GLORIA: Hello everybody,
welcome to the Believers Voice of Victory.
Pastor George is back with us talking to us about
wealth, how, what is it today? GEORGE: How to
handle wealth. GLORIA:Today is how to handle wealth, GEORGE:
Yup, how to handle wealth. GLORIA: That’s important because
the love of money’s the root of all evil. GEORGE: Sure. GLORIA:
So if you handle it wrong, GEORGE: Yup. GLORIA: It’s going
to hurt you. GEORGE: Oh, that’s, that’s a good statement. GLORIA:
We’re going to handle it right. What would be handling right?
Well, you’d give God the first and best 10% off the top.
GEORGE: Yup. GLORIA: And that had helped you a lot to
keep out of the love of money. Then you would just begin to
prosper and prosper and prosper and prosper, and you would just
grow financially. You’re still tithing, then you’re tithe would
get so big you could build church buildings. GEORGE: Come
on. GLORIA: Whatever the Lord wanted you to do. Hallelujah.
GEORGE: You just said something too, if you handle it, if you
handle it, what did I write? GLORIA: Right. GEORGE: Right.
Yeah. I can’t read my writing, I was writing so fast. If you
handle it right, if you handle it wrong, rather, if you handle
it wrong, it’s going to hurt you. Now that is quite a
statement. If you handle money incorrectly, GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: It’s going to hurt you. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
I have never heard that before. We’ve seen it. GLORIA: Well
think about what a protection that is from the love of money.
If you give God the first and best. GEORGE: Yup. GLORIA: Of
your increase. GEORGE: Yup. GLORIA: You’re going to be in a
safe place. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: But if you think, you
know, you increased a little bit and you think, well, you know, I
just, I sure do need to do this or that or the other. I need a
new car or I need this and that. No, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll catch you
later, Lord. GEORGE: I’ll catch you later. GLORIA: No, that
won’t work. That just won’t work. GEORGE: Yeah. Well, you
said yesterday, you said tithing is a shield to protect you from
the love of money. GLORIA: Yah it is. I believe that. GEORGE:
So we, we have to keep these things in mind when we’re
talking about how to handle the wealth that we have. GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: I’ve had, I’ve great examples of you and
Kenneth over all of these years watching you, the two of you,
how you handle your finances and you are givers. You are tithers.
GLORIA: Absolutely. GEORGE: You are givers. You are sowers.
We’ve sown a number, oh, probably 30 or more aircraft
from this ministry into other ministries. GLORIA: Yah, i think
that’s right. GEORGE: It’s been a lot. It’s been a lot that’s
gone out. So in this study that we’re talking about here, we’re
talking about how, how to handle that wealth. The foundation
scripture at the top of your pages. 1 Timothy 6:17 -19.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: Paul was saying to Timothy, “Charge them
that are rich in this world” tell them, instruct them.
GLORIA: You know the word charge it has some force to it. GEORGE:
Yeah. GLORIA: In other words, that’s not a suggestion. GEORGE:
That’s true. GLORIA: He was charging them, you do this.
GEORGE: Yah, you do this. That’s so true Gloria, that was not,
that was not some light remark that he was making. You charge
them, you tell them. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: You get
all of those wealthy people together and you tell them, “do
not be high minded, do not trust in uncertain riches, but in the
living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy.” Now that’s
a statement right there isn’t it? GLORIA: Yah, that’s the
result of doing it right. GEORGE: Well exactly, that’s the
result of doing it right. “He gives us richly all things to
enjoy.” GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: So, and then
he says here “that they do good, that they be rich in good works,
ready to distribute, willing to communicate; laying up in store
for themselves, a good foundation against the time to
come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.” GLORIA: Amen.
GEORGE: I want to center up today on those two little words
right there. They do good. They do good. He was telling the
wealthy in the church that they are to do good. GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: Why? GLORIA: Do good with your money. GEORGE:
Yeah. Do good with your money, do good things with your money.
Do things that will promote the Kingdom, do things that will
bring glory to God. I wrote down here in the notes, why would
Paul have to point out the obvious, do good with your
money, because the rich had a reputation for using their money
to do wicked things. GLORIA: That’s interesting. GEORGE: So
he was literally having to tell them, tell them to do good with
their money and not bad. You were talking yesterday about
when, when wealth begins to grow in a person’s life and as they
go along, there are certain points in life that they
crossover tests, if you will. GLORIA: Yup. GEORGE: The tithe
test. GLORIA: That’s a big one sometimes. GEORGE: When they get
a lot of money, they begin to think of themselves, wow that
tie is huge. I could use that tithe for something else.
GLORIA: But what if you started out with $10 and your tithe was
a dollar that would, if you started, GEORGE: Yah. GLORIA: If
you started. GEORGE: If you started there. GLORIA: Where you
were, you can do it. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Yeah, and then you
got $10 million, then you’d give a million. But you’re already
there. GEORGE: You’re already there. You’re already GLORIA:
You’re already flowing. GEORGE: You’re already doing good with
your money, and that’s what you do when you tithe. GLORIA:
You’re already receiving your return. You know it works.
GEORGE: Yeah. Well, when you tithe, you’re doing good with
your money. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:Because you’re
returning to the Lord what belongs to him, so that he can
open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing so big that
you can’t contain it all. Well, it’s the same thing with sowing,
sowing into the Kingdom of God, doing good with your money. This
thought just came to me as you were talking about the wealth of
the wicked. The wicked is that way, because think about this,
they’re not tithing, they’re not giving back to the Lord. So they
step out from under that protection of the tithe and they
put themselves in harms way by not doing so. GLORIA: And what
would you call it? What would that be? The love of money.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Is the root of all evil. GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: So that means the love of money. GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA:
Is dangerous. GEORGE: Oh. GLORIA: You love money more than
you love the Lord. GEORGE: That’s a dangerous place to be.
GLORIA: You’re in a hard place. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:But.
GEORGE: Yah. GLORIA: If you’ll tithe, you’ll give him the first
and the best GEORGE: First and the best. GLORIA: Ten percent of
your increase you’ll be safe. GEORGE: If you give. GLORIA:
You’ll be blessed. GEORGE: If you, I’m trying to think of a
Gloria quote that you gave some years ago. If you give him the
first and the best, he’ll be able to bless you with the rest.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: I think that’s what I think that’s
what you said. GLORIA: Something like that. GEORGE: That’s pretty
good. GLORIA: He’ll be able to bless the rest. GEORGE:To bless
the rest, that’s what it was. That’s what it was. You give him
the first and the best. He’ll be able to bless the rest. GLORIA:
Or God will bless the rest. GEORGE: God will bless the rest.
GLORIA: Yeah, that’s right. GEORGE: That’s a good one. Well,
and that’s what we do, we do good with our giving. So the
wicked, there is the wealth of the wicked, and those wicked
things lead to disaster in their lives. Look at this. GLORIA: The
more money the wicked have, the more they do wicked things,
which brings damnation upon them, their lives and they can
do drugs, they can do alcohol. They cab do this, they can do
that. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: But don’t be that way. GEORGE: Don’t
be that way. Don’t be that way. It says in Proverbs 1:18-19 in
point two there Gloria, says these men, talking about the
wealth of the wicked, “These men lie in wait for their own
blood.” They waylay only themselves. GLORIA: Hmm. GEORGE:
“Such is the end of all who go after ill gotten gain, it takes
away the lives of those who get it.” GLORIA: Wow. That’s strong
isn’t it. GEORGE: This Proverbs 13:11 it says, “dishonest money
dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little
makes it grow.” I liked this new living translation well from
get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard
work grows over time.” Then this Matthew Henry commentary “wealth
gotten by dishonesty or vice has a secret curse. GLORIA: Wow, I
believe that. GEORGE: Which will speedily waste it. Then Proverbs
28:8 “income from charging high interest rates will end up in
the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor.” That’s the
wealth transfer. We’re talking here about what he was saying to
the, to the wealthy. He is saying, you’ve got to do good
with your money. You can’t do these kinds of things. You
can’t, you can’t charge high interest rates because it’s
going to end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor.
Then Proverbs 28:20, “A faithful man shall abound with blessings,
but he who makes haste to be rich at any cost shall not be
unpunished.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:These are all
scriptures Gloria, that talk about the conduct of the wealthy
and how they need to act, and how they need to conduct
themselves with their wealth. GLORIA: I think that, the
revelation of tithing is a safeguard for we’re finances and
money are concerned. If you take, if you start out wherever
you start out, like Ken and I started out kind of, we were,
let’s just say we lacked a lot. GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah. GLORIA:If
would’ve said well, you know, we know we’re supposed to tithe,
but we just can’t afford it. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You’re
kidding me, you can’t afford not to tithe. If you’re in that
condition, you better start tithing. GEORGE: You better do
it. GLORIA: If you just got $10 you better pop out $1 and tithe.
GEORGE: You better pop that out. Yeah. GLORIA: That’s where your
increase is. GEORGE: Yah, that’s where it is. That’s where it is.
GLORIA: It’s a safety, tithings a safety from the love of money.
GEORGE: These. GLORIA: And then the real love of money is no
light weight deal, the Bible says it’s the root of all evil.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:So we can’t afford to love money. Tithing is
a cure. GEORGE: I like that, tithing the is a cure. I like
what your bringing out about this, because when Paul was
telling Timothy to tell the rich what they were to do and not do,
he was charging them. He was commanding them. GLORIA: Yes,
that’s right. GEORGE: I suspect that tithing came up in that
conversation. GLORIA: I wouldn’t be surprised. GEORGE: Don’t you
think that those wealthy people, very possibly, were not tithing
in the church? GLORIA: I expect so. GEORGE: I would think so.
GLORIA: Somebody wasn’t tithing. GEORGE: Yes, somebody wasn’t.
GLORIA: Even if your poor you need to tithe if you want to
increase. GEORGE:Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It’s the key. It is the
key. It’s the foundational basis really, to the increase in our
lives is the tithing, and that’s doing good. That is doing good
with your money, because you’re giving the Lord the first and
the best. GLORIA: Yes, that’s right. GEORGE: Like you said,
you give the Lord the first and the best, he will be able to
bless the rest. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: The rest of it is
blessed. The rest of it is protected. Satan cannot steal
from us when we’re tithers. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
Because, the blessing of the tithes is on those finances.
GLORIA: You know what though, George? GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:
You have to, you still have to tithe in faith. You still have
to believe. GEORGE: Yeah, you do. GLORIA: For the blessing of
the tither. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: I mean you can’t just
tithe, then go live a stupid life, not use your faith.
GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: And prosper. GEORGE: Right. GLORIA:
So, it takes faith and obedience. GEORGE:It really does
to do that, whether you don’t have money or you have a lot of
money. What you’re bringing out here Gloria, you’re really,
you’re really pressing on this point of tithing, which is so
important. It’s so important, especially in our lives when we
start out at at just not very much money to begin to practice
that tithing then, and to continually do that throughout
the rest of your life as you increase. GLORIA: If you don’t
tithe on the first hundred, you’re not gonna tithe on the
first thousand. GEORGE: Right, exactly. GLORIA: But, we learned
that tithing was necessary. GEORGE: It’s key. GLORIA: If we
wanted to prosper. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: That’s where the
blessing was, because that’s what the Word says. GEORGE:
Yeah. It says, well, I just, I opened my Bible here to Malachi
three, we’re talking about this tithing. Will a man rob God?
It’s not on my notes, I just opened it up “Will a man rob
God? Yet you’ve robbed me. But you say, Wherin have we robbed
thee? In tithes and offerings? You’re cursed with a curse.”
GLORIA: See there you have it. GEORGE: “For you have robbed
me.” GLORIA: Is that Malachi what? GEORGE:Malachi 3:8-9,
you’ve robbed me, even the whole nation. But Malachi 3:10 says,
“Bring all the ties into the storehouse.” The amplified Bible
says “the whole 10% of your income that there may be meat in
my house, and prove me now, prove me in this, says the Lord
of hosts, “if I’ll not open the windows of heaven.” I did a
little study on the word open, I’ve written it in my Bible, it
means cut loose and throw open. GLORIA: Okay, oh good. GEORGE:
So you cut loose. GLORIA: Good. GEORGE: “So I found not that cut
loose that opened the windows of Heaven and pour you out a
blessing.” GLORIA: Cutlet. GEORGE:”That there shall not be
room enough to receive it” and listen to the promise of the
tither. “I’ll rebuke the devour for your sakes he’ll not destroy
the fruits of your ground, neither shall your vine cast her
fruit before the time in the field sayeth the Lord of hosts.
All nations will call you blessed, for you shall be a land
of delight, sayeth the Lord of hosts.” That is the protection
of the tither. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: That’s what. GLORIA:We
never increase until we started tithing. Of course we started,
when we heard about it, but until we heard about it and did
it. GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: There wasn’t any increase. GEORGE:
Exactly, exactly. GLORIA: In fact there may have been
decrease. GEORGE: Well go to your second page there, Gloria.
GLORIA: This is good, George. GEORGE: It’s very good. GLORIA:
Good stuff. GEORGE: Now, I’m really excited to get to this
part. GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: So, we’re talking about properly
handling wealth. The sages of the Jewish commentaries say that
“judgment is sometimes in riches.” Now what I’m doing
here, Gloria, I’m actually quoting, GLORIA:I’ve never heard
that before. GEORGE: I’m quoting you. GLORIA: Oh. GEORGE: This
was a series that you did called true prosperity, and I was
quoting what you were saying, evidently you got this
information. So I’m actually quoting what Gloria, I was
quoting something you were quoting. Okay? GLORIA: Okay.
GEORGE:So the sages of the Jewish commentary say that
“judgment is sometimes in riches.” How could that be? So
now this is where you’re speaking. “For example, look at
an entertainer or an athlete that never had money and is now
making lots of money. He has more money than he knows what to
do with. But because he’s not born again and spirit filled and
is living in a dark world, he won’t be taking it to the
church.” Ah, the tithe. GLORIA: I don’t remember saying that.
GEORGE:The tithe. Where’s, where’s he going to take it?
“He’s going to take it to the drug dealer, to the beer joint
and to immorality. He can buy all the immorality and drugs
that he wants. That is why so many of these people are in
trouble.” GLORIA: That’s true. GEORGE: “Financially, they have
the world on a string, but the world is all they have. Gloria,
this is brilliant. Their money drives them to judgment.” Now
you also said. GLORIA: That is so true. GEORGE: You go on to
say, “whether money is good or bad, depends on who has the
money.” GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:”When the righteous have
money, they do good things with it. When the wicked have money,
they do bad things with it, and those bad things lead to death
many times at an early age.” You said “you might ask why would
that famous person throw his life away? The reason is
because, he doesn’t know what else to do with it. He’s living
in the kingdom of darkness. You can’t look at the rich and
wonder how they got their money. Money acquired by ill gotten
gain is not from God. You could be part of the mafia and love
lots of money, but you probably won’t live out your full number
of days.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: I thought that was a
profound statement there. Drug money, that kind of thing.
GLORIA: Yeah, yeah. Sure. GEORGE: What happens to all of
the ill gotten gains, ill gotten gain money? It goes right into
the hands of the just. GLORIA: It does, it does. GEORGE: So you
want to be one of those hands. Well says Gloria, “get it
together and you can be,” that’s really good. GLORIA:True
prosperity is the ability to use God’s power. GEORGE: Right.
GLORIA: To meet the needs of mankind in every realm of life.
That’s what Brother Copeland said GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: In
the Laws of prosperity. GEORGE:So in this, this what
we’re talking about here, what Paul was saying to Timothy to
tell the rich, do good with your money. Doing good with your
money includes number one, tithing. As you’ve been talking
about, that has to start as number one and it has to go out
through the rest of our lives. That’s the 10%. GLORIA: Yah.
GEORGE: That is the 10% off of the top of the gross of the
income that comes in. People fight that gross and net
business. If you want the fullness. GLORIA: Let us help
you. GEORGE: Yah let us help you. Let us take care of this
for you. GLORIA: Go ahead, take care of it George. GEORGE: Well,
it is, it’s the gross. It’s the entire income or what. GLORIA:
Increase. GEORGE: Increase in what the Lord said in Malachi
3:10 in the amplified, “the whole 10% of the income.” So
what we have to do in doing good with our money, we tithe.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: Then we sow our seed. We sow seed, into
the Kingdom of God. That whenever the Lord prompts us or
tells us to sow into a certain thing or another thing, that’s
what we do. We’re quick to obey. GLORIA: Right. GEORGE: That’s
what you and Kenneth have done, to be quick to obey and to be
able to, sow when the Lord tells us to sow. GLORIA: Well, if you
want to prosper, that’s what you need to do. GEORGE: Yeah. You’ve
got to be, you’ve got to be obedient to that. We have to be.
We have to be. What you said in here. GLORIA: Give and it shall
be given unto you. How? Just whatever you got, no, good
measure. GEORGE: Good measure. GLORIA: pressed down, GEORGE:
Yep. GLORIA: Shaken together, running over shall men give unto
your bosom. GEORGE: Yep. Exactly. GLORIA: So a giver is
prosperous. A giver increases. GEORGE: Yeah. Right. Yeah.
GLORIA: You’d be a tither and a sower. You’re going to do well.
GEORGE: Yup. GLORIA: You’re going to increase, be blessed.
GEORGE: We’ve talked about this before. We’ve talked about, just
how the wealthy handle their money. I’ve shared with you
different examples of hotels that I’ve been in, where the
people that actually work in the hotels, whether they’re the, the
people that clean the rooms, the maids and so forth. We’ve had
conversations before about how cheap wealthy people are, and
how much and how much they don’t give and how much they don’t tip
and things like that. It’s just amazing. It’s amazing to me,
with people with that kind of money and just how cheap they
are, but, but they’re not motivated by the love of God. So
what we have to do, GLORIA: Well, there is such a thing as a
miser. GEORGE: Hmm. Yeah. GLORIA: What’s the definition of
a monster? GEORGE: A miser. A miser. GLORIA: He hoards it up.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And he piles it up. GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: Then something happens to it. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And
it’s all gone. GEORGE: Yeah. But what we do, is when we sow it
into the kingdom of God, then we have the blessing of the tither
and we have the hundred fold return of the sower. GLORIA: The
increase continues. GEORGE: The increase continues. It just
continues, it continues. We have like 30 seconds left. I have, I
think I’ve got a scripture here that I can read to you, and
quickly. We can sum this up this way, “There is he that scatters
and yet increases.” GLORIA: Yep. GEORGE: “And there is he that
withholds more than in need, but that tends to poverty. GLORIA:
In other words he withholds more than he should. GEORGE: Than he
should. Good. “The liberal soul shall be made fat or prosper and
he that waterith shall be watered also himself.” GLORIA: I
believe that and we’ve walked it out, I know it’s true.
GEORGE: It is true. GLORIA: Glory to God, George
and I’ll be right back. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.