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three ways that I make passive income with just creating
awesome content to my audience, and my subscribers and
people just like you and make a full time
living being my own boss, working from home, having
financial freedom, having the ability to wake up
whenever I want, go to sleep whenever I want, not having
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I talk about all the time. So let me rewind a little bit.
Back in 2010, I was working in a grueling position
where I was traveling a lot. I was doing outside sales. I
had to travel, um, five to six days a week. I had to leave
my house on a Sunday and go and drive and fly to different places. Like Washington, DC, Baltimore,
New Jersey, all around kind of the northeast area of the country. Uh, not so much of fun in
tropical location. So that kind of put a damper on the situation
as well and I liked my job but it was grueling and all the
travel and all of the hotels and the driving it was just
getting to me and it was a lifestyle that I did not
want any more. So, I googled how to make money online.
That started my journey of really studying how people made money just by the comfort of their own home and not having to do all this traveling and breaking my back and,
um, you know, just getting all these types of
aches and pains and Ugh. It was horrible. I don’t even
wanna think about it anymore. But, so the very first way
that I learned how to make passive income with content
was through book publishing. And back in 2010, 2011, 2012 it was a wide open market on Amazon to put out content, put out books, and really without
marketing, just make sales over and over and over again. It was a beautiful thing.
You can do that today with books, um, but your content
has to be really really good to make money on Amazon you
have to be able to market your books and really stand out and really choose topics
that people love to read and also it has to be
unique enough that it’s different from other
authors out there and it’s very very possible to
still make a really great passive income with publishing books and I help authors all the time.
I’m a best-selling author myself, um, USA Today, Wall
Street Journal , Amazon Best Seller. Over and over and over again. I know the formula so definitely
watch this page because you will know it too just by following me. So that’s the first way that
I make passive income with content. Another way that
I make passive income with content is by reviewing
other people’s products so I find a product on the
marketplace that is very helpful for the people who follow me,
for other marketers to market themselves, to market their
business. And, I do a detailed review of the product and
normally I give and provide an additional bonus, a bonus
that doesn’t, that the actual product doesn’t offer and, um
so if people buy through me they will also get my bonus
so that is definitely a reason why people buy from me a lot
as opposed to other marketers who are selling the same product, okay. And finally, the third
way that I make passive income with content. I make passive income with content a ton of
ways but I’m just sharing three here. Maybe, I’ll add a
bonus for you at the end. But the third way is that
I develop software tools. And I incorporate templates and
content within that software to help people who actually
purchase my software with um using the tool with templates
and additional features that help them with
their marketing okay so, the whole idea is to help
somebody to not have to start from scratch. Any time you help
someone, um, have a starting point that’s not a blank
page. Or it’s actually uh you get them like fifty percent
of the way there before they even start. Those are the
things that people wanna buy. So, like templates, and frameworks
and checklists and things like that so their not starting from zero. Alright, so that is something
that you wanna keep in mind, when we talk about content,
creating content, creating valuable content. Creating
content that sells, over and over and over again for a passive income, okay. So, the last thing I wanna
share with you, and this is a great way to make passive
income with content, uh if you can learn this, definitely
follow me. Follow this space because you’ll learn how
to create your own products to sell. Where you’re not
necessarily promoting somebody else. You’re promoting
yourself and there’s a ton of profits with how-to products
and one of my claims to fame is to teach somebody coz I’ve
done it myself several times. How to make money from a
topic that you are not even an expert in yourself so you could
possibly, uh be interested in a topic and you
wanna learn it yourself. And I teach you, I call it
my journey method, of how to actually profit from not
knowing anything about a topic, to making three figures,
four figures, five figures, an even six figures from your efforts. So again, follow me.
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I’ll see you in the next video. ♪Jamaican drums and clapping♪