GLORIA: Hello everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory.
Pastor George is back with us on how to handle wealth.
Hallelujah. GEORGE: Gloria- GLORIA: You’ve given us
some good stuff on this wealth business. GEORGE: This has been
such a joy to be with you and today is our one year
anniversary. 365 broadcasts. GLORIA: Wow. GEORGE: Now it took
us, I’m not saying we’ve been doing this for a year. We’ve
been doing this together since 2010. The broadcasts that we’ve
done total now 365. Gloria, this is one year of prosperity
broadcasts. GLORIA: That’s awesome. GEORGE: Isn’t that
something? GLORIA: That is enough for everybody to be rich.
GEORGE: That is. It really is. GLORIA: Enough word. GEORGE: And
I remember- GLORIA: I want some testimonies too. GEORGE: Well,
I’ve got some here. I’ve got some for you I’m going to read.
GLORIA: Oh good, you’ve got some. GEORGE: But I remember
when I first started doing this with you and I said to you, I
made the comment to you. I said, “Gloria, you just can’t exhaust
the subject of prosperity.” And you said, “Let’s try.” GLORIA:
So we tried. GEORGE: We have tried. And there’s so much.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: There’s so much. GLORIA: It’s so important
to me. GEORGE: And it comes the more you study it, the more
light that comes, and the more revelation that comes. And
there’s several things that you said, a number of things on
these last two weeks that just have really stirred in me-
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: About things that need to be
taught. Things that need to be said. And I wanted to encourage
you, Gloria, that people are watching. GLORIA: That’s good.
GEORGE: They’re watching. And we really do, we want your
testimonies. I want to read them on the broadcast. GLORIA:
Oh yeah. That’s so exciting. GEORGE: But I want to read
several of these to you. GLORIA: Okay, good. GEORGE: This one
writes I’ve been studying and listening to the promotion
series with Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons for the
past month. You and I did a two weeks series on God’s system
of promotion. GLORIA: Oh, yeah. GEORGE: I was up for a promotion
at my current job last month that I thought I was going to
get, but that door closed. I was disappointed, but kept soaking
myself in the word of God and meditating constantly on Psalm
75:6, talking about that God is the source of our promotion.
Promotion comes from Him. Gloria Copeland mentioned in the series
that you don’t have to chase promotions. Promotions will
chase you. I like that. GLORIA: I don’t remember that. That’s
good. I like it. GEORGE: I think that’s a great comment. That’s
what happened to me last week. God opened a bigger and better
door for me in which I don’t have all the qualifications for,
but God qualified and favored me to get the position. GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: They wrote God also allowed the
interviewers to grant me favor. I will be in a supervisory role
at a large company with great benefits and pay. GLORIA: Wow.
GEORGE: Glory to God. Thank you Gloria Copeland and Pastor
George Pearsons for encouraging me not to give up on my
promotion. My faith has really developed through your teachings
and I’ve become excited about learning about the benefits that
come with serving the Lord and being faithful to His word.
GEORGE: Here’s another one. Thank you Pastor George and
Gloria for teaching on bulldog faith. We had a great time
teaching on bulldog faith. GLORIA: Yeah, I liked that.
GEORGE: I’ll have to listen to it many times to eat the whole
meal. That’s really a great statement. Faith comes by
hearing and hearing and hearing by the word of God. I’ll have
to order two more because I was talking about the teaching in
our Bible study and now people want it. And this is a 20 year
partner that writes. GLORIA: That’s awesome. GEORGE: And then
this last one. This is so good. I’ve been going through Pastor
George and Gloria’s ten days of prosperity and studying and
taking their teachings very seriously because I don’t want
to live life anymore the way I did before I started the series.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: In the past two weeks I have
received random checks in the mail that I was not expecting
from companies from which they came. One was from a class
action lawsuit that I didn’t even file. GLORIA: Go figure.
GEORGE: The other from my insurance company from a mistake
that they made. Both times when I received the check, I praised
God for it, blessed my seed and tithed it again. I fully trust
and believe the blessing is operating in my life. GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: And God will continue to supply seed to the
sower. I am proud to be a sower and a tither. Thank you so much
for your teachings. Learning what you are teaching will
result in generational wealth in my family. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: From now until Jesus returns. GLORIA: You got it.
GEORGE: My family will never, ever be broke again. Praise God.
GLORIA: Praise the Lord, George. Doesn’t that bless us? GEORGE:
Praise God. GLORIA: My goodness. GEORGE: So Gloria, on our one
year teaching anniversary of prosperity, we get to hear these
good testimonies. GLORIA: That’s awesome. GEORGE: And we’ll
finish this week, today, talking about how to handle wealth.
And we’ve been reading this scripture every day from 1
Timothy 6:17, Charge them that are rich in the world that they
not be high minded, but trust in uncertain riches, but in
the living God. Nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the
living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy that they do
good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute,
willing to communicate, laying up in store for themselves a
good foundation against the time to come that they may lay hold
on eternal life. GLORIA: That’s a great scripture. GEORGE: So
this what we’re talking- GLORIA: 1 Timothy six. GEORGE: Really,
what we’re talking about today and it’s really appropriate for
this 365th broadcast that we’ve done. It comes right back to
giving. It comes back to the willingness, being ready to
distribute and willing to communicate. And that’s what
Paul was telling Timothy to tell the rich people of their church.
You’ve got to be ready to distribute. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: You’ve got to be willing to communicate. Or you need to
be willing to give. And I look within myself, Gloria, and all
these years, all the 43 plus years that I’ve known you. Wow.
We’ve known each other a long time. That I’ve studied you and
studied you and Kenneth and the teachings that you’ve had. One
thing of many that I’ve noticed about the two of you, you have
always been ready to distribute and you’ve been willing to
give. GLORIA: We believe in it. GEORGE: All the ti- … I
remember one particular convention that I knew the
financial condition of the ministry. This was years ago. I
knew the financial condition of the ministry and I knew that we
needed those offerings. And I remember one night we received
the offering at that convention and the Lord spoke to brother
Copeland and told him to give that entire offering to another
ministry. Well, he wasn’t thinking about the lack. He
wasn’t thinking about what we didn’t have. GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: He was hearing from the Spirit of God and
he was ready. He was ready to distribute and he was willing
to communicate. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And that’s the way we
should be. That’s the way Paul was teaching Timothy to tell the
wealthy of their church. They needed to be ready to
distribute. So take a look here, Gloria, at the notes. In A one
Paul knew that the rich had a tendency towards being tight
fisted with their money. In Mark 12:41-44 Jesus watched how the
people gave. Remember he was standing there watching them
throw their money in. And in verse 44, for they gave a tiny
part of their surplus, but she, the widow, poor as she is has
given everything she had to live on. GLORIA: She gave it all.
GEORGE: She gave it all. She gave it all. She was ready to
distribute. She was willing to communicate and that particular
offering, think about being that woman and being in the Bible.
GLORIA: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-she made the book. GEORGE: She made
the book. She made the book. GLORIA: She had given everything
she had to live on. GEORGE: And Jesus, now here’s what I’m
thinking what Jesus did. This would be classic Kenneth
Copeland. You know where I’m going. GLORIA: Uh huh. GEORGE:
That Jesus would call one of his associates over and say, go get
the bag. We’re going to bless this woman. She’s going to get
her hundred fold return right now. And it wouldn’t surprise me
in the least because Jesus, He followed the word of God. He
followed what the word of God said about widows. GLORIA:
Mm-hmm (affirmative)- GEORGE: I am convinced. I am convinced
that Jesus gave to that woman. GLORIA: Sure she, sure he did.
GEORGE: And he gave to her big time. I believe that he took
really good care of her. And that little, they call it the
widow’s mite that she threw in. She threw it in there- GLORIA:
Mm-hmm (affirmative)-it’s all she had. GEORGE: That’s all she
had, but she was giving. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: She was
giving. Paul had to instruct those wealthy people to be ready
to distribute, giving to God with their tithe and like you
and I’ve been talking about specifically the tithe this week
and how it’s a protection over us to keep us in line. He had
to tell them about giving to God with their tithe, giving to the
ministry with their offering and giving to others in need.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: You know, we were just talking about the
widow woman and Jesus giving to her. I remember we were in
California at one of the believer’s conventions in
Anaheim and I don’t know how exactly this happened, but there
was a family. I think somebody gave Kenneth a note that a
family had come to the meeting and they didn’t even have
money enough to stay at a hotel. Somehow, some way, the note
got to Kenneth. So he’s on the platform and he calls the family
up. And he starts to pray over the family and blesses them,
blesses them financially. And after he was done with that, he
called me up there. And I think something else was going on on
the platform at the time. Well he called me over and he leaned
over to me and he said, “Get them a hotel room for the week.
Take care of them.” GEORGE: That’s the heart. That’s the
heart of Jesus right there. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And that’s
the heart of Kenneth Copeland right there. GLORIA: That’s
the truth. GEORGE: Take care of those people. See to it that
they’re taken care of. He was what? Ready to
distribute. GLORIA: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-always. GEORGE:
He was very scriptural. GLORIA: Always. GEORGE: His action,
ready to distribute. The Message translation of that ready to
distribute. Well, look at point three, Gloria, right there.
GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: And read to us this definition if
you would. GLORIA: Ready to distribute, liberal and free
in their giving. GEORGE: That’s what it means in the Greek.
Liberal and free. GLORIA: Yeah, The Message says be
extravagantly generous. Now that’s Ken for you. GEORGE:
Mm-hmm (affirmative)- GLORIA: The Amplified Classic says be
liberal and generous of heart. GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: Let’s see.
GEORGE: And then it goes on here where it says willing to
distribute, read us the definition of distribute.
GLORIA: To share, to give some kind of contribution. This is
not an occasional act. This is a regular, consistent, faithful,
combining, what is that word? GEORGE: Contributing. GLORIA:
Contributing of finances. GEORGE: Of finances. Yeah.
GLORIA: Genesis 12:2. GEORGE: Yeah, read it. GLORIA: And I
will make of you a great nation. I will bless you with abundant
increase of favors and make your name famous and distinguished
and you will be a blessing dispensing good to the others,
dispensing good to others. You will be a blessing dispensing
good to others. GEORGE: Yeah. So in this scripture, the Lord was
talking to Abraham and He said, I will make you a great nation.
I will bless you with abundant increase of favors. I will
make your name famous and distinguished and you will be
a blessing dispensing good to others. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: That’s what we have to keep in mind throughout all
of our lives. And I really do believe that we all get to a
place where we get better at this. GLORIA: Practice. GEORGE:
We get better and better and better and better practicing
the distributing to others and giving to others. Now this
other phrase here, be willing to communicate. Be willing to
communicate. Paul knew that the rich had a tendency to be snobby
and standoffish to those of lower status. Now this is
interesting, Gloria. I did a study on the rich man and
Lazarus. We’ve got a wealthy man here and we’ve got a poor
man. And it really does paint a picture of how this rich man
acted even as he passed into Paradise. GEORGE: Listen to this
from Luke 16 and 19, and I just sort of summarized it there. The
rich man had nothing to do with the beggar while he lived on the
earth. The rich man spoke to the beggar through Abraham after
they died. The rich man spoke to the beggar. The rich man was
talking to Abraham and telling the beggar what to do. Tell the
beggar to go get me some water to cool my tongue. Tell the
beggar to do this. He’s still acting that way. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: He’s still acting like a jerk. He’s still acting, how do
I say this? Wealth, we should be wealthy and be the loveliest
people on earth. GLORIA: Absolutely. Generous. GEORGE:
Generous. Generous. And that rich man, he was haughty in life
and he was haughty in death. GLORIA: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-
GEORGE: So that kind of attitude, that won’t fly.
GLORIA: No, no. GEORGE: That won’t fly. And one of the
reasons I’m saying this is because if you and I were to do
a seminar on this topic of how to handle wealth, we would be
teaching a group of people who are at all different levels
financially, but teaching them the foundational basics of
character and the development of their character that as they do
grow in finances that they need to beware that they don’t stop
tithing. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: They don’t stop giving.
They don’t stop giving to the poor and they continually get
softer in their hearts towards other people. GLORIA: Listening.
GEORGE: And listening to the Lord and being obedient. GLORIA:
Yeah. That’s good. GEORGE: That’s what we have to do.
GLORIA: That’s good. GEORGE: To communicate, when it says be
willing to communicate, Gloria, in number four. That word
communicate, we really get our word in the Greek koinoneos.
It’s koinonikos, and we get the word koinoneo and that means to
be sociable and to be ready for fellowship. GLORIA: Be ready.
GEORGE: That those who are rich and wealthy need to be willing
to be sociable to other people. You know, I was telling
yesterday on the broadcast about … well, I’ll give you an
example. I was at the airport a few months ago now and I went
into the restroom and oftentimes at the airport there’s a guy
in the restroom who’s cleaning. GLORIA: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-
GEORGE: I mean, what a job. GLORIA: Yeah, really. GEORGE:
Cleaning toilets and all of that in there. And I just, my heart
really goes out to these people and whenever I go in there and
there’s one of those guys in there, I will tip him. GLORIA:
That’s good. GEORGE: And I remember this last time that I
went in there, he was kind of standing off to the side waiting
for people to clear out so he could work and I just walked
up to him and I pulled out some money and I said, “I just
want to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. What
you do is very hard work and you need to know today that there’s
somebody that appreciate how you keep this place clean and
how you keep it nice for us.” GLORIA: Was he shocked? GEORGE:
Oh, he was shocked. He stood there, he was kind of leaning on
a broom and he just stood there and stared at me and then he
stood up like this, kind of pulled the broom away. I would
dare say nobody ever did that for him. GLORIA: Probably not.
Probably not. GEORGE: But see, Gloria, I’m a rich man. GLORIA:
Amen. GEORGE: I’m a wealthy man. GLORIA: Yes, you are. GEORGE: I
am. I am. The word of the Lord came through Brother Copeland
the very one of the first meetings that I went to here
in 1976 when I was working traveling with Brother Copeland.
And he turned to me, we were in California. It was actually
1977. We were in California for almost a month. He said we’re
never going to do that again. We were there for a month and
we were in, I believe it was Glendale. We were doing a
meeting in Glendale. And all of a sudden Brother Copeland had a
word for me. He said, “George, if the Lord tarries, you will
be a very wealthy man.” GLORIA: Well, I guess you received that.
GEORGE: I did receive it. I received it. But even the older
I get and the more wealthy I become because I’m becoming more
wealthy. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: The more sociable I become, the
more open I become to people. And in 1 Peter 4:9 it says
in the Amplified, “Practice hospitality to one another,
those of the household of faith. Be hospitable. Be lover of
strangers with brotherly affection for the unknown
guests, for foreigners, the poor and all others who come your way
who are of Christ’s body. And in each instance, do it
ungrudgingly, cordially- GLORIA: Graciously. GEORGE: Graciously,
without complaining, but as representing Him.” GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: And then what you said here, and I think
you can really sum it up. If you don’t walk in love, you flunk
the course. I think, Gloria, that is a perfect way to really
sum up what we’ve been talking about here. GLORIA: Walking in
love. GEORGE: Is that walking in love. GLORIA: It’s true. GEORGE:
If you don’t walk in love, whether you have money or you
don’t have money. GLORIA: Faith works by love. GEORGE: Faith
works by love. GLORIA: And you’re going to have to have it.
GEORGE: Yep. And if you don’t walk in love, like Gloria
says you’re going to flunk the course. And people don’t connect
the dots, where their financial prosperity is concerned, to
love. You got to pull those two together. GLORIA: Yeah. Faith
works by love. GEORGE: It does. It works by love. GLORIA: That’s
what the Bible says. GEORGE: It works by love. GLORIA: 30
seconds. GEORGE: 30 seconds. Father, Gloria and I pray-
GLORIA: Yes, we do. GEORGE: Over this 365th broadcast.
GLORIA: Thank you Lord. We’re so grateful. GEORGE: And I thank
you that our motivation for accumulation is distribution.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: It is our heart, all of our hearts,
that the wealthier we become the greater givers that we are.
GLORIA: Thank you, Lord. GEORGE: Thank you, Father. GLORIA: We
rejoice in you. GEORGE: For after all, that is what it’s
all about. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: In Jesus name. GLORIA:
In Jesus name. GEORGE: Amen. GLORIA: Amen. Way to go, George.
GEORGE: Woo, we did it. GLORIA: That was good. George and
I will be right back. ALEX: My name’s
Alex Batanoff and my beautiful wife next to
me of 25 years now is Lydia Batanoff. Obviously,
coming from Russia. There was a couple of things that we were
brought up with which is one of them would be the government
system which would be the system of oppression basically, keeping
everybody in darkness and trying to keep everybody poor so
that they can be controlled. But unfortunately the church in
Russia that we’re a part of, traditional Baptist church, the
church embraced the same kind of spirit. We had no relation, we
had no understanding, and all the tradition of the church
really could not bring any answers. It was not until many
years later when we started to get exposed to Kenneth Copeland
Ministries and the prosperity teaching and the healing and
the awesome package that we know about now, are learning about
now. And when we started to watch it, it was different
speakers from Southwest Believers Convention. That’s
where we started to learn their names Jesse Duplantis,
Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and so forth. And we felt
immediately that our hearts are connected. LYDIA: So Brother
Copeland and his teaching, we fell in love with him. So we
called him our dad. And then we became partners right away.
So we thought okay, he’s our spiritual father and we
don’t care if he knows us or he doesn’t know us, but we have
to be a part of that family of faith. ALEX: Right. So at that
time we started to more and more be engaged with the teaching and
began to try and see and try to apply those things in our lives.
See how they work. Started to see the first results. Learned
about oh, there’s a possibility actually not to be in debt.
LYDIA: At that time we were house owners and we lived in the
house for three years and when we heard from our spiritual
mentors back in Seattle that it’s okay to get into debt, we
were not ready for that. We were trembling, basically, or several
months. We’re going to be in debt for 30 years mortgage, no,
no, no. And said, it’s okay. You pay every month for your rent.
So it doesn’t have to be that much, you know. We were paying
the mortgage. We never missed a payment, but it was a burden for
us. Every year at the end of the year we see how much interest
we paid and we said no, there should be another way. There
should be another way. So when we learned about the ministry
we said okay, we need to address specific areas and build up our
faith. So we downloaded The Laws of Prosperity by Kenneth
Copeland and then we studied 21 Days to your Debt Freedom by
Gloria Copeland and Pastor George. And then we listened
many times and studied how to believe God for a house. We
didn’t know how we were going to get out of that, but it was our
plan and we knew this is how it should work. So we were
confessing and studying and then God put on our hearts to come
to Southwest. So we came to Southwest Believers Convention
for the first time in 2016. We felt it was our family. We loved
it. Two months later, we moved to Texas, to Eagle Mountain
Church and we sold the house. It was sold in Seattle in three
days. It was amazing. And we received a full offer and within
a month we found a house and Alex said, “Oh, that house is
not as quite good as what we had in Seattle, but we made a
quality decision to stay out of debt.” ALEX: There was that
temptation to take a mortgage $50,000 and get something we
really wanted. LYDIA: Like a dream house. ALEX: Right.
Decided that no, we’re going to stay within the budget because
we believe that’s going to position us and allow God to
work in our lives the way He wants to. It took us five years
to from the beginning we bought our house and took out mortgage
to come to debt freedom. So five years only. LYDIA: It was a
really revelation for me that there is an answer for
everything in Bible. You can find answer for every situation
that is in your life. ALEX: Being constantly submersed into
that and this whole idea about keeping the word close to you
and speaking it with your mouth and receiving the faith in your
heart, then confessing it with your mouth, creates that life
circle, right? That you can keep going and you can grow and you
can only do that by keeping the word, keeping the testimony
of leaders and the word of God close to you. Constantly feeding
on it. LYDIA: We will never stop tithing. We will never stop
sowing. We will never stop believing because
this is a way of life. ALEX: Yeah. LYDIA: And
this is life of victory. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.