hi Hollowers! welcome I hope you’re having
a great day today I’m super excited because I have the new tonic Nouveau
luggage now I know a lot of you saw that in our tonic booth tour at creative
ation well if you haven’t seen that you can check that top right hand corner for
the video there’s some fantastic releases in there well I have one here I
actually got to bring this back from creative ation and I’ve been dying to
show it to you I stuffed this full of fun crafty supplies on the way home so I
know it carries lots and lots of things it comes as a set so the two things come
together of course you know I popped some links to the video description and
any coupon codes we might have access to as well so you want to check those out
but let’s dive in and show you what you get so this is how it looks and it comes
with lots of options it’s very customizable very tonic of course so we
also have this fun keyring and if any of you know me you’ll know I love my
hearings and my little doodads so you have the NuvaRing on the front and this
lovely flower both pieces have the Nouveau signature on the front here too
they both have captures here pull the handles so that they keeps the handles
together so depending how you want to use the two pieces you have different
options because you also have a detachable shoulder strap option that’s
completely adjustable and I’ll show you where that goes in a second when you
open this up we also have side gussets so we can unzip the top here and then
this is the kind of opening I mean it’s a good sized opening but let’s unzip
those side options that’s the kind of opening we want as crafters that allows
us to stuff it with all of our property goodies of course
because I’ll be going to one of the coloring challenge roadtrip soon and you
know I’m going to want him to take lots of coloring things and stamps on all
those fun things with me well this is what I’m going to be taking with me so
inside of here I have lots of pockets I have an adjustable pocket and that’s
probably my favorite part of this so I have a big pocket in the back here that
is padded and that’s a really nice feature and then I have a second padded
kit this is elastic so I can adjust this piece and then my tab is velcro so if I
wanted to fill this pocket all the way to the other side I could do that
because it’s adjustable with the elastic and then I have my big cavity in the
middle here to fill and on the other side you can see I have lots and lots of
pockets I have two pockets where I can put cards or maybe my information in
case I lost this bag not like I have any intentions of doing that I have two more
pockets in the back here that have gussets that are adjustable and I have a
zipper pocket here so I can cut make you my purse and my credit cards my phone
those kind of important things that I want to hand and so much space to put
crafty goodies in here now these are a limited run so you’ll want to be
grabbing one of these as I say a couple of links in the video description for
you and a couple of sale links on there too now in the back I have a another
pocket and this is a magnetic press stud something I really like so it just
automatically clips and I don’t have to press it or anything
and I have another pocket to put things in that I might want to store in the
back here you’ll also notice there’s a zip here this is not a pocket this is so
I could open this pocket here I can grab this piece now I’m not going to extend
this all the way up because last time I did I hit the microphone and you know
Gregg taught me off for that one but also it means that when we were walking
through the airport extended high enough that Gregg could walk along with this
because it’s on four wheels so it’s really easy and all the wheels just turn
so it walks really nicely through airports or if you’ve got other things
in your hands it means you can just use it one-handed
but what I can do is I can take my bag and I can just tuck by handle and it
does go all the way through and out the top so I can just then pull my handle
through walk along with my bag on top one-handed and I have my other hand to
carry the rest of my crafty supplies which I really really like and then I
just lift this off you can see how the hand will lifts up and you can lock it
into place in a couple of different places
a button that allows you to do different lock points as I say I’m not going to do
it here in the different lock points just because that makes it much harder
for Gregg to film there’s also a cover across here which I really like because
I have a couple of bags that don’t have covers across the telescopic handles and
they catch if I’m wearing stockings and things like that but with this I don’t
have that as a problem and you can see how easily this moves across my table
there’s also pockets on either edge so you’ve got a pocket this side and you’ve
got a pocket this side and again they have the magnetic fastening so if I just
feel look you can see it’s fastened and they go all the way down to the bottom
so I can put my taller items those items I want close to hand all of those things
in here there’s also this pocket at the front that I can unzip and there’s two
zips so you can fasten it on the side or at the top wherever you want to fasten
it opens up and then I have the acetate piece so I can again put my name and
details in here something pretty that I’ve crafted I have two expanding
pockets with that nice metallic leather effect on here and they again go all the
way down to the bottom and this Guster expands too so when I’m crafting what I
did to start with is I had all those kind of card stocks and things I wanted
to access quickly I just popped them in here and I left this open next to my
workspace when I was cropping and then that was really easy to work with when I
was done I could pull those out and of course this does expand it has got a bit
of Augusta in the side so you can fill this with a reasonable amount of items
too and then I can just pull my zips up up taking it really nice and easily
again I have my press stud on the two handles and what I like to do is just
put my handle in the back there I can open this strap that keeps everything
nice and close up together and again I have a zip in the top here so that means
that these flaps open completely I’ve got lots of nice access I’m going to tip
this on its side so that you can see into it easily now I know it’s little
bit harder to film because it’s darker inside but you have so much space in
here and it has a solid bottom so I’ve put
die-cutting machines in here and manual ones and electronic ones and because it
has that solid piece in the bottom nothing’s going to sag in the bottom
it’s not going to break you can really fill this up for crops and for events
and for trouble I have again my nice velcro piece here I have a padded pocket
here and the thing I like the padded pockets is it means it protects things
nothing’s going to bend or break or chink together and it keeps all of my
supplies nicely packaged in here so I have that one padded pocket in this side
on the other side over here I have another zip pocket where I can put
things and in front of that zip pocket I have two more gusseted pockets that are
piped with that kind of this another effect material which is really thick
and sturdy and I said this has been on an aeroplane and you really wouldn’t
think this has been on an airplane and so that’s piped as well so it’s really
nice and easy to find so if you just you don’t be crafting we kind of just pop
our hands in we want to feel when something is it’s really tactile and
easy to find where your supplies are you can figure art bins in here you can fit
your deflect Oh storage in here you can fit your inter design storage in here
you can figure IKEA bins in here it really does fit so many things and I
really do love it so you’ve got the two pieces you can you just strap detachable
straps as I say it all fits together perfectly all your links are in the
video description so check those out too I really hope you love it as much as I
do and I hope you’ll join us on the coloring roadtrip to check out Kathi
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