Very much in tune with the conservation
easement to kinda preserve this as a legacy project for
many generations well beyond our time. So you have 56,000 linear feet of streams,
31 acres of ponds, 350 acres of flood
plain with potential wetlands, and six quarter miles of riverfront,
which is phenomenal. You just don’t see this every day, it’s just something that’s it’s
an amazing piece of property. And so overall, our analysis,
there’s over nine miles of introductory trail here that could
be on the ground, pretty simple. Nine miles, overall are kind of, we took
a look at what this property could yield, there’s over 30 miles of trails that
could eventually be built on 2,000 acres. I could call it,
this is the very first steps, we need to improve our
entry roads to two lanes. We need some small trailhead parking lots, restrooms are always a key piece of
the puzzle cuz it’s 2,000 acres. So if you’re in the Southern Pine Grove
lot, or what I call the hub that’s here, we have some conference
stations available for users, we need electrical service for
lighting. Multiple visitations that you can see
something new in probably four or five visits here, and then guess what? You start that all over again, and then that creates a continuous interaction
with the recreation environments. [BLANK_AUDIO]