12 Property Investing Books That’ll Change Your Life

Samuel: Hey, what’s up. It’s Samuel Leeds. On this week’s Thoughtful Thursday video, I wanted to answer a question I get a lot, which is, “Samuel, what books would you recommend? What books have served you as a property investor and as a businessman the best?” So today, I’ve picked my top 12 books. Samuel:…

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How to you become wealthy – #GappiyaThinking(Epi-21)

If someone ask you if you are wealthy, you will start thinking about your bank balance. Can money enough make you a wealthy person? Let’s discuss what makes a wealthy man? First thing is the work you suppose to do in your life. You might be working, still studying. If not you might be a…

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The 7 Property Business Daily Habits That Changed My Life

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Give Me All Money

Hi, my name is Jordan Ruiz Escobar Garcia, and I’m running for president of the world to get all of the money. If I am elected world president, I will have one singular goal, that unites my administration: getting me all money. My administration has a simple, one-step process to achieve these goals. First –…

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I MADE P89,000 EVEN OFFLINE! LEGIT Money Making Platform! Grow your BTC today | MyProfitRobot (MPR)

Within 24 hours, i already received my payout! Here in my btc history, i already received my payout from this new robot which amounting to 0.1957018 btc and if i will convert this to Philippine Peso i earned 89,000 Pesos or $1750 just within 16 days only! Do you want to know my 2nd trusted…

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How I Save 50% My Income For Financial Independence … And How YOU Can Too!

you all know I’m all about saving money so today I’m going to share how I’m saving 50% of our income to reach financial independence whoo it’s gonna be a doozy but I’m gonna give you some really great actionable tips on how to save money how we’re saving money so that you in return…

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Campaign Money: The billionaires who self-funded their 2020 runs

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How To Earn More Money – Breaking It All Down

Earning more money is easy. Speak for yourself. What’s up everybody, I am Jaspreet Singh and welcome to the Minority Mindset. Earning more money is easy when you know the different ways you can earn more money. You learn the system, you put in the hard work, you make your mistakes, and then you know…

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I’m SELLING My Luxury Designer Handbags?! (OMG)

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My Gold Digging Relatives Went After My Money

Hi guys! My name is Rick. The story I wanna share with you started when I was 18. I won one million dollars in a lottery. But what happened next was even more surprising… First of all, let me briefly describe my family. My parents adopted me when I was a little boy. I can…

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