– Hey everybody, I’m gunnarolla, and today I’m taking you
on a trip to Vietnam, sponsored by CIBC Aventura. Vietnam is a beautiful
country with very rich history and of course, amazing food,
my number one interest. It’s also a great destination
if you’re on a budget and for this week-long trip
we have $1,500 to spend because that seems to be the magic number when it comes to most
people’s vacation budgets. You can do Vietnam for much less money but that’s not the point of this video. We’re not backpacking and
we’re not roughing it, for this trip we are
balling out on a budget, four-star hotels,
incredible food and scenery. We are going to enjoy luxury
without breaking the bank or having to find a very
rich travel companion. You’ll notice that I didn’t
include the cost of flights in our budget, that’s because the cost of flights can vary a lot depending on when you book and when you plan to travel. Instead, I’m going to use the points that I collected on my CIBC Aventura. Through my regular
spending with this card, I’ve actually accumulated enough
points to cover my flights. Now if you’re like me and you
get really overwhelmed trying to plan a trip, you can get in touch with the Aventura Travel Assistant. They can offer recommendations,
give you advice, and help with all of your bookings. It’s great if you’re looking for something personalized and unique. When I make travel bookings
through my CIBC Aventura card, I don’t have to pay any booking fees and I earn double the points, which I can use toward my next trip. So, looks like we’re
booked and ready to go. I’ll see you in Hanoi. Forgot my wallet. (energetic music) – [Flight Attendant] Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at
Hanoi International Airport. – We’re in Hanoi! – [Woman] 25,000, you have fun. – Alright, I made it
to our hotel transfer. It’s nice and spacious, and cool. Bye! Alright, just arrived at the
hotel, they’re checking us in. Got my fruits, this tea is amazing. Alrighty, can you hear the
hustle and bustle out there? We are gonna get some food, let’s go! Came to Vietnam to eat, so obviously we have to try one of the
most iconic Vietnamese dishes, pho, which is a noodle soup,
it’s amazing, very flavorful. Tucked away in this alley. (slurps) Try an egg coffee. Crossing the street
here takes a little bit of common sense and confidence. If you don’t wanna get hit, pay attention to where you’re going. Vlogging while walking, not the best idea. Alright, so I’m on a rooftop patio at the center of Hanoi Old Quarter. It’s a great place to grab a beverage, people watch, and just take in the beauty of the city at night. Good morning, had some
amazing food last night and today we’re gonna
learn how to make it. Cooking class time, let’s go. My Aventura Travel Assistant
recommended a market tour and cooking class,
knowing that I’m a foodie and that food plays such
a big part in culture, we thought it’d be a good idea to get some hands-on experience. Pretty cool, we’re getting
the local experience. Alright, just arrived at our house. Let’s head inside. (blades rasping) – [Woman] I learned something.
(cleavers chopping) – Learning so much. Time to grill the meat. Look at this, high-tech. (beater whirs) – [Instructor] You can
do it with spring roll, now cover the meat. (students murmuring) – So it’s the weekend, time to
head out to the night market. Obviously night markets are huge in Asia because it gets so hot during the day, so the city really comes alive at night. Okay, this goes on
forever and ever and ever. Every possible type of thing you could ever want to buy is here. I just love being here
right now, in this moment. I often go to food courts alone because I just like being around people, and this is giving me that same energy. I just need to know that I’m not alone. So it’s only midnight, but as you can see, the party has already wrapped up. They tend to wrap pretty early in Hanoi, but that’s okay because
tomorrow we’re catching a flight to Da Neng, and then we head to Hoi An. Let’s go! (airplane engine whirs) Okay, I’m in Da Neng Airport. Gotta find our hotel transfer to take us to our resort hotel. Good morning from Hoi An,
it’s a beautiful morning, super peaceful, you can already tell this place has a very
different vibe than Hanoi. Let’s grab some breakfast. My Aventura Travel Assistant found this awesome luxury resort
hotel for under $100 a night. It’s got an incredible pool, free bike rental, and a spa on-site. Alright, so if you’re in Hoi An you’ve gotta get some
custom-tailored clothes, so let’s go do that. Hoi An is the land of tailors, and this one came highly recommended. I was really impressed
with the quality of service and the materials. Within 48 hours, I had a
brand-new tailored jacket. Apparently Anthony Bourdain’s
favorite bahn mi shop is in Hoi An, but the tailor
told me we should check out another place that’s even
better, so I’m gonna do that. Okay, chicken bahn mi. (bread crunches) Oh my God. If you’re traveling Southeast Asia, massages are key and they’re super cheap, so set aside some of
your budget and enjoy. Hello, thank you. Welcome to the night market, super cute, super romantic, I’m super alone right now. Alright, this place is too cute. Couples in boats, come on. Mmm, yes. Everybody’s out for the night market, this one’s pretty big on lanterns, so it feels really magical. Alrighty, we’re going on
a motorcycle tour today. ‘Kay, here we go. I’m sorry, Mom. (laughs) (wind rushing) The motorcycle ride was my
favorite part of the entire trip. Not only was it an opportunity to see the Vietnamese countryside, it was a chance for me
to just get out there and clear my head and
get some perspective, and for me that’s what
travel is all about. People tend to think that
travel is too expensive, but if you’re diligent
about putting money aside, collecting points, and
being open to destinations that might be unexpected,
it’s totally possible. What the heck? If you’re looking for a destination that’s off the beaten path, that has so many
incredible things to offer and that can be personalized
and unique to your interests, make sure to get out to Vietnam. – [Man] Number one. – I never went to that.
– Every day. Every day you’re number
one. (gunnarolla laughs) See, every day. – [Gunnarolla] Okay, thank you.