[Mal] Marathon Mondays with Mal…
Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach… We’re in the updated X3, so don’t go anywhere,
because you get to see this. Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach and
Marathon Mondays with Mal doing a dual show, you guys. Excited that you’re here,
excited that you’ve come out here, I know this is not your first time here,
but tell us so far about coming back to the plant where the all of these are built,
what’s your experience like so far? [Randy] Well you know, this is our second time
here, and the first time was almost, I don’t want to say overwhelming, but just so impressive…
[Dawn] Very impressive, and hard to soak it all in, actually. [Randy] We love– one thing we do when
we’re out in the parks and visiting with people is, we always encourage them: you
have, you know, before you make a decision, you need to come here. You need to come to the plant. The plant is the story. I mean, the vision that Bob Schoellhorn had so many years ago,
and to come and see what it is today, is amazing to me. I’m just overwhelmed… every time I come here, it’s like way back in the 80’s, early 90’s, this vision was his.
And today it’s still standing, still going, still fits what we’re doing. It’s just amazing.
[Mal] I love the fact that you brought that up, Randy, because I
feel that a lot when I go out. I just got back from Indio, you know, you guys are
out there a lot more than I am, representing the company.
It’s a big part of our culture. It is. It’s Bob Schoellhorn, Steve Schoellhorn, our
owner, you know, it’s a big part of our culture. Not just historically, but a big part of what we do today.
[Randy] It is, yeah. [Mal] So, let’s talk about it. Now, don’t go anywhere–
because we’re gonna be talking about the Updated X3. But let’s talk about when you
guys are gonna reveal the updated X3. Where are you going to be showing
the X3 for the first time? [Randy] Well, I believe we’re gonna be
the only ones showing it… [Mal] You’re absolutely right!
[Randy] …at the Prevost Motorhome Coach Expo.
[Mal] Excellent. Now, where is that? [Randy] West Palm, Florida.
Yep, so it’s a big show, it lasts for two days. I believe the Tuesday before the show there’s a lot of seminars, so if you want
to come and learn everything Prevost, you can come, and I believe Alan is coming
for us, to speak. Al Christiansen, the #1 Marathon employee will be there to give a little seminar.
[Mal] I didn’t know that. That’s great. So February 12 and 13 is the actual show.
What’s going on on the 11th? [Randy] The 11th will be a full day of seminars,
so a lot of Prevost stuff, and Marathon will be talking, so yeah! It’s an event, you really need to come, if you can, for all three days,
because it’s a lot of celebration, and they get live music, and dinners, and everything. So it’s more than just the show.
[Mal] For you Marathon Monday watchers,
whether it be Facebook or YouTube, I need you to go to the Prevost-Stuff website and
register to go to this show. Come see Randy and Dawn, and take a look
at this new X3. We’re gonna give you a sneak peek today, but if you want to see the
updated X3 – and we’ve got all kinds of different changes to the X3, it’s exciting– your
only and first opportunity, not only, but your first opportunity to seeing, you
guys, is gonna be with these two down at West Palm at that show. [Randy] I can be reached at [email protected] and Dawn at [email protected]
Just email us, drop us a line. Yep, and then we’ll also have Kasey. Kasey Hess will be there with us,
and Preston Green will be there with us, so we expect it to be a busy time,
so we want to make sure we have enough people there for everybody. Okay everybody, so here we are: Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach with Mal.
It’s not Monday, but it’s a beautiful way to look at the new X3 – the Updated X3 – now look:
I’m excited about this, but I don’t know a lot about this. I don’t know, but I
think we should go to the back. One of the things that they talk about in the new X3, the updated X3, is the ceiling height. Now pardon all the dust, because we’re right in the
middle of the production floor you guys, but that’s the way you get to see it.
When you go to the West Palm show and meet with these guys, this coach will be…
[Randy] This coach, this is the coach that’s going to be there. [Mal] And this is the
only updated X3. So, the ceiling height is three inches higher in the updated X3.
[Randy] This is amazing, I mean I’m about 5’10”, 5’11”. [Mal] You and I are
about the same height. [Randy] Yes, it’s just amazing, you know, how tall it is.
[Mal] My ID says I’m six foot, my wife says I’m 5’10”, 5’11”. So one of the things
that Randy and Dawn are gonna show you at West Palm is this amazing wiring back
wall because it’s modern art. It’s kind of organized Jackson Pollack, if you guys
know what I’m talking about. It’s beautiful. If you’re gonna
go to the show, you’ve got to see this back part of the updated X3. [Randy] And what a
large closet, I mean this is, I mean now it doesn’t look like a closet, but when
this is done, you got your washer/dryer here, and then just a lot of space for clothing and storage.
[Mal] I think that’s a very good point. There’s good utilization of space here to make it such a large walk up or walk-in closet. Definitely. So what do you guys
think about this floorplan? You’ve been here at the mothership for a couple of days, tell me what you guys think. [Randy] Well, you know, we live in a coach full-time,
so it’s very important to us how a coach functions.
And we mare constantly learning. We just moved out of 1177, which was a bunk coach
with one bathroom. [Mal] What are you in now? Now we are in Coach 1283, it’s a great
floor plan, which if you’re interested in a pre-owned Marathon, it’s a
great coach. [Mal] Tell us about that floorplan. [Randy] It’s a bath and a half, which
which works out really nice, it doesn’t take long – we lived with one bath for a
long time and thought hey, this works great. But once you get one on this side of the bed and one on that side of the bed, [Dawn] It’s very easy to get used to.
[Randy] It’s always a struggle when it comes to adding a bath, what do you do
with storage, where is the storage, but it didn’t take us long to adapt to, you know,
the towels go in the hallway, they’re not in the bathroom. So, very
functional, great coach, I mean the colors are great. So, this is kind of different, I like this.
You know, you got the big closet in the back, you got the
washer and dryer back here. This is a mid-bath – actually,
both water closets are right in the middle. [Mal] You know, Jay Graham,
our lead engineer, was telling me about the water closet that’s attached to the
bedroom – it’s more like an en suite, and when you get to about where
Armand and the camera are, you can actually get that feeling of
yes that water closet is part of the bedroom, not part of the hallway.
And I think that’s the feel and layout that Jay Graham was going for.
[Randy] So Mal, what I noticed, as we’re talking I’m looking over your shoulder – another new
great design, I mean, you don’t even know what that is do you?
Go ahead and grab the lip right there, Mal. Just pull
down. Look at that, now how nice is that? You can put pants
in there, shorts in there, what great storage. [Mal] There’s a lot of storage in here.
This is my first time seeing this, I’m glad you pointed this out.
Take a look at this you guys, instead of it being that traditional over-the-bed
storage, this is quite large, and you don’t even know that it’s there.
It’s almost like in an airplane storage. That is exciting.
[Dawn] Our scooters would fit in there.
[Mal] Ha! That is so great! [Mal] Let’s go take a look at that water closet.
[Randy] Yeah, let’s do that. [Mal] So here’s the water closet
in the updated X3. I guess we should, at this point, stop calling it the “updated X3.”
We should refer to it as Marathon #1317, because otherwise I’ll never remember.
So good storage, large shower. I’m really excited that we were able to find the room to do the large shower in this, what Jay Graham kind of calls the en suite full bath. [Randy] And you know what’s awesome is, a lot of times when the shower is in the middle and it’s in
the hall, which is very good use of space, a lot of times you you shut the doors
to the back of the coach. Where here, this like you said, is almost like a
bathroom suite where the full bathroom actually closes off and
the coach is still totally functional front to back. Look at how
roomy, I mean the three of us standing here, this feels very roomy right here.
[Mal] So anyway, we’ve looked at the basics of the floorplan,
another thing that Pete Sutton texted me about that is really important, is the
additional visibility for the cockpit for the driver and the co-pilot.
I don’t know if we can really see it at this point, because we’re still in this
phase of putting the coach together, but Randy, Dawn, you guys do a lot of driving.
So, how important is it, I mean, there’s a lot of natural light in a Prevost
chassis, in a Marathon. So talk to us about the drivability, and I think that sounds great to have more visibility. [Randy] Well that’s one of the things that
I think we love about traveling in a Prevost.
I always tell people it’s like going down the highway on the hood of a car.
Yeah, it’s total visibility, and so it’s just such a great way to see the country.
I mean, you just have such a view of everything that you’re driving through.
And looking at it, yeah, you can see that the visibility – it looks a
little more aerodynamic in the front. [Mal] . Weren’t they going for that?
[Randy] I think so, and it’s really hard to describe, so I’m excited for everyone to see it, because I don’t
know what word sums it up the best to be honest with you. [Mal] That’s a good point.
Well you’re going to be one of the first people to drive this coach, probably, either before
the show or after the show, so it’ll be interesting to get on the
Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach show, your perspective of the updated X3 from the drivability side.We’ll be looking to you guys in your show for that input.
That’s just a teaser for later! That being said, guys, you know how to get a hold of me, I am NOT gonna be down at this show but Marathon has a huge footprint, so as soon
as you walk in that show, you guys are right there. [Randy] In the past, that’s where we’ve
been, and I would expect– I mean, that’s where we’ve been since the show started.
I would imagine that’s where we will be again. You’re not going to miss Marathon, and you’re not going to miss the updated X3. We will be the only converter to have the updated X3 at this show,
down in West Palm, so please go there and check it out. For those of you
on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe and like. For those of you on Facebook,
we appreciate your following, continue to do so, and if you haven’t watched Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach, you need to. Anyway everybody, thank you so much for
watching the joint show, Marathon Mondays with Mal and Randy, Dawn and a Marathon Coach.
Don’t forget that West palm show is huge. If you’re thinking about getting into a Prevost, come see these guys and check out what Marathon
has for you guys. Don’t forget to be yourself and do good things – that’s how
I’m trying to live my life. You guys, thank you so much, thank you again. You know, I want this to be more often, because like I said earlier, you guys
bring such an energy that is very similar to the way people are here
at the mothership, so a big thanks to Randy and Dawn for taking the time and a
big thanks to Armand behind the camera, we’ve been a little long-winded,
but it wouldn’t be long winded if I wasn’t around, I’m out of control.
[Randy] It’s the excitement of the new X3.
[Mal] That’s right! It’s exciting. Take care, you guys.