Jigardhanda has some milk in it, Almond Gums, at the bottom, he have kept some brownie. It is going good with each other. Brownie is superior in it’s category, Jigardhanda is superior in it’s own, When we merge the both, It gives the excellent taste, If you come here, try this for sure. It tastes awesome!!!! If you are a Vegetarian you must try this lasaniya, In dessert, this one is the killer. [MUSIC] We are going to have a look at another two types of room. Does this car feel like a roller coaster? DINESH: For me? DINESH: It is good but it is not as speedy as the roller coaster. when you were holding it, it was like you are going in a roller coaster. DINESH: The surrounding is awesome here. As the place is covered with green. [MUSIC It is the basic room in this hotel. HER[MUSIC] Here too the floors are wooden, [MUSIC] Here is the balcony. One curtain type wooden stand in the entrance, The place is small, it is like a dressing room, All are same in here, Restroom is big, This room is Rs.5500 per day. This one is the basic room, [MUSIC] This one is the Jefri Bava block, Jefri bava was the one who designed this particular place. He was a famous Architect. His native is Srilanka it seems. Restaurant, cafe and this place were designed by him. They kept his name as the memory of him. This room is little bigger. than the room which we saw before. We have seating arrangement. Same things in here too. It is like a Backyard, This tree is 300 years old. Banyan tree. Here we have a seating arrangement to relax ourselves. It is good, These pillars are built with Old Granite. Restroom, The stones, mirrors are all there, Here some provision is there. we can have some chair, sit and relax. Same cost for both the rooms. Rs.5500 per day. The room which we stays, the floors are wood but here the floors are tiles. So that’s it. Let’s go to our room, [MUSIC] The time now 5.p.m. We are going to have a small check with this place, We are going place an order for tea, We are going to check on how many minutes we are receiving the tea. When he ends up with the order I started counting, That is the door, Here I place my phone, [MUSIC] Now I got a callFrom a room service, Like a confirmation, 16 seconds [IRFAN CONFUSES HIMSELF WITH SECONDS AND MINUTES] DINESH: It is minutes. So it took 16 minutes for them to deliver two teas. It is a good timing. It is a reasonable timing. Let us have a segment like this from now on, just comment if you guys want me to add some other segments, DINESH: Three days before actor Vishal was staying in this same room Yes, DINESH: We are happy that we can enjoy the place which he enjoyed. We are happy that we are able to show you guys that place. No one is here to ask anything , One tea is Rs.95/- Two tea we’ve got, [IRFAN CALCULATES SERIOUSLY] [MUSIC] Tea is awesome. It is strong. They didn’t give us separately. That is a headache, Like this we are shooting right? I will think like, When I look at this video at the time when I reach home, What if someone is standing behind us!! [IRFAN LAUGHS] [MUSIC] How was it? I was thinking if we have wallets or mobile with him. Thank God. [VIVEK HAD A WALLET WITH HIM] [IRFAN LAUGHS] [MUSIC] [VIVEK AND DINESH PLANS TO PUSH IRFAN IN THE POOL] DINESH: I will give you the signal when he comes. You just get in and push him from backside. Timing is more important. I can’t pull him so push from backside. This is the signal. [DINESH ASKING FOR PHONE] DINESH: Don’t be scared, we wont do that. I didn’t wear my T-shirt yet, I got a call suddenly, They ask whether they can deliver a cake to us, I was thinking because I didn’t tell them, I thought Vivek would’ve told them and accepted, But no one said to them. On seeing his ID they sent the cake, We both didn’t ask for it, From the hotel. He is 30 so 3 candles, DINESH: We remember about our age when we meet out birhtday. If we don’t sing then it would be awkward. [IRFAN SINGS BIRTHDAY SONG] Three times you are blowing it, are you showing that you’ve turned 30? I wish another thing on this birthday, if it happens I’ll be double happy. [IRFAN BLESSING DINESH] Do what you like if you want to be happy. DINESH: Like us. yes DINESH: I usually don’t eat cakes, DINESH: it is my birthday. DINESH: He is worst, DINESH: he pushed me in a pool. Vivek: I don’t have any dresses with me. DINESH: Mine was a planned one but for Vivek, Irfan has written a script on his own. DINESH: Poor guy. But you guys dragged me with my phone, because of this guys it took me time to upload the video. if you want to scold, scold these guys. some one is calling me,