Passive Income with Art Prints
Make money online with your art at RedBubble
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If you’re an artist, I want to show you how you
can make money online without doing anything at all.
I’m at Abraxas and every few days, I get an
email that says I just made some money.
I use a company called Red Bubble to sell prints or my art online.
I don’t do anything other than upload my work and they handle everything for me.
I’ll walk you through the steps of how I do
this and hopefully it can work for you too.
So, here I am in my email and I’ve got another one from Red Bubble, saying “you’ve made
a sale!”
You can see my print of “Blue Sox” which sold for $169
and my profit is $39.
It seems a little small but remember that I did nothing except upload the picture once.
I got this email while hanging out with some
Here is my profile page which I may spruce up a little bit later on, but so far it’s
working fine as it is.
So, now I’ll show you how I add a new image.
I add a title and brief description about the
painting. I’m not going into great depth here now, and I’ll probably add more information
later on.
For keywords and description, I am just putting any terms I
can think of that I imagine people will possibly search for when they want to find something
like the kind of artwork I offer.
I don’t know how well the description works for SEO but its usually good to say as much
information as you can.
Like I said I’ll go back and add more later.
Here I can set the profit margin to 25%
You can create different types of prints such
as canvas, framed or mounted.
And, of course the phone cases and iPad cases and stickers or T-shirts.
Now here’s the new available print.
An important thing for all the sizes available
is to use a high megapixel photograph of your art.
If you don’t know how to photograph your art,
you can hire somebody or I have brief tutorial down here at the bottom of the screen.
So that’s it, the link for Red Bubble is down
There are other companies as well ,but RedBubble is so far as my favorite because they
have promotional tools so you can promote your work on various web sites
and also their community of artists
is fantastic.
So check them out: you get to meet a lot of people, you can promote your work, you can
be more findable in search engines just because of being linked up with RedBubble and best
of all,
you just make money without doing anything.
So I hope it works for you
I’m Matt Abraxas
Thanks for watching

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