thanks to the smart integration of internet into mobile phones. 75 percent of the human population now has access to cellular networks. Apart from blogging watching videos or connecting with friends the internet is also an important gateway to monetary transactions. In 2015 alone a transaction volume of 450 billion dollars was generated through more than 900 million mobile transactions globally, which is likely to reach as high as up to a trillion dollars by 2020. In this scenario what’s better than connecting with customers through their mobile devices mobile operators banks and financial institutions service providers utility top-up providers besides all others can garner their share of the growing mobile financial arena both and emerged and emerging markets with MobiFin your gateway to mobile finance solutions MobiFin is an all integrated modular mobile finance solution empowering you to monetize new opportunities. customers are reachable through a complete suite of mobile financial services with m-Wallet mPurchase, mbanking, top up and bill payment modules. mWallet turns your mobile into a payment tool for transferring money mPurchase integrates millions of unbanked people into the financial ecosystem through microfinance, micro-insurance, Mobile lottery/betting & mTicketing solutions reaching the remotest parts of the world Mobifin’s mBanking is a secured way for subscribers to avail all banking services right at their fingertips and on mobile devices known as TUB top up and bill payments module is designed to allow service providers to effectively bundle any combination of services and introduce cross product promotions that engage multiple user segments. In a world driven by social media enjoy social banking with MobiFin, MobiFin is a corporate portal, CSR application, A dynamic wallet, A flexible taxation model, Stock manager, A reporting tool, A chat messenger and much more all rolled into one with MobiFin your smart phones you need not carry cash to carry cash