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contact today NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY This is the new politics. It’s the new vision,
the new ideology. The 21st century politics. That’s still postmodernism. That’s just the genesis,
but it’s more than post-modernism. How do you apply that, Fabian?
A la anarchy? No government.
Absolute freedom of the individual. That’s old hat. That’s the ideal. But it’s more than that. Truth is dead. So is meaning. Death of truth, death of meaning.
No more responsibility? A different level of responsibility. A different level of application.
A different level of understanding. What level is that? It’s beyond everything. Define “everything”. The destruction
of the myth of provenance. Of origins. Everything’s kaput! Wow. Anti-anarchism. Anti-existentialism. Anti-God. Anti-everything! My God, Fabian,
you’re a reactionary. Or maybe just a criminal. – An instigator?
– No. You lack sleep, that’s it. Like me. No, you don’t get me. I don’t lack sleep, okay?
And I’m not joking. The anarchist believes
in volunteerism and cooperativism. No force, no compulsion. The existentialist is a free
and responsible individual whose genius
comes from his own abilities. – The godly.
– No, wait, it’s like this… Okay. It’s basically instinct
over intellect. The only reason for being
is the eradication of all elements that is a distraction to morality. Or the destruction of anything
that is inimical to morality. The distinction
between right and wrong is clear. But the wrong must be destroyed,
which is absolute. That perspective is immoral. Very abstract. Everything that is absolute
is immoral. What’s absolute is the need
to destroy what’s wrong. What’s “wrong”? There are levels of morality,
Fabian. And many arguments
about the issue of morality. Then be primal. That’s basic instinct.
Common sense. You know what is right from wrong. What is essential.
What is fundamental. Let’s not rely on what those stupid
philosophers said. Reason and logic
are still important, Fabian. Ethics. Truth, or the pursuit of it,
remains essential. Your so-called post-truth
is dangerous. It’s a return to the dark ages. – Frightening.
– Barbaric. No, it’s not. You’re just confused. You really confuse me. – I need to sleep.
– It’s still early. She hasn’t slept. A whole lot of paperwork’s
last night. What’s the problem, Fabian Viduya? – I need to borrow money, sirs.
– There you go! – “Sir”?
– Ma’am, Ma’am! – I’m broke.
– For a book. And my rent. I’ll pay you back. – How much?
– Three thousand. You’re a hardcore capitalist now. – So? Capitalism is good.
– Capitalism is evil. Adam Smith won. Karl Marx shall return.
The fight’s not over. – Still hoping? Fuck them all.
– Fuck you, too. That’s crazy. Anyway, you’re a good payer. But your mind’s messed up.
Come back to Law School. She’s right, kid. Come back to school. Thanks for this. Apparently this has been
the discourse of the hungry. You’re just borrowing money! I’ll pay back. Perry, get an ambulance, hurry! – What happened to her?
– So unfortunate. – I think she’s already dead.
– She’s dead? – Wasn’t she with somebody?
– Ambulance is coming. – What happened to her?
– Did she have company? Little Sister,
get him from her arms. She might be tired already. Get down now, JR. Merry Christmas to you, too. Careful, please. Good grief! Don’t force it! Here we go. Stop. Here. – Been.
– Let’s go. Been. I’m sick of this thing. FUCK you! “I’m sorry, the subscriber
you’re trying to reach” “is out of coverage area.” “Message sending failed.” Why did you throw your phone away?
How will we reach you now? Uh, I don’t know. We’ll see. – You’re a fool, Fabian.
– Fuck up, isn’t it? – Let’s go there, guys.
– Freedom! – Let’s go!
– You’re such a wretch. – Rizal was right.
– Why do you say that? When he said that the youth
was the hope of the nation. When he starts to age, that’s it.
He’s gonna make a turn-around. That’s us, Filipinos. As youths, we want to do so much.
We’re capable of so much. But when you reach the age of 30,
40, that’s it. – Everything’s turned upside down.
– That’s why he died young. No. He became great
because he died young. Look at Bonifacio, Jacinto. – EdJop!
– EdJop, right! They did what they needed to do,
and then they died. If you outlive your prime, fuck. Your wretchedness
will catch up on you. Look at Aguinaldo. Marcos. Who else? Joseph Estrada.
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. They were blinded by long life. That’s the curse
of Philippine History. And the oldies
do not have any other preoccupation except cleaning up the mess
that they made. The fucking revisionists. They’re forcing
that Aguinaldo is a hero.Ad infinitum. Ad nauseum.They’re claiming that Bonifacio
and Luna are traitors. It’s nauseating
how they revise history like that. What’s disgusting
is how the nation is mum about it. And the silence
of the so-called historians. The intellectuals,
academicians, artists. Fuck, you’re all part of that. And how about you, Fabian? Have you done anything
to fight their revisionist shit? You just threw away your phone! Haven’t you wondered why up to now,
it’s the 21st century, man, Aguinaldo’s still not been charged
with killing Bonifacio and Luna? In law school,
all we did was memorized laws, discourse about justice, but we can’t face the biggest crime
and truth about our history! That’s right. At some point
in our country’s fucked-up history, it needs to be resolved. At this point,
that’s difficult to resolve. For what? We are at that point
where no one owns history anymore. We make up our own histories. – What now?
– Right. Fuck jurisprudence. Fuck jurisprudence! Why are we still studying law? Are we just going to
leave it like that? What’s the point? Where’s the pursuit of truth
and justice? – Hey, hey.
– What? Pursuit of truth and justice? According to Professors Moira
and Perry, you said that truth
and justice are dead. What are you saying now? Nothing. No. I was just playing with them. Our professors
have become so complacent.Deus ex machina.That’s needed in Aguinaldo’s plot
to kill Bonifacio and Luna. – And why, sir, may I ask?
– Listen. It’s like a commercial film. Divine intervention. Happy ending. Bonifacio, Luna,
and Aguinaldo share one mother. At the end, an old woman
will descend from the clouds, with matching long hair, long gown,
and maybe long teeth. She’s wearing all white. And she’ll say,
“Bonifacio and Luna, my children.” “Forgive your brother, Aguinaldo.” “He’s just too jealous, too stupid.” “He can’t even read in Spanish.” “But he’s handsome, right?” Don’t sweat it, dear friends.
Why torture yourselves? I almost cried, Ferdie, you bastard! You should have just been
a film director. I’m not kidding.
That’s how our culture is, right? We leave it all up to God. To divine justice. – Oh, well, let’s drink to that!
– Amen to that! Jurisprudence, Edgar.
Deus ex mod. – Go ahead.
– Get some beer. Do you know how to drive?
You drunk? – Okay, I’ll go ahead.
– Take care. Thank you. Thank you. – So…
– So?– Dura Lex sed Lex
– Fuck you! You should go back to law school. Yes, come back. Just one more year. Man, don’t forget my offer.
Work at the office. Just proofread.
You’ll be with Gina. You’ll make thrice
than what you earn at the café. You can’t pirate
the Employee of the Year! – I’ll go now. Bye!
– Take care! Eat. I keep giving you food
and you’re still not eating. You’ll be sold soon. She’s gonna be sold? Yes. And they’ll butcher her. And then eat her. Mama, are we selling the pig? Yes. We need the money. Will it be butchered
like Auntie Ading said? That is the fate of the pig. Go outside.
You might get burned by the oil. Let’s eat?
The kids are already eating. Later. Eat some more. Where’s JR? He doesn’t want to eat yet. Start eating, Big Sister. Want more vegetables? Ading, once you’re done,
go to Magda. Ask her if she wants to buy
the utensils for our eatery. Tell her they’re brand new, okay?
Offer it at half the price. We won’t push through
with our eatery, Ate? Maybe later on. – Let’s eat, Ate. Vegetables?
– I’ll go wait for your big brother. Where is JR? JR. Here, Ma’am. Open it. The roofing and the wood
are outside. The pig’s at the back. Hey, Joaquin. How are you doing? Feeling better, ma’am. This one? Good grief! This is so poorly made. You were going to make a roof
out of this? Jesus! It’s not water-proof
and it’s a fire hazard as well! It’s temporary. When we have enough to replace it. – Where is the pig?
– Back there. What do you feed it? – Water spinach.
– And rice bran. Good grief.
You should’ve given it feeds. It’ll be bigger, heavier. Because you opted to be cheap,
you lose! We don’t have money. Miss Magda,
if you need a laundry woman, Ading and I are available. I already have a laundry woman.
Tating. We use a washing machine. There. Count it. I deducted half of what you owe me. Thanks. Hello. Tating. Come to Eliza’s house. Bring your husband. Yes. Hurry, I have to go. Son of a bitch! Fuck you, don’t kick it! Why did you turn it off? Beer? Cool place you have here. Very Japanese. I’m simplifying everything now. The Japanese… …they have that… …classic sense of exactness
in everything they do. They’re great. The haiku for example.
Five, seven, five. Perfect. So smart. It’s great hanging out here. Full of wisdom and knowledge. You’re brave. You want us to stop? I don’t know. I love the sex, sure, but… …the betrayal. I don’t know. Kiko and I have been friends
for a long time. No one has to know.
We’ll keep it a secret. We’ll be careful. You know, it’s hard to pretend
when you’re with them. Can you? We just really have to be careful. It’ll be our secret. What if I ask you
not to come back here again? – You still want this though?
– Of course. But not here. Okay. Don’t worry,
I won’t come here again. I only wanted to see the intestine
of an intelligent person like you. There’s nothing to see. Nothing but pretensions. I want to be like you. Maybe someday
I’ll be able to catch up. You’re young. Relax. If you don’t mind,
what happened to you and Gina? You looked so good together.
In fact you started to look alike. I don’t know. She’s your opposite. Yes. She said she’s tired of brains.
Nothing but mind-fuck, she said. She doesn’t like brains fucking her,
so there. She left me
for someone who’s handsome, reeks of perfume. And wears a jacket at midday. Gigolo. Stuntman. Her choice. You’re not really just a mind-fuck. You’re actually good. How about Kiko’s job offer? What’s the dog’s name? The masses
never really created history. There’s always someone
who determines it. He’ll drive you to what he wants
and how it should be done. And the masses would listen. Here in the Philippines,
no Filipino ever really succeeded. It’s always know-it-alls,
who fail, get betrayed and then hanged. What we really need
is someone who’s clean, will do the deed clean. No hassles. The way you describe the revolution,
it sounds like a crime. Just like robbing
or killing someone. Well, if you’re doing a revolution, you should have the guts
to kill a person. The revolution devours its own. It’s always
the revolution’s tragedy. Aguinaldo, Bonifacio, Luna. Trotsky, Stalin, Lenin. Whatever happened to the revolution
of the leftists here? Can they say the Cuban revolution
had been successful? – Yes and no.
– I don’t think so. Then we can actually conclude now
that the only valid revolution is… …The Beatles Revolution! There you go. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Listen. “Surigao cult
blames corruption for delay”. Surigao City,
call it post-doomsday recrimination. “A cult leader in Surigao Del Norte
province on Friday” “blamed corrupt government leaders” “for the delayed coming
of their “Divine Government,” “even as members of the Ecleo
family of Dinagat islands,” “who controls the Philippine
Benevolent Missionary Association” “are locked
in a doomsday-related tit for tat.” “The temporal government
has not yet surrendered.” “it is perpetuating…” “it is perpetuating
its lies to mankind,” “said Berano Tamayo, 60,” “of the self-styled quasi-military
and quasi-religious organization,” “High-World, H-World.” “Tamayo’s group began converging
on a hill overlooking Lipata Port” “in preparation for the beginning
of what they believed” “would be the end
of the temporal world” “and the beginning of the spiritual
reign on earth of their deity.” A spiritual revolution! “Not earth-shaking.” “He clarified, however,
that the December 21 prediction,” “coinciding with the
ending of the Mayan calendar,” “did not originate from the group,” “and that they interpreted the date” “not as a definitive date
for doomsday,” “but as a marker of sorts
for the coming of their deity.” Fucking shitheads! ‘I did not say it would be… ‘ ‘I did not say it would be
an earth-shaking event.’ ‘I said it is the day
when darkness begins to reign’ ‘in the hearts of men’ ‘because of wanton perversions
and vices, ‘ “said Tamayo, when the Inquirer
asked him again on Friday.” ‘Isn’t the world
in a corrupted state as we speak?’, “he added in an apparent suggestion” “that somehow,” “the group has predicted the coming
of their Divine Government.” – Criselle, what are you doing?
– I’m doing my assignments. That is my table. ♪Pamulinawen, listen to my heart– ♪The one who’s begging you.
– Okay, okay. – Go to your room.
– Yes, Ma. – And go change your clothes.
– Yes, Ma. Fabian. – That’d be 2,500 upon return.
– I thought this’d be five-six? Then go to an Indian instead. – It used to be…
– It takes you so long to pay me! – So?
– My ATM card’s with you, right? What good is this when it’s empty? – Will I take that money back then?
– No, thanks. Really? It goes smoothly now. Sorry. Go on, Perry. Continue. As I was saying,
I didn’t tell anyone. Not even to my wife and kids. I kept it to myself. Each morning I woke up to an excruciating pain
in my stomach. There was blood in my shit. I thought I was dying. – Why didn’t you have a check-up?
– No. I didn’t want to know. But one day, I don’t know. Out of desperation, maybe. Curiosity. I ate bitter melon. Freshly picked. My kids grew them in the garden. I picked one, cooked it,
with lots of tomatoes and chillies. I had it for breakfast,
lunch and dinner. On the sixth day… …the bleeding stopped,
so did the stomach aches. I felt light. Is that what you call healing? On the sixth day he rose again?
Wow, bitter melon! The chillies did it,
not the bitter melon. – No, I think it’s the bitter melon.
– It was the bitter melon. There are many myths
about the bitter melon. Chilli-pepper is the number one food
for the brain, right? No, no, no. It was the bitter melon, man. Fabian, bitter melon saved my life. And a modern-day vigilante
like Fabian will save the country. The world, I mean. If we really want to clean up
the society, the solution is simple. Kill all the bad elements. If there’s a molesting priest,
kill him immediately. A corrupt policeman? Kill him. An abusive husband? Kill him. That is worse than fundamentalism. Fabian, you are the brightest
student in our class. What happened? I agree, Fabian. What happened? I don’t know. I’m just uneasy
with what’s happening. The world is so dumb. How can I be at peace
with the world’s shallowness? Look at you, you’re so intelligent.
What happened? Let’s go back
to bitter melons, Perry. Wait up. Here, I compiled this for you. Why would you read Derek Parfit? Nothing, I’ll just read him. – I have to go.
– There’s still plenty beer. No, I’m okay. Sir, thank you for this. Law School is missing you.
Come back. No jeweler in their right mind
will pay five hundred for this. I inherited it from my father.
It’s old. Inheritance has nothing to do
with price. Even antiques can be worthless. All right. Five Hundred.
But I’ll deduct your loan from it. So? I’m okay with five hundred. But can you please not deduct
from our loan yet? That wasn’t the deal, Eliza. Let me remind you. When Joaquin was fighting
for his life, who did you run to? Me. And I didn’t give you a hard time. A loan is a loan. Pay HP! Not to rub it in, but your husband
owes his life to me. Now what? Tating, bring me 250. Thank you. DVD, Ma’am? May I sit here for a while,
Grandpa? Yes, you may. How are you doing, Joaquin? I’m feeling better now, Grandpa. I’m starting to move around. Careful, son.
That’s already your second life. Or at least majority of the people
in our society should be educated. Isn’t that what Rizal wanted for us? But how? When? Nothing’s happened yet.
Nothing’s working. But even the dictatorship back then
didn’t work. It’s because Marcos softened. He said Martial Law
wouldn’t take long. And that he’ll give back
our democracy. What he did
was democratize corruption. It wasn’t anymore just him,
but a bunch of them. – Share the love!
– Nah, his conscience got to him. That started his downfall. And then what did he do? He called for a snap election.
And that started his downfall. But in the beginning,
he had everyone killed. Everyone who was a nuisance.
He did it well, too. Machiavelli’s out of fashion. Those fucking mall
and cell phone moguls, you don’t think
they idolize Machiavelli? If I introduced Machiavelli
to my fucking usurer, they’d surely be friends. Then let’s kill them all! Okay, let’s say they’re dead. But aren’t we all talk? Because we all know
it’s against the law. That’s what’s stopping us from
pursuing our crazy philosophies. Speak for yourself. All of us are hypocrites anyway,
until we do something about it. That’s the point.
Even the educated can be hypocrites. They lie to themselves. Cowards. So, there. So, that’s what I’m after.
Let’s change that. Don’t you ever think of punching
our regular customer in the cafe! I was once a coward,
but now I will face the truth. Because all lies will be exposed. Right, Gina? – Why Gina?
– Ask her. It depends
on the loyalty of a person. Question is, who am I loyal to. My friend
or his cheating girlfriend? Wait. What? Your girlfriend
wants to fuck us both. Don’t you noticed she is turned on
by our discussions? Gina! Come back here! That was solid. There!
That’s what I was talking about. Fuck, Fabian. If you become President,
I’ll go underground. Ma’am Magda? Ma’am Magda? Ma’am Magda? Ma’am Magda? Ma’am Magda? Ma’am Magda? What the hell, Bing?
You’re disturbing us! What’s this? Same junk as before.
No one will buy that crap. Please, I’ll take any price. I need the money. Have pity. Thank you, sir. If only I had the money, man.
I wouldn’t even think twice. But I’m really broke. I’m feeling sorry for Eliza. That ring is important to her. I know how hard it was
for her to pawn it. I must get it back for her.
We’ve only a week to pay for it. I won’t rest until I’ve redeemed it. Didn’t she bring it
to Magda herself? Yes, she sacrificed it. She’s sacrificed a lot
for us already. Even the capital for our eatery. Now it looks like
it won’t push through. It’s all gone.
Everything’s with Madga. How’s your leg anyway? The doctor said two more months
before it heals completely. But I think I can work again. Join us in Batac.
There’s work for you. Just mix cement. It’s for sure. – I’ll ask Eliza.
– I hope she agrees. Don’t let it pass. Take these back
to your Maranao friends! These are quite sellable,
Ma’am Magda. We had an agreement, Joaquin! – I just want to get the ring.
– Can you pay for it? I’m offering you these DVDs, ma’am. These are worth much more
than what you gave Eliza. For Christ’s sake! Are you mad? You think I’ll take these DVDs
as payment? That’s why I’m begging you,
please give me back the ring. Come back
when you’ve money to pay. Only until 12:00. If you don’t, the ring is mine. Is that clear? Please, just this once, ma’am. Don’t do this to me, Joaquin. It’s not what we agreed on. – Bastard!
– Give me back the ring! Bastard! Joaquin, no! Tating! Quick! Go to the authorities! You animal! Hurry! Call the police! – You animal!
– Police! What happened? If she doesn’t return it,
she’ll get it from me. Where will you go? There you are.
I’ve been looking for you. Here, eat. There’s more food downstairs.
Don’t be shy. – Thanks, man.
– You okay? Bye.Pamulinawen, listen to my heart.– Criselle, my child.
– Yes, Ma? – Go to sleep now.
– Yes, Ma. – Goodnight, Mommy!
– Goodnight. Wait. – Fabian.
– I’d like to pay you, Ma’am. Sit down.
I’ll just get your ATM card. Move. Fabian? Are you there? Open the door. Let’s talk. Fabian? Let’s talk! Open this, let’s talk. Fabian! What’s wrong? It’s Kiko.
He wanted to challenge you. – To what?
– To a fist fight. Over Gina. Now? Is he around?
We can use knives instead! Man, what’s happening to you? You take our discourses
too seriously. The discussions. Just be cool. Come on, let’s drink
and talk it over. What? Your anger with the world. Fabian, we’re friends!
Why include us? – We’re a team, right?
– Leave me alone. We’ll wait for you. Patch this up now, guys.
It’s just a girl. We’re all even now. We all don’t have girlfriends. Peace? We’re all equal now! We’re not equal. Fabian, what’s this drama all about? – I can’t go back there.
– I can’t understand you anymore. What I’m saying
is we’re no longer friends. I’m ending this. I will face this alone. Enough. I told you he’s nuts. You were moaning loudly, man. I keep dreaming about home. My wife and children. My mother, my father and my sister. You’ll get used to it. I don’t want to, sir. You don’t want what? To get used to this. How can you not get used to it
when this is now your world? More so
when you’re transferred to Bilibid. That’s a different world altogether. But I’m not guilty, sir. Who’s guilty? I don’t know, sir. What I meant was,
“Who has sinned?” What is sin? Why is there sin? To live is a curse, Joaquin. Because we don’t have a hold
of our lives. Think about it, man. Why can’t we take hold of our lives? Especially for us behind bars. There’s no hope. Those fucking steel bars
you always cling to. But you can’t even begin to grasp
your own life. They’ve taken it away from you. It’s gone. ♪I will love and cherish you alwaysI will cradle you to sleepIn a soft-cloth swingI will swing you ever so gentlyAnd soon enough you will be asleepAs soon as you have fallen asleepI will cover your faceWith my handkerchiefSo no mosquitoes would bite youAnd soon you will have a good sleepOh, my aching heartIt aches, it achesIt hurts badly to the coreSo please nurture meFor it is a pity if I would dieAs soon as you awakenI would immediately hold youAnd dandle you like an infantSo you could see my sweet smileOh, my aching heartIt aches, it achesIt hurts badly to the coreSo please nurture meFor it is a pity if I would dieThis is what is says in Section 6. “An appeal must be taken” “within 15 days
from promulgation of the judgment” “or from notice
of the final order appealed from.” “This period of perfecting an appeal
shall be suspended” “from the time a motion
for new trial” “or reconsideration is filed” “until notice of the order
overruling the motion” “has been served upon the accused”,
your husband, “or his counsel”, that’s me, “at which time the balance
of the period begins to run.” That’s it, ma’am. I didn’t understand.
I don’t know English. That’s right. What it means is, “An appeal must be taken
within 15 days.” We’re past the appeal. We had 15 days to appeal. It’s been 30 days
since Joaquin’s conviction. We can’t file for an appeal anymore. Why didn’t you tell us? We never discussed filing an appeal. Right? I’m ignorant of the law. But I think you were wrong
to make Joaquin own up to the crime. You agreed to it. Am I wrong? We talked this over and you agreed. Nose, nose, nose! Stop! Nose, nose, nose. Teeth! You’re wrong! You’re wrong! Nose, nose, nose. Tongue! Nose, nose, nose. Teeth! Now I’m the one who’s wrong. Nose, nose, nose. Armpit! – Need help?
– I got this. Knee, knee, knee. Mouth. Greet your mother. I got you something. What are you playing? Here. – Here, Ate. Come eat with us.
– No thanks.. Eat those. I’m sleepy. I’ll go inside. – Eat some, Ate.
– No, thanks. Take care of the kids. – Put them to bed.
– Yes, Ate. I’ll take charge. – Here.
– No, go ahead. Tomorrow, I’m going to Manila. – You’re going to Manila?
– Yes. We’re going to kill a politician. Just a job. In case I don’t come back,
take care of yourself. You’re still young. I can tell you’re a good person. It’s tough being good. I have killed many. I’m no longer human. Hold that motherfucker down! Emong, please no! Emong, no! Emong! No! Emong! No, Emong! Good evening, ma’am. He’s good, isn’t he?
So talented. Such a huge mouth. And he even involved those girls! – You had to involve them, huh?
– You’re showing off! That chick’s pretty. Let’s play cards. – Pao’s amazing!
– Thank you. Good thing Fabian joined us.
See? We’re clean. I thought you were drug addicts. – We’re not that sort.
– That explains why you were aloof. What are you then?
Born-again Christians? You’re born-again indeed. Not “born-again.” Fellowship. There’s a difference. Come join us sometime. No pressure.
It might help, you’ll never know. Do I look like someone
who needs help? All of us need help. That’s all. All right then. – When?
– Day after tomorrow. That day I thought,
is karma getting back at me? Is this how the Lord gets back at me
for all my sins? One day, I felt so empty
that I was not quite myself anymore. I wanted to kill myself. I thought it was the only way
to erase my problems. But you know what? Someone sent me a text message.
It’s here in my cell phone. Before my father died,
he sent me this verse. John 3:16. “For God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten son.” “That whosoever believed in Him
shall not perish.” “But have an everlasting life.” I’m really not used to this. We’re just here. It will come slowly. Just relax. We’ve only started. Just relax. But it’s… It really used to be… But then… After it happened… I didn’t mean to. Really didn’t. But then… It shouldn’t have happened that way. I meant to do it, but not… It should have been… Sorry. So… I just needed to go. I left and now I’m here, and… I really needed to go, and now… I’m so far away. I’m so far away. Sorry. Let’s all pray for our friend here. Let’s all bow our heads
and pray for Fabian. Lord, take Fabian in your arms,
Lord Jesus. For his soul
cannot bear the burden of life. – Please, Lord.
– As heaved upon him, Lord. We are asking, Lord Jesus,
to help him, Your Father. As you have helped us, Lord Jesus,
in our own personal ordeals. Fabian has carried this for so long,
Lord Jesus. Whatever it is, Father Jesus,
we feel his sorrow. His silent grief, Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus. – I really didn’t mean to.
– In Jesus’ name. Calm his spirit. He really can’t do anything, can he? Do you think I can ever be forgiven? Whatever it is, Fabian.
He can forgive you. Have faith, Fabian. Just have faith. Fabian. – It’s okay, Fabs.
– Sorry, sorry. – Are you okay?
– Yes. – You can’t run away from it.
– From where? You have to face it, whatever it is. So, the answer’s still up to me? Not the Lord? Fabian, it’s Him. No one else. You’ll have to face it yourself,
but with His help. We’ll see. Pao, Migs, I’m going. – It’s okay, ma’am.
– I’ll go ahead. Okay, I’ll go now. Take care. Let’s go together? Good bye. You don’t need
to stay this way forever. Thanks. Ading! Ading! Sarah! Ading! Sarah, Junior, come here! Ate, look here. So may snails!
Looks good, too. Cook them in coconut milk.
Add corchorus and a lot of ginger. Yes, Ate. – Will you eat lunch here?
– Yes. All right. – Vegetables, sir?
– We still have plenty at home. Okay then. Laling! Laling. A kilo of pork
has gone up by 15 percent. So did the price of tuna.
Just add five pesos for it. Thanks, Eliza.
Do you have alukon? I don’t have any.
I’ll bring some tomorrow. Hey, Eliza, get some rest. Would you like to join us
in our Christian group? Another time, maybe.
My family might go hungry. – Okay.
– Thanks! Veggies! Wear this one, son. Come. Ading, double-time. Let’s go. Let’s go! You can go home now, ma’am. – Go home, Ading.
– Why, Ate? Just do it. Listen. Underneath the old box,
by its left side, there’s money. Why, Ate? Go. Ate, the kids are already asleep. Thank you, Ading. You know what, Ate? Sarah and JR were so happy riding the carousel. Forgive me, Ading. Why, Ate? Is Bilibid far from here, Ate? Very far. How can we visit kuya? I don’t know. – Ading, go to bed if you’re sleepy.
– I’m not, Ate. That’s your second lantern already,
Kuya Joaquin. I’m just hoping. Hoping your wife would visit, Kuya? Me?
I’ve stopped hoping, Kuya. Whether someone visits me or not,
I don’t really care. What for?
We’re sentenced for life. Here’s where we’d die, Kuya.
Here’s where we’d rot. And that presidential pardon?
It’s a lie, Kuya. It’s all politics. We’re the last
among thousands lined up. Fuck them. I’m probably not even included. How about you, Kuya?
Are you in that queue? Your kids must have grown
by now, Kuya. Yes, my eldest in now 10.
And my youngest is 8. Yes, they’ve grown. Your wife is fond of lanterns, Kuya? These small ones are her type. I’m sure she’d love those, that is,
if she visits you this Christmas. Don’t worry, Kuya.
If your wife visits, I’ll have gifts for your kids. I earned quite well for these bags. Thank you, Peryong. Have your tooth removed.
It’s already decaying. Miki, this will hurt. We need to clean your wound
so it will heal. It’s suppurating. Hold on. You took it for granted. Sorry, we really have to clean this
or it will get worse. Avoid sweets.
Avoid fatty food. Seafoods. Leon Trinidad, Joselito Pagbidlac,
Eric Topikana, Tepay Bistida, Clarence Mejomeki,
you have visitors. Pepito Yustapio, Nardo Tala, Anton Bacolod, Peryong Villa,
you have visitors. Peryong, you’re mother’s here. Chief, if she gives money,
hand it to me. If it’s food, take it. Stupid. Eat. Give them their gifts. Wakwak is here.
Here are your gifts. ♪Oh holy night!The stars are brightly shiningIt is the night
of our dear Savior’s birth
Long lay the worldin sin and error piningTill He appeared
and the Spirit felt its worth
A thrill…Hey- So you think
I didn’t see you glance my way? – I didn’t look at you, Sir.
– I saw you. I see your eyes mocking me. I saw your mocking eyes! Your eyes were mocking me. Fuck you. – I told you not to look at me.
– I didn’t look at you, Sir. Stand up. Get up, you shit.
You asshole. You are mocking me. Fuck you. I didn’t look at you, Sir! You don’t look at me that way. Fuck you. – Fuck you.
– Kuya Joaquin. – I wasn’t looking at you.
– Mock me again. Who do you think you’re scaring? Back off, Rotten Tooth. Back off! I wasn’t looking at you, sir. You don’t look at Wakwak with mocking eyes! Fuck you. I’ll be the one to feed you
for a while, all right? You’re such a glutton. How are you feeling? Eat first. Here, Peryong, slowly. You can do it. I’ll get your food. Force yourself to it
so you’ll recover soon. You really need to eat.
Peryong. Salvador, will you lend me a hand? Pepe? Pepe, please help me
with Peryong, will you? Hang on, I’ll get you water. Lie down first, lie down. Guard. Guard. – Why? What’s wrong?
– Peryong has fever. He hasn’t eaten in two days.
Please help him. Guard. Rotten Tooth.
Come here. Sit beside me. Sit. You have a lot of fans. You’re here three years
and you’re already famous. They say you’re nice. Helpful. Nice and helpful, eh? You’re not nice. You’re just pretending
to be helpful. You know what,
I know that gimmick. You want the President of the
Republic of the Philippines to grant you pardon. I know that strategy so well. It’s been used to death,
Rotten Tooth. Know what? If you want to be granted a pardon by the President of the Republic
of the Philippines… …be nice to me. Be helpful to me. So that the President
of the Republic of the Philippines will hear that you are a saint. I didn’t like
what you did the other day. Not at all. I’m sorry, Sir,
I just took pity on Peryong. Pity? Fuck that. Rotten Tooth. I know what you did. You killed a mother and her child. You massacred a woman
and her teenage daughter. A cowardly deed. I didn’t do it, Sir. If you really didn’t do it… Look at me straight in the eye. Try to look at me. Fuck. – Ading.
– Yes, Ate? – Look after the kids.
– Yes, Ate. Make them fried bananas for school. Easy on the sugar,
JR might get a toothache. – Take care, Ate.
– You, too. – How much is this?
– This one’s 30. That’s 20. Tomatoes?
Fifteen. – This, Ading?
– This is 10. This, 5 each so it’s also 10. All of it was 20. And tomatoes. You found snails already, Sarah? – Hey, stop that now.
– Just a little while, Auntie. You still have classes. Come over here, JR. Scrub it. Ate? Ate? Thanks, Kuya. – Sarah. Why are you awake?
– I can’t sleep anymore. Ate. Mrs Trinidad came and asked if we still want
to do their laundry. Yes, tell her, yes. Saturdays and Sundays. I Will, Ate. – Careful with the vegetables.
– Yes, Mama. Sarah? What’s wrong? What’s wrong, my child? Why won’t you speak?
What happened? My classmates said
Father is a criminal. I knew this would happen, Sarah. It will happen over and over. What happened to your father
will be brought up. We cannot avoid it. You have to accept the truth. It’s true
that your father is in prison. He’s in the National Penitentiary. That’s where they put criminals. But always remember this. Your father is not a criminal. Your father is a good man. He’s a good human being. He loves you so much. He took good care of you
when you were little. Don’t be ashamed of him. When people tease you
that your father is in prison, don’t get mad.
Don’t get hurt. Because it is the truth. But it is not true
that he is a criminal. He was falsely accused. Your father is a good man. Always remember that. Yes, Mother. Go to sleep now. Sarah, please?
Keep that in mind. Yes, Mama. Maybe we were wrong. Joaquin and I decided that,
no matter what… …neither of us
would live the country. There were many chances to leave. We didn’t take them. We didn’t want to end up
like many of the people here. They have lots of money, big houses, nice cars… …but their children grow up
without a mother or a father. Not to judge them. We just have a different outlook. I often wonder. Maybe, just maybe, if I let Joaquin work abroad… …maybe none of this
would have happened. Peryong! Peryong! Come here. Help me. Take it easy, Sir. Here, Sir. Easy. This is to freshen you up, Sir. This reminds me of my wife. I give her a massage, whenever she doesn’t feel well. I always think of her. It’s been four years
since I last saw her. But it’s okay. I’m coping. I also know my family’s doing well. How many kids do you have, Sir? I have two. One is 12 years old. My youngest is 10. This might hurt, Sir. I bet my youngest is naughty.
10 years old. When I was his age, my mother used to chase after me
all the time. I slip to any corner.
Sometimes, I was at my neighbours’. Where they couldn’t see me. I wonder what they’re doing
right now. This is my wife’s favourite spot,
the feet. She falls asleep
when I massage her feet. Relaxing, isn’t it? There must be lots of decorations
in our town by now. Christmas is so alive there. Lanterns, lights, the people. I miss them. Can’t do anything about it, can we? We just have to bear with it. – Joaquin?
– Yes, Sir? Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. It’s nothing, Sir.
Merry Christmas, Sir Wakwak. Is that true, Kuya? You can travel and see your family? Yes, but I can’t go near them. You’re like an angel then. Anyway, you really are an angel. If it weren’t for you,
I’d have killed Wakwak. Or I would have been killed by now. Kuya, thanks. It’s nothing.
Go on, keep watering the plants. Thanks. Veggies, Sir? – What’s this, Sir?
– I just want to help. Sir? Sir, wait up. – What’s this money for?
– A little help. Why, Sir? Nothing.
I see how hard you work. Sir, I can’t take this.
It’s too much. It’s just a little help. Keep it.
You need that, right? It’s yours.
No need to worry. No, really. Friends, Romans, Countrymen,
lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar,
not to praise him. – How are you?
– Man. How about you? You’re back. Congrats. I heard you were one
of the topnotchers in the bar. That was three years ago, right? Pure luck, man.
You weren’t there. You’re being humble, man. But, man, what about you? You could have been
the school’s bet, had you finished Law. We were sure
you’d be number one at the bar. And finally there’d be
a number one from our school. It’s an illusion. Man, it’s the truth. What’s the problem, idol?
Coconut? Sorry. Sorry. Fabian, where are the papers? Here.People of the Philippines
vs Joaquin Atilano.
Reclusion Perpetua. We know this case.
Horrifying. Worst crime in La Paz. This was the sensational news then. And it even made it
to the national news. You used to live there, right?
Fabian Viduya, The Great? My God, you look so menacing
with that beard. You look like a hoodlum. But anyway, my boy,
welcome home, my prodigal son. And look, Fabian’s belly grew.
That’s progress. Joaquin Atilano.
Not guilty. Open the case once more.
Analyze it. Maybe you can help the family
by doing something to free him. Use your genius minds
in Criminal Law. Wait. The judgment has long
been final and executory. And he pleaded guilty. Believe me, the man is innocent. Poor family. His wife is peddling vegetables. Feeds three. Aggravating factors? Three witnesses. Thirty hours before the crime, Magda’s maid saw Joaquin slap
and strangle her. There are even two witnesses who saw Joaquin quickly
come out of the house after that. Joaquin’s family owes Magda
a lot of money. Any mitigating circumstances? According to the accused,
he was in Batac. At a construction site. And his co-workers attested to it. Joaquin has no criminal record. He’s a good man,
according to the people of La Paz. Wait. Fabian. – What got you into this case?
– I agree. Why are you interested in this case? Interest?
We should all care. A man is in jail.
But he’s innocent. You’re one of a kind, Fabian. That’s why I’m aching
to see you finish Law. This country needs you. Nation is a myth. It’s a horrible concept. Here we go again. – It’s a failure.
– Wait. Listen. Enough of that – 21 st century vision of yours…?
– Of Zero society. Let me enjoy my coffee, man. Caesar.
Brutus’ best friend. What’s your take on the case? Yes, you. Yes. I’ll take the case. I saw the records, talked to the
lawyer who handled the case. There’s a chance, yes.
It’ll be hard but I’ll do my best. I will be needing your help, people. Go. There you go. Okay, son.
You got your wish. – So, is this a commitment now?
– By deed. – With faithfulness.
– Free of charge? Hey, Moira.
I can’t give my services for free. She’s rich. She can take all her cases for free,
no problem. Thanks. Fight. Fabian. ♪And I saw them by the fieldIn a land that was almost burningWith the sins of mankindWith the sins of the worldWhy did you do this… Lord, I thank you for this new day. I awoke with peace of mind and joy in my heart. Lord, I know
that you’ll watch over me today. You are always beside me. Don’t forsake me. Continue to bear
with my weaknesses. Give me strength
and clarity of purpose. Don’t abandon me,
don’t tire of me. You are my strength, my eyes,
my… Ading. We haven’t seen each other
in a while. Four years to be exact. You don’t keep in touch. Where have you been,
what have you been up to? You have a year to go
and you’re at the top of your class. Don’t you want
to finish your course? It’s such a waste, isn’t it? If it’s about money,
let me take care of it. My farm’s stable now. Pick any Law school,
I’ll pay for it. Just graduate. Where’s Yumi? She’s at the old house. I can’t be bothered.
Don’t like dogs. Grandpa puts up with it. You’re his favourite after all. You should see him. It’s been a long time
since I last visited. Lucky old man. I pay for everything. His food, his house help,
Yumi’s food. You missed the food here,
didn’t you? Oh, Ading. I’ll get some sleep. Won’t you get indigestion? Want me to wake you? How can we plant these
when the soil can’t be dug up? Look at this, the soil is so dry. Do we even have a harvest
in this area? You know it’s not going to rain
anytime soon yet. What shall we do now? Don’t be scared of me.
I just needed someone to talk to me. Help me. We don’t harvest, we don’t earn. – Can we plant these now?
– Yes, Ma’am. Even though the soil is dry? We’ll set-up a water system here,
Ma’am. Where do we get one? Fabian.
Ading. Where are you going? Know what?
Nothing beats farming. This is mine, all ten hectares. We plant corn and tobacco. And if there’s a demand, sorghum. But you know what our top crop is? Tobacco. Which explains what you see,
a field overrun with tobacco. Remember the property next to ours? – The one owned by the Rachos?
– Yes. That’s seven hectares.
I bought it. They went bankrupt after
Mrs Racho committed suicide. There I plant rice and watermelon. And in the hilly part,
papaya and dragonfruit. Don’t leave. Life is good here. Badoc is rich. Come stay here with me. I have a headache. Ading. Ading. Oh, Fabian. Fabian? I’ve been looking for you.
Dinner’s ready. – Later.
– Let’s eat. What now, Ading?
You staying? Take up farming. You can live here
or at the old house. I’ll take care of the capital. You just need to develop the land.
I’ll help. – I’ll think about it.
– While you’re at it, finish Law. Just a year left. You keep repeating yourself. I’ll keep saying it.
I’m the only family you’ve got. – We’re not a family.
– What did you say? We’re no family. I don’t believe in family anymore. What are you saying?
We’re brother and sister. It’s like this. Ate Hoda. Mos. Hoda Viduya, listen. I’m done with this family. Let’s say something is… Let’s say something
is dysfunctional. Put an end to it.
Simple. Our family is long cursed. Thanks to the failures
of our so-called parents. Where the hell are they? When we were growing up,
where were they? Not here. One was in America,
the other one in Europe. It was just you and me. The maids raised us. Right? Big sister Hoda, right?
Am I right? Mos. Hoda Viduya? This family ceased
to exist a long time ago. The Viduya family
is one rotten institution! Rotten to the core!
It’s finished! Look at you. No man can stand you.
Crazy bitch. You’re the rotten one!
Asshole! Sorry, Lord.
Sorry, I’ve sinned. I asked you to watch over me.
Why did you forsake me? Don’t leave me. Sorry, Lord. Sorry. Fabian? Ading? Let’s have dinner. Ading? Dinner is ready. Why are you sleeping here? I don’t want to sleep inside. What’s the drama about this time? I’m able to think here.
No drama. If that’s the case, go inside. How can you sleep here? How can you sleep in that house? – Come inside, okay?
– I’m fine. Don’t make me your problem.
I’ll be gone in a few days. I do not consider you a problem. In fact, I’m asking you to stay. Please. Go inside. Ading. Ading. I’m your sister, Ading. Enough. Ading, stop it! Yumi. Yumi. Yumi. Yumi. Yumi. Yumi, Yumi, come here.
Yumi. Forgive me. Forgive me for the four years… …I did not come to visit you. Junior is looking
more and more like you. He really is. Sarah will be in fifth grade
next school year. She’s growing up so fast. I know. Please, tell the kids… …I love them so much. I am always with them. I am always with you. – How much?
– For what? A boat ride. The boats are for fishing.
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