– [Narrator] Even though
passive income might not be exactly what this
gentleman is talking about, in this video I’ll share with you five simple online businesses
that you can start today and earn passive income with. – Are you being serious right now? – [Narrator] Yes, I’m a
hundred percent serious. And these are all methods
that you can start with very little little or even no capital and earn thousands of
dollars in passive income a lot faster than with
the traditional methods like investing in stocks or real estate. So let’s get started. There’s a big chance this
is not the first time you hear about passive income. It’s a term that is
misunderstood by almost everyone who hears about it for the first time. But let’s actually see
what Gary Vee has to say about passive income. – I think that when people say hey, let’s do passive income, they go into like Spam
City, USA often times. You know, I have passive income. When I’m investing in
early stage start ups that then go sell for 400x
and I didn’t do anything, I made money. Shit, I probably made more
money on my passive income probably than my hustle income. They both work, but please make sure that your passive income
has practicality to it because all the people that
have tried to create systems and automate their cash, there’s been a very small percentage of people that have been able to lay on the beach while they collect money on the Internet. A lot of that stuff is
completely ludicrous and I promise you the
ones in the one percent of passive income spent
a boat load of hard work and hard time to get to that
Evergreen Place up in the sky and so, you know, I think that there is an enormous,
massive, misunderstanding that there are, almost zero people that have pulled off substantial success without putting in real time and effort. Now, we all have different
ambitions and goals. Do I think it’s easier to create 60 thousand dollars a
year in passive income on the internet today? I sure do, and that’s what
your goal and ambition is, that’s more practical than millions. Millions of dollars in passive
income on the internet, smoking weed in Jamaica
while it just keeps coming in is just not as real as you think, partner. – [Narrator] Now before you
continue to watch this video, I’d really like to know
what you personally think about passive income. Does it exist, or is
it just some fairy tale marketers try to sell you on. Pause this video and
let me know your opinion down below in the comments section and let’s see if you still
have the same opinion after watching this video. So there are a few things
you should take away from this clip of Gary Vee
rating about passive income. First of all, there is no secret method or system you can take advantage of to start making money flow
into your bank account without putting in any work yourself. There are definitely people online who wanna sell you on that dream, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist. Secondly, you have to
put in the work up front and you’ll earn passive income later. So you have to become active
before you can earn passively. That’s the part most
people like to forget. And thirdly, it’s much
more realistic to shoot for five thousand dollars per
month in passive income than a hundred thousand dollars per month. Passive income is built slowly over time, but it can eventually add up to a 6 or even 7 figure income. Just remember, the more
passive income you wanna build, the more active work you
have to put in up front. Also, while certain businesses can generate you passive
income for a very long time, there’s most likely no business that will generate you
passive income forever. Especially on the Internet
where things change really fast. So now that you have that cleared up and I’ve crushed your
dreams about passive income, let’s actually look at the five businesses that you can earn passive income with once you put in the
active work to build them. Number one, Fulfillment
By Amazon or Amazon FBA. Everyone knows that you can buy almost anything online from Amazon. What most people don’t know, is that you can almost
sell anything on Amazon. So here’s how Amazon FBA works. You use a research tool like Jungle Scout or Viral Launch to find
profitable products that consumers are
looking to buy on Amazon. Once you find a product that
people wanna buy on Amazon, you look for a manufacturer
who can produce that product at relatively low cost. They go to a place to look
for and contact manufacturers, there’s a website called alibaba.com. Good practice is to order samples from different manufacturers
to find a good supplier that you can work with long term. Once you found a good supplier, you’ll order a certain amount
of units of the product you wanna sell and have it shipped to an Amazon Fulfillment center. This is a warehouse of Amazon where your products will be stored. So you actually never have to see or touch any of the products that you sell except for the samples that you order before you decide on a supplier. Once your product is in the
Amazon Fulfillment Center, you list your products
on the Amazon Marketplace so that people can find it online. When someone orders your
product from Amazon, you actually don’t have to do anything. Amazon will ship your orders, handle customer service, and
take care of any returns. All you have do at that point is order more units of your product from your supplier so that
you won’t run out of stock. Other than that your business
will run pretty passively because you don’t have to do advertising to attract traffic to your store or deal with shipping
and customer support. Amazon will do all of that for you. Some challenges of this
business model are, finding a profitable product for which there isn’t too much competition, finding a good and reliable supplier, and ranking your product listing on the first page or Amazon search. It’s also not a business
that you can start for free because you’ll need to order
and pay for the products before you can sell it on Amazon and it’s also a good idea
to invest in a good course that can teach you how to
do Amazon FBA correctly. However, if you’re willing
to put in time and effort, Amazon FBA is a great business model that can make you passive income and because of that it’s also scalable. There are people selling
multiple products on Amazon and they’re making well over
a hundred thousand dollars per month in profit. I’ll leave some resources
in the description below this video if you wanna learn more about Amazon FBA. Now we before we move on to the second way you can make passive income with online, I wanna ask you for a quick favor. If you could take a
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button below this video that would really help me out. I heard all it takes to change
the color of that button is to give it a gentle tap. If you wanna be super helpful, you can also let me know in the comments what color that button changed to after you gave it a friendly tap. Thanks so much, you’re the best. Okay, let’s move on to the second passive income business model which is Kindle Publishing on Amazon. This is actually pretty
similar than Amazon FBA. But instead of selling physical products, you’re selling e-books. This doesn’t mean that you
have to become an author or write the book yourself. What most people do is
they hire ghost writers to write the content for them, and they then publish
and market the e-book. Before you start writing an e-book or hire a ghostwriter to write one, we have to do some research
about what kind of topics people are actually
searching for on Amazon. If you skip this step chances are high nobody will ever find your
book let alone buy it. Doesn’t matter how great your book is. As a marketer, your job isn’t to create the need for a product, your job is to identify
an already existing need and position yourself with a product to fulfill that need
or solve that problem. So once we have found a topic that people are interested in, you’ll need to identify the keywords that people type into
the Amazon search bar about that specific topic. Based on the keywords that
you want your book to appear in the search results, you’ll create the title and the cover of the book. The key to make your
book rank high in search is to differentiate it
from the competition. A couple of ways you can
differentiate your book is by having a cover and
title that really stands out, by having more pages,
or by offering a bonus like an audio version that
goes along with your e-book. Once you have your
marketing strategy in place, it’s time to create the
actual content of the book. And like I already mentioned, you can hire a ghostwriter
to write the book for you or you can write it yourself if you think that you know the topic well and you can create a lot
of value for the audience who will read your book. Creating something valuable
that readers actually like and benefit from is key because it needs to get good reviews on Amazon to be able to stay relevant and generate passive income for you down the line. After you’ve published
your book on Amazon, you have to do some marketing
to get the ball rolling and get ranked higher in search. There are many marketing
methods you can use like social media
marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, and many others. Once your book gets traction
and gets a lot of good reviews Amazon will promote that book for you and you will see more money
rolling in month after month. Kindle Publishing is a great way to get started with making money online because the process is very simple. It becomes very passive
once your book gets traction and you can also build a brand
from your kindle business. There’s a great and
quite affordable course on how to get started
with Kindle Publishing from Stephan James of
Project Life Mastery. I’ll leave a link to his course down below in the description. Now the third way you can make
passive income online with is by creating and
selling an online course. Now creating your own online course might sound very intimidating right now, but it’s probably not
as hard as you think. Websites like Teachable,
Skill Share, or Udemy have made it quite simple to make money selling online courses. And since it’s become so
easy to host online courses with these website there’s
been tons of people who are making 6 or even 7 figure incomes by selling an online course. They key to create a
successful online course is to plan it out and have a strategy before you begin creating it. People are not buying an online course because they like taking online courses. People buy an online course
because they wanna achieve a specific outcome. This might be getting their
own podcast up and running, building their first mobile application, or editing their first
video in Premiere Pro. Before you start creating
videos and documents for your course, you’ll need to think about
how you market your course so that you get it in front
of potential customers. The easiest way to get your
course in front of people is to upload it to an
online course marketplace like Udemy or Skill Share. There we have the advantage
that these websites will promote your course for you. So you don’t need an
audience to make money. In return though, they’ll take
a big cut of your earnings. Another way to do it is
to build an audience first then upload the course to
a website like Teachable and promote the course to your audience. This way, it will take longer
to make your first dollar, but it will be more
profitable in the long run because people like to buy from someone they know and trust. By using a website like Teachable, you’ll also have the advantage of being able to determine the
price of the course yourself and they don’t take a big commission of your earnings either. A great way to build an
audience is to start a blog or a YouTube channel,
and build an email list of people who are interested in the topic that you’ll create a course on. You can give out free information and already start teaching people so that once you start your course, your audience already knows and trusts you and will gladly pay you for a course that helps them with
whatever you’re teaching. Once your course is online
and you have set up a system to continue to get traffic
toward your course, you’ll also continue
to get sales each month which makes this a business model that can become a passive
income stream for you. And that brings me to the fourth way you can make passive income with online and that is Affiliate
Marketing with Blogging. Affiliate Marketing is
my personal favorite way to create passive income with. It’s when you promote a
product of somebody else and earn a commission for
every person that you refer. There are a million products
that you can promote and I bet that for most of
the stuff that you’re using there’s also an affiliate program that you can sign up for and make money by promoting what you’re already using. Ever bought something on Amazon? Well for whatever you bought, there’s an affiliate program for. Or were you ever doing
research on something that you thought about buying and you ended up on a
website that reviewed that exact product and
maybe also some others? I bet there were links all over the place linking to these products on Amazon. Guess what, if you click on those links and end up buying something on
Amazon in the next 24 hours, the person who owns this website or blog, will earn a commission
from whatever you buy. That’s how affiliate
marketing works for bloggers. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to own
your own product or service, you also don’t have to
provide customer support, and you earn money by helping people and recommending good
products and services. When you’re a blogger, you’re
choosing written content as your main form of communication. So you’ll have to set up a website where people can find your articles. The search engines
google, bing, and yahoo, will be your main sources of traffic so you’ll need to optimize your articles for searchable keywords with the goal of getting ranked on the first page. Once your articles are
ranked on the first page, you’ll continue to get
traffic to your website and you’ll start earning income
from your affiliate links. To maximize profits you’ll want to optimize your website as much as possible to convert your visitors into customers. At some point, you’ll also wanna start collecting email addresses
from your website to build an audience that you can notify when you upload a new blog post or that you can also promote products to. Having a blog with articles
ranked in search engines together with an email marketing system can be a very powerful
passive income business. The best to learn how to
build a blog and monetize it is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a training platform,
a website builder, and a community at the same time that’s helping people build
profitable blogs since 2004. I’ve been part of this community myself for quit some time now
and not too long ago I’ve made a review video
about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve leave a link to that video down below in the description. So let’s now move on to the fifth way how to make passive income online. And that’s actually YouTube. You might be thinking that
you need tens of thousands or even millions of subscribers to make a significant amount on YouTube. Actually though, you don’t. At the time of recording this video this YouTube channel
you’re watching right now currently has around three
thousand subscribers, and it’s generating well over a thousand dollars passively
each and every single month. Only about 10% of that income actually comes from YouTube ad revenue. When you clicked on this video there might have been an ad
before you could watch it. That’s how YouTube makes money and they will pay out some of that to you, the creator of the content. On average, YouTube
pays about three dollars per a thousand views. However that number fluctuates as low as 50 cents per a thousand views, an up to 30 dollars or even
more per a thousand views. What you’ll earn really depends
on the topic of your videos. At the moment of creating this video, my YouTube channel earns around 10 dollars per a thousand
views on average. Before you can start earning
from YouTube ad revenue, you’ll need a thousand subscribers and have more than four
thousand hours of watch time in the last year. It can take some time
to reach these numbers. But there are ways to start
earning passive income from your YouTube channel a lot earlier. One of them is through
again, affiliate marketing. And that’s how this YouTube channel you’re watching right now makes 90 percent of its revenue. When you go through my
channel you’ll notice that many of my videos are
tutorials and how to videos. And almost all of them have affiliate links in the description. This video for example
explains step by step how to install Jarvee an
Instagram automation software. When people watch this
video and use the link in the description to go
to the website and sign up, I get 50 percent
commission of what they pay the software company each month. And even this video is over a year old, it’s still ranked high in search and therefore keeps getting
a significant amount of use every month and
earns passive income for me. It’s actually the second
video I’ve uploaded on this channel when I
still had zero subscribers. And that’s what’s so
awesome about YouTube. You can have zero subscribers and still get views and make money. After google, YouTube is the
second largest search engine so when you create valuable videos for topics people are
actually searching for, YouTube will put your video
in front of these people and you start getting views. I’m actually planning on
creating a video tutorial about how to rank videos and get views with zero subscribers. So make sure you’re
subscribed to my channel to not miss that one. As you might have noticed
affiliate marketing is my personal favorite
when it comes to creating passive income streams online. If you’re interested in learning more about how to start learning
passive income online through affiliate marketing, I highly suggest reading my
affiliate marketing e-book. In this e-book I’ve broken
down the entire process in seven simple steps
that you have to take in order to be able to earn
a full time passive income with affiliate marketing. And I’ll send you the
e-book completely for free, all you have to do is
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