great little poll here by bloomberg on
now how people wanna pay uh… for the deficit and uh… what they want to do with jobs et cetera him now as a very clear results from a
people very very concern about jobs more concern about jobs than anything else
including the deficit but deficit comes in you know a little
bit after uh… job creation so they said number
one priority job creation and then getting a hold of the deficit how do you pay for getting ahold of
deficit wife trying to create jobs because there when asked the poll americans say
in large numbers we understand that you have to spend
more to create more jobs away in favor of now when you ask him do you want and middle class tax
increase to pay for this they satan no not really booted out of course is not surprising
right whose when you get asked eighty-one they more taxes it almost hurts people signup but they understand and in fact the
expectation is that you think that eventually they will the bill pay more in taxes to make up for the spending that’s going
on now you know whether they’re comfortable
with that is a different question uh… but at least that expectations
that but here comes interesting when they say well how about taxing the
wealthy to pay for job creation spent are you there that they say unequivocal overwhelming majority american people
saying they’re correct i thought and when bloomberg when parts of the
people with that were response in the poll they said look basil seem to be doing rather well sportsgamer dot here abut uh… the wealthy seems to be getting
wealthier and they seem to get uh… more and more bonuses and payout and
composition so it seems like they can handle it uh… so let’s go ahead taxable and then in the so that’s the bloomberg
holdouts the bloomberg reporting the funny part is on bloomberg rights
article they can help themselves that they’ve
got a neutral right so then they can say well that seems to
be contradictory because how can you have the more spending but it seemed time they don’t
want a middle-class tax uh… incurred that’s not contradictory they probably want report do attacks direct the insider but there is a very quiet read a number witnesses like they’re afraid to say it amid ok you set your splendid each other
numbers though why is it not in your conclusion the american people or entirely clear
outlets thanks so much now that i guess i don’t mean to me as a
couple of that made washington’s i’m comfortable with
that but the american people seem to have a
couple of and if you’re a politician and while i was in those guys films too decided to go back and officer belly i’d point that out partly because
it’s true who obviously these are interesting facts and so i i want to
give it another reason is an amazing how far to the right our
whole political spectrum is as opposed to an american people up when the republicans idea of taxing the
wealthy of course is that directly contradictory to everything
they ever state there that that’s an an affirmative they
can’t stand that idea is the worst idea work now we have a democrats tears he had to death of taxing the
wealthy yoga of all my hands to some degree and
he said he would pass the people making over two hundred fifty thousand dollars increased attacks leveled but need it but when u goto suggest a maybe snot enough because we’ve cut their
taxes zong dam a wall this is not working for a uh… when you go to suggest that there
was a no i don’t think it is a good word boosting he contacted you but you have to be skin
look at the poll numbers the people are behind your program i’d only get to the point with work it’s about retribution and they made the
money and we take you back in who’s that but let’s keep it real yes the whole
summer ridge of the guys that were on wall street that crash this is on the
first place soul richard great american entrepreneurs bill gates you a local
small business owner etcetera etcetera it doctors this this is not about retribution informing it’s about we’ll get the money perfected and we needed and it when isn’t optimal level of taxes i don’t want to over taxed so then we
discourage people creating new jobs creating new businesses et cetera but and what will becoming overheard friday don’t buy into the republican
caricatures though that they do all that ever grow balloons will good morning or
whatever uh… i was with that were the case but
it’s not it’s not even close abroad purposes look these level of taxes on the
wealthiest americans are apparently not enough anne with a middle class is getting
crunch and and we have these giant absence