Hello, I’m Doctor Yulia TITOVA, Professor
of Finance at IÉSEG School of Management and Academic Director MSc in Finance. So, if you are watching this video, you know that one never gets bored in Finance and the reason
is that the financial services industry is evolving at a frenetic pace. New technologies
are reshaping the sector, creating new phenomena like robo advisors or high-frequency trading
and calling for new business models. To help you face these challenges, we have
conceived a thorough program MSc in Finance that is intended to sharpen your analytical
skills and enhance your understanding of financial mechanisms. Upon completion of the program,
you’ll be well suited for search jobs as portfolio managers, equity research analyst, credit
analyst or investment advisor. What qualities are needed to build a successful
career in the information areas? First of all, in-depth financial knowledge. As Paul
McCaffrey from the CFA Institute put it, financial modelling and analysis will be the most important skills for investment professionals in the next 10 years. MSc in Finance provides a thorough training
in financial analysis, equity valuation, fixed income analysis and assets management. Through
the use of Bloomberg economic and financial data, you will have the opportunity to put
into practice all the concepts you learnt. Just to give you a few examples, you will
build and analyze your own stock portfolio, you will create a model to value the equity of listed companies, you will price bonds and options. The second quality is integrity and ethical
grounding. As we have witnessed recently, various financial scandals like Libor manipulation and Madov scheme to name
just a few, have undermined investors’ confidence in financial markets. MSc in Finance includes
various courses in ethics including a specialized course in ethics and finance, which covers
CFA code of ethics and professional conduct. MSc in Finance has been accepted into the
CFA Institute University recognition program, which means that our MSc in Finance positions
candidates well to obtain charter financial analyst designation. CFA designation has become
the most respectful and recognized investment credential in the world. It is administered
by the CFA Institute, a global association of investment professionals, which sets the
global standards for professional excellence. For more than 60 years now, the CFA charter
has been the credential which embodies integrity, dedication which are essential to create a
stronger and more accountable financial services industry. We offer to candidates who wish to seat for
the CFA exam, various advantages. They include 32 hours of coaching which is aimed at preparing
the candidates for the CFA exam, various discounts for support materials as well as the opportunity
to apply for merit base scholarship which will cover the significant part of exam fees. MSc in Finance is an international program
which is delivered in the business heart of Paris. In 2015, candidates of 15 nationalities
from 6 continents participate in it, so ensuring a great cultural diversity. So, if you want to gain applied knowledge in
Finance, if you wish to obtain the charter financial analyst designation, if you want
to get insights into ethics and professional conduct of financial profession, which is
essential for the future of finance and finally if you are interested by a dynamic and challenging
multicultural environment, then MSc in Finance is the right program for you. So, we are waiting for your applications.