Understand, the expression of life
through you is equivalent to the wealth you create, not grab, you create. So the more and more life energy
starts expressing through you, more and more you create. Life energy expression and wealth is one and the same. Seekers always justify their poverty as their spiritual quality and innocence. So if you are not wealthy, understand,
if you have decided not to create wealth, great.
But if you want to create wealth and not wealthy,
if you have a greed for the wealth or desire for wealth and not wealthy, be very clear,
you are not a seeker, you are a sicker. something is seriously wrong in you. Look into it.
Wealth itself is not sin. Somebody is having problem
because of having, somebody is having problem because of not having. Problem is a problem. Wealth is not a problem.
Problem is a problem, wealth is not a problem. Person who is having guilt because of having, person who is having guilt because of not having, both are big, I can say very big sickness. I have seen many of these rich men, because they carry a deep guilt, imposed on them by society, even though they created their wealth
very honestly in a creative way, because of the guilt
imposed by society on them,
they live a very miserable life, and go on drinking alcohol and trying to have
high costly entertainments just to forget this guilt. Many time they come to me for their problems and in need of solution. When I analyse their inner space and life, there is no problem. Then why are they suffering? The only guilt which they are carrying which is imposed on them by society. I tell them come on, don’t imbibe the guilt given to you by the fellows who are incapable. You do not cheat or grab or be dishonest.
Thats right. Thats enough. But no need to carry a guilt on the wealth, about having wealth. Rich men carry this guilt very deeply. And just to escape from that, they get into all kinds of addictions. And their life is hell. As hell as a fellow who doesn’t have money. And the next thing, having is one side, not having….. this is a very funny side. Having the desire to have wealth, not having it, but giving a valid reason why they are not having it. This is also another one
important slave mentality. We always think work not done plus valid reason is equivalent to work done. And your mind is such a cunning mind, it creates very valid reasons and justifies itself. Why you are poor and not only that,
adding sacredness to poverty. Who are adding sacredness to poverty. Relax. Don’t add sacredness to your scared-ness. Because you are scared of life, you back out from life
and for that feeling of scared, you add sacredness. You start saying, no, no, no, no, you see, I am, I am not the kind who can tell lies. This word is a lie. I am not the kind who cheat others. What is there…. little bit two meal, and one small house,
and two, three piece clothes, thats enough for life. If it is enough,
why are you going around and bragging about it? Be content. The fellows who talk about their poverty being their great quality, will not keep quiet, because they are trying to make sacredness out of it. It is such a cunningness. How people brag about their wealth
and try to create identity, people brag about their poverty and try to create identity. At least when you brag about your wealth and try to create identity, you will be little intelligent, because society would have beaten you,
you would have learnt lot of lessons from society. And you will be more creative.
But if you are bragging about your poverty and creating identity, that is the worst cunning identity. I tell you, I faced all problems in my life only from the fellows who claim they are poor. And try to create sacredness for poverty. Rich fellows have lot of maturity,
I tell you. And more sincere when they take up spiritual truths in their life. You see, I am telling you. I am declaring the new smruthi, I am a smruthi kara, not creating wealth is sin.