My name is Rob Blume
I’m the manager of Wealth Management & Advisory Services at Washington Trust Bank. And I’ve been here in the Wealth Management division
for 30 years. Washington Trust Bank has been here for 115
years, so we’ve had fiduciary responsibilities for client’s money since 1902. And in the 115 years we’ve served a variety
of types of clients and have developed a way to help people from birth through multiple
generations to death. That is a hallmark of Washington Trust Bank,
is that fiduciary responsibility. That we are here for the client and want to be fully transparent
about how we conduct our business. We have a client that we started working with
in the 1960’s from Montana and we’ve worked with them in a variety of ways. So they moved from Washington but, prior to
the move we helped facilitate this move to the degree that we helped transfer their assets,
helped them sell their business, helped them buy a home in Washington state and then beyond
that we also provided for continuity of existence from management of the assets that he left
for the benefit of his grandchildren. This included meeting with the grandchildren
on an annual basis to make sure that they understood what his principles were and this
is very important. It goes beyond the money. It is what were the
fundamental things that he felt were essential that were passed along to the next generation. And Washington Trust Bank’s role was key in
this to hep communicate these principles and ethics of business. And we’re the glue that continues to work
with the grandkids and now great grandchildren of his to make sure that his wealth ethics
principles are passed along to future generations. Just the fact that we are located in the Northwest
does not mean that we’re not providing world class service for our clients. So, I really feel that the Watrustology to
me, Wastrustology to Wealth Management & Advisory Services is passion, and we bring that to
our day to day work, we bring that to our communities and we really encourage our employees
to have that passion and the tools to be able to convey that passion and their wisdom, strength,
and vision into serving their client’s extremely well.