I did benefit (from the program) I went to my relatives’ for ten days their clients did not want to receive their order of milk I taught them how to pasteurize and other things and they benefited and I visited them again and installed sponges for their sheep and thank god, they benefited, and they compensated me well Compensate you? did they pay you for your service? yes, yes they did indeed, I taught them how to pasteurize for more than 10 days 10 days? yes they learned from me and benefited, and currently they no longer require the services of others how many families of your relatives? (which she helped) 4 families also, I received a call from Al-Khanasreh (village) if you know it yes I do They asked me to visit them and teach them what I did in Breqa (the village of her relatives) I agreed, and they compensated me I’m a mother of orphans I benefited that I brought back to my children supplies from them they gave me supplies for my children and I answered whatever questions I could Sponge installations how to deal with plastics in sheep and Brucella different medications for pox so, thanks to god, I’m like a doctor without a degree degrees are not important yes, experience is important