what the news it is quite some days we met I was a little busy my father fell down fractured his legs and hospitalized took surgery I didn’t come simply because these so to fill the gap, jijo chettan came with good videos and I knew from the comments below. many aked about regarding editing and related softwares he will be here with good videos. regarding animation, video editing and other graphic related things. JIJo chettan will be in coming videos to share his experience and knowledge. so what I am going to say today is many people have asked. I had introduced many online job platforms some particular platforms where specialized professional can work or those who learned a particular subject can either tuition or teach a particular subject likewise. I told that way in all of my previous videos. Then many people had asked me we didn’t learn such special subjects or we are not professional workers like that. normal house wives we don’t have laptop or computer in our hand and have only one mobile how can we work online like that context? many people asked how can they get earnings working from their home. so today I am sharing with you that website after a long time search in internet. many of you would have knowledge about it or doing it regularly I recently started to try out this so I am going to tell you about captcha typing. going to talk to you about captcha typing sector when we try to register in any website
they will tell us to type captcha I used to think why this? what is the use of this? some texts written and we correctly type it that is captcha typing all of you know about it I used to think about it and it’s intentions when I analyze this I understood that it might have written 78mb like that aprroximately 4,5 letters the reason why it write like this that only human being can read it computers or any other softwares can’t read it easily so this system introduced to ensure that it humans or only humans are reading this not computers are typing. computer applictions, bots aliyas viruses none of them can read and type as it is so this method discovered to ensure that only humans are typing this captchas. so captcha typing is to protect the real websites etc. so almost all webservers are using this system almost all websites will ask to register in their websites. so that purpose captcha was introduced.