Business leaders who focus on improving their
finance skills have the opportunity to significantly enhance their managerial competencies and
their organisation’s performance. I am Professor Dirk Jenter, the Course Convenor for LSE’s Managerial Finance online certificate course. Using highly interactive and supported online
learning, this course gives you tools and techniques to assess the financial health
of any organisation, informing the decisions you make around management and investment. As a finance leader or business manager, you need to be very much aware of what tools modern
finance offers you to make your business thrive. You need to understand everything down to
taxes, expectations of cashflows, how you’re going to borrow money. All those things,
everything, kind of the building blocks to get to the answer of running the business. Having that understanding and speaking that language means you can converse with all of your stakeholders in the right language to be able to
get the things done that need to get done. You will walk away with the ability to see
how finance affects and is affected by every business operation and you will understand
how different business activities fit into the overarching financial framework of your
organisation. After successfully completing this course, you will have a certificate from
the London School of Economics and Political Science, verifiable proof of your enhanced
managerial capabilities. Join us for this six-week online course
and expand your managerial impact with one of the world’s strongest
university finance departments.