The illegal ivory hunt has drastic consequences due to the poaching, meanwhile one third of the African elephants come without Tusks in the world because the demand for ivory in asia is big here monument is still unreasonable that the to powder Grated horner a kind of wonder medicine against fever and so on are a blatant and sad example of it How we can manipulate people in the evolution you have wanted this topic at whatsapp and now get all the important facts, so Welcome to pixum science and fiction And how he comes to whatsapp and the other messengers and can directly contact me record the experience, in the end Of the video that is really a bad mistake from 2007 to 2014 alone The majority of Chinese people actually do not know the ivory of 144,000 African elephants Elephants killed many asians think the elephant horns would fall off the animals as in children’s milk teeth In addition, the horn that is being sold to powder is still a key player in Chinese medicine but also plays in Vietnam, it is used by many especially wealthy people, for example as anti hangover agent or as On-the-wall strobes are composed mainly of keratin Just like our foot or fingernails here so the tusks fulfill important functions for the elephants are almost the upper incisors In the first year of life the milk teeth For example, the elephant baby’s replacement can be found with their help The bark of trees scrabble for water or root digging and of course fight against other elephants, in progress In elephant life, the tusks are getting longer and thicker, and yet ivory is considered to be Asia luxury product and is traded at black market prices of up to 50 euro per gram nature conservation organizations have been opposing this misconception and ignorance of humans for years but nevertheless poaching has left their mark on mozambique By 1992, almost 90 percent of the animals had been eradicated at But those who survived and were able to multiply them now have one third of the elephants without tusks on earth and that ‘s because of that Evolutionary pressure Different groups of researchers were able to find out that more and more elephants are living without the because of it, especially those of you who are carrying the big tusks are being hunted and killed these elephants can not reproduce but those who Small tusks have or none at all and this feature Then pass on to your offspring and that although the poaching in Mozambique is now quite well under control Could be brought and the elephant population could recover because even after At the end of the civil war in 1992, 30 percent of female elephants are without Tusks come to the world and this phenomenon is not only in Mozambique but also in other countries and has fatal consequences for the development of the entire elephant population Because studies show that the big elephants usually also carry the larger tusks normally Significantly more calves they testify are in the reproduction of female elephants actually preferred because they probably have very good genes to survive in as long as they are not hunted of course a sad and blatant example for people made the evolution and we should be proud of everything else as an example of this is the intensive selective fishing Not only that the oceans could soon be fished empty research teams have noticed some time ago that this not only the number of fish but also their Body size and her reproductive capacity here, too, man as an evolutionary factor is shrinking strongly and fast, especially the strong fished species of fish Affecting the populations can only recover very slowly because smaller and smaller fertile fish survive the kabbala stocks of new zealand, for example, have the pressure of their own Getting energy into the reproductive system much earlier than normally via live fish will be genetic earlier sexually mature and stay so smaller here is the well-known darwin principle of evolution So, after the strongest survive, in fact, the best chances of survival are the small and weak ones some research objectives are of the opinion that this development is due to ivory hunting and fishing Maybe they are already irreversible and the reason we are not people for nothing, there are some Scientists are the consequences of human behavior and trade with the five largest mass extinctions in earth history Compare yes if he wants to learn the first new to the evolution and all other topics then my phone number ends whatsapp or the other messengers like instagram facebook or telegram then you will learn from me in front of everyone else from the latest video Daily guarantee you can directly there through me in the editorial from the left to participate and participate What happens here at pixum and welcome? 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